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Submitted by Mailbag on March 30, 2013 - 12:46am
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From: Heatyanks

Hey guys glad to see the mailbag is back! Do you think there is any chance of The Rock appearing at Wrestlemania Axess?

Cewsh: Unfortunately, The Rock is not scheduled to appear at Wrestlemania Axxess.

For information regarding who will be appearing on various days on the event, check out this link to the schedule: http://www.wwe.com/shows/wrestlemania/29/wrestlemania-29-axxess-tickets-26083157

From: Jacob Beamer

Hello, I have a quick question. What ever happened to Richie Steamboat Jr.? I heard he was injured then was wrestling again. Is there a chance we will see him in WWE in 2013?

Cewsh: Ricky Steamboat hasn't been seen on NXT television this year, that's true. There was a lot of speculation that it was Steamboat, and not Bo Dallas, who was originally intended to win the NXT Tournament and feud with Wade Barrett, but no one is sure exactly what he's doing at the moment. If I had to guess, I would say that they're waiting until after Wrestlemania to debut him, which would make sense. If we don't see him by the end of May, it may be time to start worrying.

From: BiggDan24

It's Great to see the mailbag back again, I've missed it. I was wondering if you guys had any idea or a guess when the Aces and Eights storyline might come to an end? Do you think there will be a group brought together to put a stop to them? If so then who would it be? Thanks guys :)

Cewsh: Well based on the pre taped pay per views that TNA has done so far this year, it seems like the storyline will extend at least into 2014. It definitely looks like they're setting AJ Styles up very much like Sting in WCW's NWO storyline, so I would guess that it will ultimately be AJ who leads the charge to get rid of the group. But don't be surprised if you're still waiting for that to happen at this time next year.

From: Richard

is Brooke hogan gay in real life ?

Cewsh: Yes. I'm told that she and your mother are extremely happy together.

From: Gomzzak

Hai guys , my question for you is I was curious to know how were the ratings of smack down when Brock lesnar was the main guy for them. In terms of TV ratings and house shows, was Brock lesnar more popular as a heel or a face? Also in terms of merchandise sales was Brock lesnar giving a good profit to the wwe ?

Cewsh: I did some digging, and here's the information that I came up with:

The Smackdown ratings for 2003 (the year where Lesnar was unquestionably Smackdown's top star) started out at a 3.4. That rating stayed more or less consistent throughout the entire year and on through Wrestlemania XX where Brock left, regardless of whether he was a face or a heel. After he left, the ratings declined a bit, and never really returned to where they had been on a consistent basis.

Merchandise sales are much harder to get an accurate reading on, but it is worth mentioning that the two years where Lesnar was on top represented a major decline in merchandise sales in that 5 year range. http://corporate.wwe.com/investors/documents/HistoricalFinancialCharts2-23-07.pdf

Ultimately, it has to be said that Brock Lesnar was not a huge success as a main eventer while he was there. The Wrestlemania he main evented was a by far the worst drawing of the decade, merchandise sales for the company were down, and the ratings didn't noticeably grow due to his presence. But that's just one way of looking at these numbers, and again, we don't have all the facts at our disposal.

From: John F

I know I'm not the only one who asks, but when is John Cena going to turn heel? It seems like every time they put it into play, they never actually pull the trigger on it. They have had so many opportunities lately to make history, but end up not doing it. I'm a huge Cena hater, but would be a heel Cena fan. Wrestlemania 29 would be another great opportunity, but again they will probably not do it. What do you think?

Cewsh: Cena is totally turning heel at Wrestlemania. This storyline with him changing as a character goes back 3 full years, and seems to paint a clear picture of an imminent heel turn.

However, if Wrestlemania comes and he doesn't turn, I will deny all knowledge of my saying that.

From: Dan

Wow! Thank you for having my question First on the New mailbag, Maybe we can make that a regualr thing. Dans Opening Question haha. Simple Question thistime from me.. HBK in his Prime Vs Daniel Bryan Today? In your opinion, who is the better wrestler, performer, all round Entertainer Etc.

