The Rock Rikishi Phatu
Tonga Kid
The Rock Afa
Uncle & Nephew1
The Rock Rocky Johnson Father & Son1
The Rock Peter Maivia Grandfather & Grandson1
Afa Sika Brothers
Jerry "The King" Lawler Grand Master Sexay Father & Son
Jerry "The King" Lawler The Kat Divorced
Jerry "The King" Lawler Honkey Tonk Man Cousins
Road Dogg Jesse James Brad, Steve & Scott Armstrong Brothers
Road Dogg Jesse James Bob Armstrong Father & Son
Gangrel Luna Husband & Wife
Luna Butcher Vachon Father & Daughter
Luna Maddog Vachon Uncle & Niece
Luna Vivian Vachon Aunt & Niece
Tom Prichard Bruce Prichard
(Brother Love)
Bret Hart Owen Hart Brothers
British Bulldog Bret Hart
Owen Hart
British Bulldog Diana Hart-Smith Divorced
British Bulldog Jim "The Anvil Neidhart Brothers-in-Law
Tazz Chris Chetti Cousins
Steve Austin Debra Married
Debra Steve McMichael Divorced
Terri Dustin Runnels Divorced
Shawn Michaels Nitro Girl Whisper Husband & Wife
Shane McMahon Marissa Mazolla Husband & Wife
Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy Brothers
Dave Hebner Earl Hebner Twin Brothers
Hardcore Holly Kathy "BB" Dingman Divorced
Triple H Stephanie McMahon Engaged
Test Stacy Keibler Dating
Randy Orton Bob Orton Father & Son
Randy Orton Robert Orton Sr. Grandfather & Grandson
Kurt Angle Eric Angle Brothers
Eddie Guerrero Chavo Guerrero Uncle & Nephew
Sable Marc Mero Separated


There is great interest in regard to the entire Samoan family relations. Here is the most accurate information I know of that indicates how all the Samoans are related:

Afa and Sika Anoia are brothers. Afa had an adopted brother, the late Peter Maivia. Peter Maivia's grandson (through his daughter) is the current WWF star The Rock.

Afa has three sons. Their names are Samu (Headshrinker Samu), L.A. Smooth and Afa Jr. (Samoan Storm) Sika has one son in wrestling. His name is Matthew Anoia.

Afa and Sika have a sister. Their sons are current WWF star Rikishi Phatu and his brother The Tonga Kid (also Tama of the Islanders).

Afa and Sika also have another brother, who is not involved in wrestling. His son is former WWF star Yokozuna.

Afa and Sika are also cousins to Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka.

The above facts are from Afa, the Wild Samoan. Visit his site