WWE House Show Results (8/20/04) - Bismarck, North Dakota

Submitted by Rajah on August 23, 2004 - 11:48pm
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Report by: wolfejr3, rajah.com reader

Match 1: Val Venis def. Chuck Palumbo with Money Shot

Match 2: Rodney Mack def. Rosey

Match 3: Shelton Benjamin def. Tyson Tomko with Spinning Kick
Match started with Shelton coming out to big pop. Trish comes out
next and welcomes him back after being gone for a long time and asks him if he
would like to accompany her down to the ring. He thinks about it and then says
no, when out of the crowd Tomko comes out and attacks him.

Match 4: Batista def. Tajiri

Match 5: Maven def. No Namer. Sorry didn't catch his name, he looked like he
was trying to get a job, came out with a duffel bag with props, fitness guru
type guy.

Match 6: TAG TITLE: La Resitance def. William Regal & Eugene. Hilarious
match. Eugene spends the entire match making fun of the champs. Towards the
end of the match, Eugene rolls into a ball and looks like a top, Conway spins
him around for like 5 minutes, finally Eugene waves at the crowd and goes for
the pin, but Conway breaks out. La Resistance wins with double team.

Match 7: Victoria def. Wig-less Molly with Widow's Peak

Match 8: Edge def. Jericho using legs on ropes. Jericho was more of the crowd

Match 9: Beniot and Orton def. HHH & Batista same results as posted earlier.
Add on though, at the end of the match Benoit and Orton wanted to continue
fighting Evolution but HHH looked hurt. HHH then got up from the floor and
walked towards the ring, threw a chair at the ring, then went to kick the
steps. Well, for some reason, either to play it off or he really kicked hit.
He fell to the floor grabbing the leg he kicked the steps with. He had to be
helped back to the back by Batista and a trainer.

Overall, better show then when I went to a Smackdown taping in Grand Forks.
Crowd seemed a little dead, but as soon as the matches got started it was
great. Everyone played to the crowd and enjoyed the time, even though there
were only about 1000 people there if that.

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