WWE House Show Results (7/31/04) - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Submitted by Rajah on July 31, 2004 - 9:27pm
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Report by: Jacob Montoya, rajah.com reader

WWE Returned to Albuquerque NM to another not even half filled arena but this has had to be one of the best house show's that has come here in a long long time. So without further ado:

The Coach came out and said he would be the ring announcer for the night and then announced the first match after giving the local radio station a few sec's to advertise.

Val Venis vs. Chuck Palumbo
This was about a 15-20 min match and Palumbo dominated most of the match drawing heat. Val Venis did finally get the upper hand and hit the money shot to win the match by a pin.

Venis via Pin Fall

Coach comes back in and calls out Eric Bischoff!! Eric comes out and say's how Regal interfeared with his Nephew Eugene and how is responsible for Eugene being there and what not and calls out Regal. Regal comes out and they exchange words and Eric say's I know you know who you think you match is going to be with but it has been changed and you will be fighting the next person to come out which is none other then KANE! Regal punched and stomps on Eric before Kane enters the ring.

William Regal vs. Kane
Kane pretty much dominated the match, Regal did get a small upper hand but only to be choke slammed and pinned. I belive this was a botched move as Kane went to give Regal the boot and Regal went for it but wasnt like expecting it and kinda blocked it and they just went straight to a choke slam.

Kane via Pin Fall

The Hurricane vs. Tyson Tomko
Tyson comes out with no Trish. Hurricane came out to a nice pop. This would have seemed like you're typical big guy dominate the small guy but Hurricane put up a great fight, match was back and forth with some good comedy bit's by Hurricane. Hurricane did his underarm slam whatever and pinned Tomko.

Hurricane via Pin Fall

Steven Richards vs. Rodney Mack (w/ Jazz)
This was basically our intermission match. Crowd pretty silent for both men. Richards tried to get the crowd going but it really didnt work. Most of the heat was on Jazz. Richards won with a DDT like move then went into the stands to celebrate with the fans.

Steve Richards via Pin Fall

Coach comes back in again and this time starts talking about him going coast to coast and finding new Diva's which actually generated boo's, I dont think people are really digging the Raw Diva Search much as pretty much when he mentioned it everyone boo'ed but then Coach announces a special Diva announcer and brings Stacy Keibler out to announce the next match. Small skit with them about Stacy being finished because the new Diva's and then Coach tell her to get walking as she couldnt announce the match. He turns his back and Stacy gives him a low blow and announces the next match.

Victoria vs. Molly
Victoria came out ok but I think people are confused about her as she doesnt really have any kind of gimmick and her pop gimmick isnt really catching on. Most of her pops we're her shaking her thing during her entrance. Molly comes out with a wig like usuall. An ok match alot better then the previous. Victoria pinned Molly with her finisher which I'm not sure the name of but it looks like it could hurt someone. When Molly finally got up she thought she won and like jumped up but then fell back down like a knocked out boxer going down and trying to come back up but to fall back down.

Victoria via Pin Fall

Coach tries to pump up the crowd and explain how the next match is to fix a mistake that was done on Raw and that was Eugene interfearing and all and that it was game time.

Eugene vs. Triple H
HHH comes to a huge pop, Eugene comes to a huge pop. The crowd was more intresting as they really didnt know who to go for it was like yay when triple h started winning then yay when eugene starting winning. Fairly decent match Eugene dominated for the first part and then HHH of course had to cheat somehow to get the upper hand, Triple H started to hit Eugene on the turnbuckles and that's when he started "hulking up". and none other then Batista comes down and tries to interfear, Eugene get's the rock bottom and when going for the people's elbow Batista stands on the apron and distracts HHH get's up but then Eugene caught it and did like a flip over HHH to pin him cleanly.

After the match they gang up on Eugene, Regal comes out and tries to help only to get beat up to. HHH hits the pedagree on Eugene and then drops a knee on Regals area and they leave leaving Eugene and Regal battered. Eugene finally got up on his own.

Eugene via Pin Fall


Coach comes in and shoots out shirts and talks about the PPV and the shop zone stands blah blah blah.


