WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (3/16/04) - Boston, Massachusetts

Submitted by Rajah on March 17, 2004 - 2:16am
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Report by: 1wrestling.com


Cena, wearing a Robert Parish shirt, comes out to a big hometown pop. Talks about his peoples, how he used to sit behind a pole watching wrestling in the old Garden, said he FU'ed Big Show and made him 10lbs lighter, brought up gay marriage and said "no offense Cole", brought up the Yankees S*** chant. Which brings out Paul Heyman to get the cheap NY heat. He says the rumors are true, Brock is no longer in the WWE because the locker room turned their backs on him last week and never appreciated him. John could be the face of SD or he could be on Raw after Monday night. Locker room should pray they go to Raw after letting Austin stun him last week. Heyman enters the ring enraged and slaps Cena who throws a few punches before.....

Rhyno comes down and saves Heyman. Usual big man match w/ Cena pumping his Reeboks and winning with the FU.

Backstage Paul confronts APA about "doing the right thing" last week. They have a tag title match tonight, lose and they're fired.

Scotty and Rikishi def. APA Bradshaw torture racked Scotty to no response. At 1 point Rikishi was holding the tag rope and "Blind" Nick Patrick comes over to tell him to hold onto it. Rikishi then starts clapping to get the crowd into it. Rikishi pinned Bradshaw after a savat kick. Minimal crowd reaction to APA being fired.

Backstage APA confronts Heyman who says it was a misunderstanding. Faarooq is fired, not Bradshaw, for losing. Paul sees a financial analyst who's on Fox News, and how long can he possibly carry his dead weight partner. Faarooq leaves the room, Bradshaw doesn't want to go. Later we see Faarooq leaving the building with Bradshaw trying to explain why he has to stay with Heyman.

Backstage again we see Dawn Marie w/ hair talking with WGTT, Billy Gunn, and Rey. Paul interrupts and says he has a "Divide and Conquer" strategy: a Run the Gauntlet for a title shot tonight against Eddie. 1st up is Shelton vs. Haas.

This match would have been fine in the 80s, and they were working hard, but it killed the crowd. Shelton wins w/ a leg lariat.

Shelton def. Billy Gunn, who's entrance got a much larger than expected pop. After the last match Orlando Jordan would have been cheered. Shelton roles up Billy and uses the ropes.

Big Show comes up, runs down Cena (the mic may have been bad because he restarted), talked with Heyman earlier to explain himself last week and everything's cool. He's in the gauntlet but not now. He's at the end.

Rey Mysterio def. Benjamin. No hydrolic lift on the ramp. Rey took a whip into the buckles and with his height really whiplashed his neck. Rey won with the rana, 619, and guillotine legdrop.

Rey def. Big Show via countout when Cena interfered. Show was killing Rey, Cena's music hit, Show got out of the ring, Rey hit a 619, and Cena blasted him from behind with the US belt. Show hit the ringpost and was counted out.

Eddie Guerrero def. Rey Mysterio in a solid ***1/2 match. Rey hit an Asai moonsault off the 3rd rope onto Eddie standing on the floor. Amazing agility and leg strength. Rey missed the legdrop and Eddie won with a La Mistral cradle. Funny note: when they were backing the low rider up they didn't cut the wheels enough and it tapped the staging.

Post match Heyman came back, ran down Eddie and Rey saying they should be deported, and that nobody would stop him from running SD his way. GONG. Taker comes out with Paul Bearer, backs Heyman into the ring, where Rey and Eddie push Heyman into Taker for the tombstone. Taz and Cole helped Heyman to the back.

Poor show, no mention of Angle, lack of star power, thank goodness for the re-shuffle. This was no way near as good as Raw last spring. Surprised that Chavo got a bigger Eddie chant than Eddie did. Wonder if it was the crowd going numb during the WGTT match or something else.

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