MTR: Well I make no promises about you always getting the first question. That control freak Rajah put this all together. ;) Anyway to the question at hand though. As far as wrestling goes both are great wrestlers and I am not sure I could pick between them but if I had to I would go with Daniel Bryan. I had the pleasure of being down in the Memphis area when Daniel Bryan, Spanky, Lance Cade, and Shooter Schultz started their developmental deals. Bryan and Spanky put on some great matches. I love Daniel Bryan and I think he does a wonderful job as a performer and entertainer and I am a fan but HBK is one of the all-time best performers and entertainers in my view and Bryan is not on that level as entertaining as he is.

From Josh:

Who Did You Think Was Better In Technical Wrestling? Eddie Guerrero Or Chris Benoit?

MTR: That is a hard one. Both technically sound in the styles they were taught and wrestled in. If I had to choose I would probably go with Guerrero. He was a luchador and also able to really do a great technical match as needed and was more well-rounded overall.

From Wallace:

Do you think Daniel Bryan's mic work is top notch? I think so, but I was wondering from an experts standpoint

MTR: I guess it depends on definition of top notch. I think he does a great job and has improved in that area a lot of over the years but I think he is not on the same level as others like CM Punk.

From Kevin:

Hey guys. Awesome to see the mailbag back! So I'd like to get your thoughts on the Rock/ Cena match at WM 29. To me...this storyline has ZERO to offer anyone. Is there a doubt in how this is going to end up? Cena remains one of their top draws and he needs to get brought out of the basement, dusted off and shined up. The other corner has a part time champion who a large part of the talent base dislikes and cannot comit to the responsibilities of a champion. Plus...we've heard this tune before. In short...why would anyone care about this feud? Its a required match to get things back on track. My only hope is that after Cena wins, Ziggler cashes in....but I fear he'll cash in on Swagger after he wins. Just not a whole lot tempting me to drop cash for this years WM.

MTR: As much as I don’t like this match and don’t like that the WWE title got involved and that we are getting a rematch of the Once in a Lifetime Match. I would not say it has zero to offer. It has something to offer or they wouldn’t do it again. Some fans want to see Cena get revenge. Some fans just want to see Rock win again. People are going to buy WrestleMania for this match again. It was wonderfully done last year but I have to say that I have not liked how this played out this time. But again that doesn’t mean it has zero to offer. It does has something to offer even though people like me and you don’t want this match. I am sure that there are plenty of fans that don’t want to see matches I want to see. That is the way it goes. Despite a part time champ and rematch from last year they are going to make more money off it and that is why they are doing again. It does have something to offer. I will still be splitting the cost of the show and will enjoy the rematch despite not being that interested in the feud.

From Kelly:

Hi, am I the only person in the world who has noticed you can always tell who will win the main event/s at a PPV by what happens on the final show before it? Its been the same scenario for 15 years. I'd rather not say the clue here in case some peeps don't want to know.

MTR: No you are not the only that notices that a lot of times you can see the outcome coming. But honestly I would not use the word always. They do change things up and they have surprised people myself included over the years.

From Tony:

I first want to say I love this site. i am here to predict that rock will beat cena at wm29, which will set up a future wm match where cena will win in the rock's final match (like austin and rock)

MTR: For Rajah and others that work on the site, I say thank you. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this but I am going to be honest and say I hope not. I love the Rock and I don’t mind the part time thing but I hate that he is the champ. I hate that after a wonderful done job with the angle and feud with Cena that we ended up with a rematch. I hope they just end it here and now and let the Rock move on to other people and stay away from Cena.

From David:

Why hasn't WWE suspended him yet? His arrest were worse than several others, and yet WWE is pushing him big?

MTR: No clue. Maybe they didn’t want to change their match. Then again he was arrested but has not been convicted of anything yet. Then again RVD had not been convicted either when they took the belts off of him. Going to be honest I thought they would do some quick change to the WrestleMania match but they didn’t. I don’t think I have seen or heard anything about why they didn’t make a change and why they are still pushing him in this build up to this match. Then again I am still trying to figure out why they put him in the World Title match to begin with but that is another story.

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