Tag Team Championship
La Resistance vs. Rhyno & Tajiri
La Resistance came out to probally the biggest heat. Then tried to sing their anthom whatever only to get interupted by Rhyno and Tajiri. Decent match went back and forth. No green spit from Tajiri. La Resistance wins when Rhyno gores on of Resistance and when dazed the other comes in for a roll up holding the tights to retain the championship.

La Resistance via Pin Fall

Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Batista vs. Edge
Y2J came out the better of the two with pops. Edge getting alot of boo's? This match was basically 1 on 1 with the other guy getting knocked out of the ring and just knealing down in the cornor for awhile then would come in. Jericho the only one to his his finisher on the lion flip and also the walls of jericho. Batista ran at Edge and Edge pulled the ropes down to throw Batista out. Jericho getting up in the corner and Edge goes for a spear and get's massive boo's. Edge misses the spear and Batista like kinda came in and slammed Jericho but got kicked out again and Edge pins Jericho.

Edge via Pin Fall on Jericho

Coach tries to sell how we're getting the SummerSlam main event early and to get hyped.

World Heavyweight Championship, No Disqualification
Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton
Mixed crowd reaction as well as Orton got alot of pops along with Benoit. This match was kinda slow? I dont know if they were just testing the waters with them or what. Alot of basic wrestling which Orton was doing pretty good. Looked awkward as he is much taller and lanky then Benoit. Ref get's knocked down and then Batista comes out only to get beaten by Benoit then HHH comes down and then turns to 3 against 1. They gang up on Benoit, Eugene and Regal come out to help out. Benoit then gets HHH in a sharp shooter which was kinda messed up he lost his leg footing. Orton hits the RKO and they throw the ref in but Benoit kicks out. Eugene and HHH fight on the outside alone with Regal and Batista. Orton tries the RKO again but get's reversed into a Crippler Cross Face. Randy taps out and Benoit retains the title (like the title would change hands at a house show anyways)

Benoit via Submission

Again this was one of the best house shows that has came since like the 97-99 era of wrestling. Kinda dissapointed that the crowd attendance wasnt that great because this might get the WWE not to come back for awhile and when they do not put on that great of a show as attendance is usually low when it's not televised but then again we only had one televised show which was SmackDown a couple of years back. Still I give this one of the best and better then television. All the top stars came and it lasted nearly 3hrs! This was kinda better then the latest PPV's.

Biggest Pops

Biggest Heat
La Resistance
Tyson Tomko
Eric Bischoff

Jacob Montoya
Bernalillo, New Mexico

Report by: Derek Delgado, rajah.com reader

Hey Rajah,
This is Derek Delgado again, and I thought you guys would like the house show results for Albuquerque. First of all it was really cool because we got third row!!!! Which was a lot closer than I thought it was going to be. The Pit was no way near sold out but I would say there was pretty good crowd there that night. Anyways on to the results!

The Coach came out first to some major heat!!!!!! Everyone there hated him. But anyways he got in the ring and said that Eric Bischoff made him the ring annoucer for the night instead of someone like Howard Finkel. And this DJ from 94 Rock came in the ring with him and told us some stuff about Ozzfest and stuff, and that was it and then he left. Then Coach told us to stand for the playing of the National Anthem.

First Match:
Val Venis def. Chuck Palumbo
This match started out pretty boring but all in all it was a pretty good match.
One thing I found kinda disturbing was that when Val came out he gave away his towel to a little kid at ring side. But anyways this match was pretty Sunday Night Heat status. And Val one with the Money Shot.

Before the second match got started Coach introduced Eric Bischoff who came out to some big heat. Eric just started talking to us about Eugene and how William Regal has been helping him and stuff like that. So Eric wanted to punish William so he called him out. William came out and Eric told him that he knew that William thought he knew who William was going to fight tonight but Eric told him he was wrong and then he called out his real opponent.Then the music blasted over the speakers and out came Kane!!!

Second Match:
Kane def. William Regal
This match didn't last long at all. It was pretty much a squash match. But William did get some offense in from time to time. Kane defeated him with the chokeslam.

