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Submitted by Trinae Ross on August 23, 2004 - 12:45am
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WWE Experience Report - 08/22/2004 - Time Square, New York City, NY

Trinity, here; bringing you a somewhat abbreviate version of the WWE
Experience report. Okay, I admit it; I'm a gamer at times! I was hooked on
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (PS2) and refused to put it down without
ending it. With that out of the way, and while I am waiting for Silent Hill
4 to hit the shelves, I figured I give you the skinny on today's show.

Here's what's on the menu for this week's show:

* Orton celebrates his victory at Summerslam, but has Chris Benoit come to
crash the new champ's party?

* First Kane is Lita's baby's daddy, now the Big Red [Sex] Machine is going
to to be her husband also?

* DAMN! Another Raw Diva Wannabe bites the dust.

* Latino Heat's fuming over his defeat to Kurt Angel and Summerslam;
however, is Guerrero looking to end his feud with our former Olympic champ?

* John Cena let's viewers know from where he gets all his cool throwback

The show opens from Time Square. Ivory is dancing with a fan as she is still
stoked about Summerslam. She and Todd thank the fans for their support of
watching the PPV. She further explains that the talent is appreciative of
our tuning in weekly. Todd, also hyped about Summerslam, talked about of all
the matches, the one that he was most interested in was Matt Hardy vs. Kane.
Todd also explains that, since Kane was victorious at Summerslam, WWE Raw GM
Eric Bischoff wanted to give the groom-to-be an early wedding present...a
shot at the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Edge:

Kane continue to build momentum as he relentlessly thrashes Edge in the
ring. Though the IC champ mounts a futile attempt at an offense, Kane
continues the onslaught. (You can read the details in the Raw Report.) The
conclusion of the match sees an enraged Matt Hardy come from thin air and
devastate Kane with the Twist of Fate. (After Lita distracted the monster by
grabbing his foot.) This sets up Kane to be on the receiving end of a spear
from Edge, allowing the champion to retain his title.

After the match, Kane demanded that his bride to be enter the ring. He tells
Lita that he's not mad at her for costing him that match and that he sees
what kind of relationship they are going to have. He also informs the
stoic-looking vixen that next Monday on Raw, they would be joined in

The show cuts to Ivory and Todd standing next to a statue of a sailor
kissing his sweetheart as they recount what we all just witness. They also
plugged the wedding that will take place this Monday night on Raw.


Show returns with Todd pimping the WWE $1,000,000 Tough Enough Challenge.
For further details, check out www.wwe.com.

* JBL talks about his match at Summerslam against The Undertaker. Rigged in
a halo-type harness for the injuries incurred at the PPV, JBL reminds the
fans that he did keep his promise that Taker would not become champion. JBL
also informed the crowd that The Dead Man would never get another shot at
the title. Out comes hell on two feet. The Undertaker comes to the ring as
JBL and OJ make a hasty exit from the ring.

* Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble take on the tag champions, Billy Kidman
and Paul London. Guerrero and Noble steal a win and possibly at shot at the
champs in the future.

* SmackDown! GM Theodore Long announces the resigning of The Big Show to
the roster.

Todd pulls a man from the street and asks if the man is a fan of wrestling.
Of course, the man answers in the affirmative. Todd asked the man who was
his favorite wrestler. The fan says it is The Rock. Todd tells the man that
it was a coincidence that The Rock was his favorite wrestler since he was
here on Experience...in video form as Todd introduces the next segment:

Over the coming weeks, Experience will be celebrating the fifth anniversary
of SmackDown!, with video packages of the show's greatest moments. Here, we
see the debut on August 26, 1999, as clips are shown at blinding speed. As
images blaze by, the screen settles on a match between The Great One and The
Game with HBK playing the role of referee. As The Brahma Bull sets up for
the people's elbow, he listens to the sounds of Shawn Michael's sweet chin


>From last Thursday's SmackDown!, Eddie Guerrero suckers Kurt Angel into
shaking his hand.

Both begin promoting the match Eddie and Kurt had at Summerslam. It appears
that this feud is coming to a head, which can only lead to yet another epic
match between those two great athletes. First, we have Guerrero and Angel in
a tag match. Rey Mysterio comes to help Latino Heat, and Luther aids Angel
in his quest to put out "The Heat".

(You can read the details in the SmackDown! Report.) The finish of this
match sees Eddie chasing Kurt to the back and the returning to the ring to
help Mysterio secure a victory over Luther Reigns. Kurt came out from the
back with two cans of white paint and proceeded to pour the pain over
Eddie's Low Rider.

Ivory and Todd go back and forth over Angel's actions. Ivory said it was
wrong to do; however, Todd reminded her that Eddie took Kurt's belongings
and auctioned them off. Ivory reminded Todd that Eddie gave the money to a
worthy charity. A lot of back and forth on this one, folks.


Experience resumes with a promo showing the Heartbreak Kid in action. Looks
like he's coming back to deal with some unfinished business. Todd talks
about liking the Heartbreak Kid, but not liking heartbreak, this leads into
the next segment...those damn Raw WWE Diva wannabes.

The segment begins with each contesting being on video saying who they would
want to see go home. EVERYONE picks Carmella (me too, by the way). She's
furious. Though the DW's want her out, it's the viewers with the clout, and
with that, Michelle is eliminated from the competition, much to the surprise
of everyone (including yours truly). Queue music: "Another blonde bites the

Todd goes ballistic saying that she was the strongest competitor in Diva
Dodge Ball on Sunday and was kick from the competition on Monday. He wants
to launch an investigation into the matter.

* Victoria and WWE Ladies Champion, Trish Stratus had words over losing at
Diva Dodge Ball. This led to a match later on in the evening where Tyson
Tomko came in to help the Women's Champion destroy Victoria. A red-headed
woman (or man dressed as a woman) came to the challenger's aid.

* Tajiri and Rhyno faced La R

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