WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (6/29/04) - Fayetteville, North Carolina

Submitted by Rajah on June 30, 2004 - 12:52am
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The show opened with Kurt Angle in the back going over what happened at the Bash. Then JBL came out to celebrate with the ring decorated with red white and blue and red decorations and a red carpet. JBL cut a promo celebrating his win and promised to defend the belt tonight against someone of his choosing.

(1) Booker T beat Rene Dupree and Rob Van Dam in a no. 1 contender's match for the U.S. Title. won a three way #1 contenders match for the US Title. Finish came when RVD hit the frog splash on Dupree. Booker pulled RVD out of the ring then covered Dupree for the win.

JBL is in the locker room ready to choose his opponent for the night. He says he will fight "a Dudley." The Dudley Boys were excited thinking it was one of them, but JBL then said it would be Spike Dudley.

Luther Reigns is in the back with referee Charles Robinson. He goes over what happened in the Torrie and Sable match from the Bash. He then says there will be trouble if Robinson doesn't get things right for the rematch between Torrie and Sable later on in the show. (Note: Luther's real potential shines through here, he is a good talker).

(2) Torrie beat Sable with a DDT without controversy. Angle then came on the big screens and said while Robinson did all right with the match, he was still not happy. He then tells Robinson he will be wrestling in a match against Luther, who comes out. Just as the match gets started Robinson tries to make a run for it, but Luther catches him. As they are getting back in the ring Charlie Haas runs down to make the save for Robinson. He fights off Luther and then helps Robinson to the back.

Paul Heyman then comes out. He explains how the Undertaker is in his control now. Pyros go off from the ring posts and the Undertaker comes up on the big screens. He explains his conscious is now gone and that if he was willing to do what he did to Paul Bearer who was one of the only things he cared about, then Heyman could not imagine what Undertaker will do to him. The segment ended with Heyman scarred to death.

(3) Rey Mysterio beat Mordecai with an huracanrana while getting out of Mordecai's finisher.

D-Von and Bubba Rey are in the back with Spike talking about Spike's upcoming title shot. They say they will help Spike win if he gives one them a shot at the title afterwards. Spike then says he will do it on his own, without their help.

Kenzo Suzuki comes out to his normal entrance and then cuts a promo in Japanese. The crowd chanted "WHAT" between everything he said. John Cena then comes out and cuts a funny promo on Suzuki. He does a bit where part of what Suzuki says is shown on the big screens, and then Cena translates. Of course, all the translations make Suzuki and Haroko look bad. I don't know how much of it will make it on TV since a few the comments walked the line a bit.

Luther then came out from the back dragging Robinson with him. They redid the bit with Charlie Haas saving Robinson, apparently it did not come off well the first time around.

(4) Bradshaw beat Spike Dudley with a powerbomb to retain the WWE Title. JBL was able to get more heat from the crowd then I expected, but it wasn't a good match.

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