Third Match:
The Hurricane def. Tyson Tomko
This match sucked for one good reason, NO TRISH!!!!!! But I expected her not to be there because I know you guys have said that she isn't doing house shows right now. Anyways, Hurricane came out to a huge pop, and this match was pretty good, a lot of back and forth offense and defense. I believe Hurricane won with a roll up. After the match Tyson gave Hurricane a big boot and then left to some major heat.

Fourth Match:
Steven Richards def. Rodney Mack w/ Jazz
This match was pretty boring and just your typical house show or Sunday Night Heat match. Jazz tried to interfere towards the end by holding Steven and Rodney went charging towards him but Steven ducked and Rodney almost hit Jazz. That was all the distraction that Steven needed to hit the Stevie T for the win. This was pretty cool, after the match Steven went through the crowd to celebrate.

The Coach got back in the ring and started talking to us about the Raw Diva Search and how they had to eliminate Julia last week and how this week they will have to eliminate another one, and he also reminded us to vote. Then he announced the guest ring announcer for the next match Stacy Keibler!!!! She came out to a major pop, the crowd expecially popped when she bent over to get into the ring!! The Coach started talking to her about the Diva Search and her thoughts on it and just as she was about to speak he took the mic from her and said it didn't really matter what she thought because according to him she doesn't have what it takes any more. As he kept insulting her, he turned around and as he did that she gave him a huge low blow!!! And he crawled out of the ring, then she announced the next match.

Fifth Match:
Victoria def. Molly Holly
Again this was your typical divas match with all the same basic spots. But that didn't matter to me because I love watching the divas wrestle, not just cause they are hot but because I just love women's wrestling! Anyways Victoria won with the Widow's Peak. I was extremely disappointed that Victoria didn't pull Molly's wig off.

Sixth Match:
Eugene def. Triple H
This match probably got the biggest pop of the night!!!!! Both stars came out to huge pops!! And the match was awesome! At the end of this match Batista came out and ran on the apron but Eugene knocked him off and then Triple H tried to get the Pedigree but Eugene was able to counter it and roll Triple H up for the 1,2,3. After the match Batista attacked Eugene and then Triple H gave him the Pedigree but William Regal came to Eugene's rescue but they beat him down, too and left them lying in the ring.

10 minute Intermission

Seventh Match:
World Tag Team Championship Match
La Resistance def. Rhyno and Tajiri
This match was a pretty awesome tag match for a house show. They did all their same basic spots though. The end saw Sylvan Greiner pin Rhyno and pull his tights. After the match Rhyno got on the mic and said he felt like he let all of us in Albuquerque down because they didn't win. But he promised us that him and Tajiri will beat those "French Faggots!!" and become the Tag Team Champions.

Eighth Match:
Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Edge def. Chris Jericho and Batista
Edge and Chris Jericho got huge pops in Albuquerque!!! The match started with those two teaming up on Batista but it didn't take long for them to turn on each other and after that was a basic triple threat match. I'm not to sure but I think Edge speared Chris Jericho for the win.

Main Event
Nineth Match:
World HeavyWeight Championship Match:
Chris Benoit def. Randy Orton
This match was probably the best of the night next to Eugene vs. Triple H. Anyways just as Benoit was going to put Randy Orton away the ref got knocked out the ring. And out came Batista but Benoit got rid of him quick. Then out came Triple H. Him and Batista double teamed Benoit and Randy gave him the RKO. They pushed the ref back in but Randy only got a two count. Randy got pissed and dropped an elbow on the ref. Then they all started beating on Benoit some more until William Regal and Eugene came out to help. They cleared the ring of Triple H and Batista and then Chris Benoit got Randy in the Crippler Crossface, and of course Randy tapped out. Evolution then went to the back as William Regal, Eugene, and Chris Benoit celebrated in the ring.

End of Show.

Biggest Pops:
1. Chris Benoit
2. Triple H
3. Edge
4. Eugene

Biggest Heat:
1. Randy Orton
2. Eric Bischoff
3. Kane
4. La Resistance

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