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Submitted by Mailbag on March 22, 2013 - 2:46pm
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What follows is edition #66 of the Rajah.com Mailbag. If you would like a wrestling or site-related question answered, you can send something into the mailbag by using the contact form HERE.

From: Dan
Hey Guys great to see the mailbag back. My question is this. With the success of Punk, Bryan and the shield, who do you think will be the next Indie Guy to break into Wwe and have the success those guys have. My pick would be Adam Cole. Your thoughts please?

Cewsh: Adam Cole is a great choice, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him in a WWE ring in the next few years. He has the look, the skills and he’s already building an impressive resume of matches to speak for him. He actually had a tryout with WWE at the end of January, (along with Sami Callihan,) and could very well be on his way. But he’s still very young, (only 23!) and it wouldn’t surprise me if they let him develop further in Ring of Honor for a few years before signing him.

From: Aaron
Dear Mailbag,

Can you please use your platform/audience to encourage or start a petition
to prevent a Mark Henry/Khali program. I see wrestlemania coming and a
story in the making, but this may be the worst booking since ......ever.

Cewsh: Well with the events of this past Raw, it appears we’re getting Henry/Ryback instead, which is a significant step up. But I will still do my best to intercede on your behalf. So if anyone reading this would also like to prevent such an atrocity being committed on our poor eyes, feel free to write in to Titan Towers and let them know that you protest the very idea of watching an elephant fight a giraffe at Wrestlemania. Bonus points if you put some animal crackers in the envelope. You can address those letters to:

Vince McMahon (CEO)
Titan Towers
PleaseDon’tMailThemLettersTheyWillSueUsToDeath Ave.
Stamford, CT 77777

I’m sure they will be eagerly awaiting your messages.

From: Chris
How long do you think it will take for WWE to finally push and use
their younger talent in any way for starters like Alex Riley, Sandow,
McIntyre, Tensai, (not young but used right) Barrett, Dibiase, Mason
Ryan, and also use Ryback the right way instead of having him squash
Ziggler every other week like Cesaro jobbing to Orton who himself is
being treated like a jobber?

Cewsh: Well, it’s like I always say. If you’re on your back in the ring, you’re not on your face in the street.

It’s an interesting time in WWE. The midcard is absolutely chock full of guys aged 25-32 who are in the prime of their careers and are loaded with potential, but there are really only so many main events slots you can fill, only so many stories you can tell and, well, somebody has to lose matches so that other people can win them. Generally WWE builds up guys to upper midcard status and then has them lose to the main eventers so that a) they can get valuable experience rubbing elbows with the stars and b) so that they can test out whether or not they can make the fans care about them. In some cases, (Ziggler, Ryback, Cesaro,) the results were good, and each has been given a great deal of attention in the past year. Then again in some cases, (Dibiase, Ryan, Ryder,) being that high on the card exposed some serious weaknesses that needed addressing. But each had their fair chance to get over by rubbing elbows with the greats. Some did, some didn’t, and that’s how it will continue to be.
At the end of the day, wins and losses really don’t matter. If Antonio Cesaro is on your tv every week, then he’s getting a push because WWE is paying time and money on presenting him to you as opposed to the endless horde of talented guys waiting right behind him for their chance. Just try to keep that in mind next time he eats an RKO.

From: Evenflow_1981

Just a quick "welcome back". Being a long time visitor to Rajah.com, it's great to have the good old Mail bag back as it was always an interesting read and offered some good interaction between the site and it's patrons!

Just a quick question or maybe more of an asking of your opinion on the names WWE sometimes gives its performers. Basically, why are so many of them so awful?! Looking at the NXT roster there are some really bland ones that do nothing for the wrestlers (PAC being renamed Adrian Neville is a standout). I could quote Shakespeare with "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" but I think it's a really disability for some wrestlers. I've only recently got used to Dolph Ziggler's name and I really think it hurt him or a couple of years. If a talented chap like him found it limiting then I can only imagine what it'd be like for other performers. I know WWE likes to own the names of their wrestlers but why are some of their effots so poor!? Also interesting that they only ever give their female performers a first name now. I imagine this is to try and make them more personable but unless it's a particularly striking name (Jazz, Ivory , Karma) it just sounds weak (They seem to just be finding bland names for some talented girls in NXT now Paige,Emma, Summer-Rey). The good thinkg about wrestlers who make thier own name is they're built it, invested in it and tinkered with it on the indys so it seems natural and legit. Maybe WWE should consider this more carefully when they bring them in.

Cewsh: Thanks for the warm welcome back! I mean, I’m the new guy, so I’m not really back persay, but it still warms the heart.

As to your question, the wrestler names in developmental seem to work like this. A wrestler arrives in FCW all freshly scrubbed and fit as a daisy. The people in charge of FCW, (Dusty Rhodes, one of the writers, etc) decides what kind of character they should portray with occasional input from the main WWE writers, (if they’re looking for someone to develop a certain kind of gimmick, like a plumber, for example.) Then they figure out a new name that WWE can copyright and market, and for the most part the wrestlers themselves seem to get a lot of input on the name chosen. While you may think that PAC was saddled with an atrocious name like Adrian Neville, the truth is that he’s admitted to having come up with the name himself.

That’s not to say that every name is the idea of the wrestler saddled with it, but to a large extent the blame doesn’t fall squarely on those in charge.

From: Eric

Hey welcome back guys, I've been an avid reader of rajahwwf.com/rajah.com from probably 1999. I just wanted to know why Rajah doesn't do the news and rumors anymore? It was my favorite part of the site and I remember that is why I started visiting. With the mailbag back, I'd love to see the famous news and rumors return as well!

Rajah: Rajahwwf.com and 1999, wow that goes back a long way. The "news and rumors" was arguably the most popular section of the site from 1997 until I think around 2003 or 2004 when I stopping doing them. A combination of things led to its demise - they were quite time consuming to do and I gradually started to lose interest in wrestling. The time thing is going to be a major obstacle in bringing them back as I've gotten married and had two kids in the meantime. I guess you can say they might be back but the chances are pretty slim - at least in the old format with the only contributor being me.

From: Insurance_Agent_101

I was looking through the old mailbag and it brought back some memories. I was wondering what happened to: Rajah, Kayfabe, MTR, Aree Jones, Sawan and Grandpa?

Rajah: Well, I'm still here. The others:

Kayfabe - haven't talked to him in probably over 10 years. He went off to university and never finished the Flashbacks so we probably should have major heat between us and stuff.

MTR - good ol' MTR is still around and in fact, will be contributing to the Mailbag in the near future. He has been involved in the Rajah.com Forums since a few years after World War I.

Aree Jones - probably been around five years since I talked to her, I think she sometimes would pop in at the above forums.

Sawan - he's still my brother and doesn't really contribute on the site anymore.

Grandpa - no idea.

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