Rajah.com Mailbag - Edition #72

Submitted by Rajah on May 4, 2013 - 12:34pm
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From: James
Hi there gents! I am drawing a blank trawling the internet trying to find out
where and when Wrestlemania 30 tickets go on sale!? Found ALOT of re-sale
sites selling them but im sure they havent gone on sale yet? Long story short
i met wifey at Wrestlemania 20 and what a better way to celebrate. Thanks
keep up the good work guys!

Cewsh: In their Wrestlemania 30 press conference, WWE announced that they would be releasing the details about ticket sales during the summer time. So there’s nothing to know for now. The best bet on when they’ll open general admission ticket sales is some time around November, so you have plenty of time to plan your Wrestlemania anniversary.

From: TC
Why did the WWE give Dolph Ziggler such a big push when there are superstars
who deserve it more? His gimmick is terrible and he's a bad wrestler. Oh and
lets not forget he was apart of the Spirit Squad....

From: Chris
After watching the latest episode of MNR, I am convinced that advancing a storyline that has nothing to do with the Undertaker is the reason I and many others watch only WM. The shield, a threesome that not only looks bad during the match, but wins. I watched a couple of the moves by Rollins and they didn't even make contact...what is the point of having them wrestle with the UT, Kane, and Bryan other than experience? I think the concept is fine, but a threesome is just not what sells and never will.

Cewsh: So the two of you hate Dolph Ziggler and the Shield, respectively? I think you guys should team up. It’s your only chance once the internet learns of this.
(Also, here are some famous threesomes that have drawn in wrestling: The Freebirds, the NWO, The Hardy Boyz and Lita, original DX, the BWO, the Legion of Doom, The Kings of Wrestling, The Second City Saints, Misawa’s Generation Army, etc.)

From: Anupam
In TNA Bully Ray is the champ and in WWE Cena is the champ. The wwe
heavyweight title does not mean as much as the WWE Championship belt so I do
not care who has that title. Who do you think deserves to be TNA Heavyweight
champion and WWE champion. I thinking AJ Styles for the TNA title and Chris
Jericho for WWE on Raw they have too many young guns not ready for title
reign and I dislike WWE rushing stars to be Champion as they get short reign
and then become a midcard wrestler so Ryback wait your turn.

Cewsh: I know this wont be a popular choice, but I think the two champions right now should be John Cena and Bully Ray, exactly as they are. Cena’s title win came off of the back of a 3 year long storyline feud, and it’s his first in well over a year, so there a lot of new and interesting match ups that he can get involved in, (Ryback, for example,) that will feel fresh because they kept the title out of their top guy’s hands for so long. Taking the title off of Cena now would rushing it substantially, and I have major doubts about Chris Jericho being up to an extended title reign at this point in his career.
As for TNA, Bully Ray also just won the title at the conclusion of a long, long storyline. Frankly, TNA has so much trouble actually getting heels over to any extent, that when they find one capable of being an effective champion, (Bobby Roode last year, for example,) they need to hitch their wagon to that and ride it for all it’s worth. And besides, Bully is just keeping that title warm for AJ Styles anyway.

From: Brad
I know there hasn't been many rumors of anyone on WWE or TNA jumping ships.
If you had to take a stab in the dark, what big star who is currently on one
of their rosters would you guess would be the next one to jump?

Cewsh: If I were WWE, I would be counting down the days until Magnus’ contract came up and they could negotiate with him. The man is a walking pile of money that TNA has no idea what to do with. But I would guess that the next guy to jump ship will be Kurt Angle. From interviews he’s given, he really seems to want to end his career in WWE more and more with each year that goes by, and TNA has phased him out of the main event scene altogether. Could be a matter of time.

From: Jason Smith
When is the wwe gonna get it together and finally sign Luke Hawx? He is one
of the best antogonist in wrestling today and not only that he is one hell of
a wrestler.

Cewsh: Luke Hawx, who some readers may remember better as Alter Boy Luke from the XPW days, is a fine talent, and has done small things with WWE numerous times before, but he spent the 00s doing nothing much in particular after XPW closed. With the opening of Extreme Rising, Hawx was a given a much bigger spotlight and push than ever before in his career, due mainly to his bitter feud in the ring and in real life, with Shane Dougla. If he continues to be notably successful in his work there, it’s entirely possible that WWE will come calling. I’m not sure that he’s on WWE’s radar right now, and I can’t really blame them. There are a lot of fish in the wrestling sea, and Hawx has some red flags, (injuring Matt Hardy, already 32, etc.) If you’re a fan of his, then keep up the support for the man, and with any luck he can get some buzz going and get a real chance at the big time.

From: Jeff H
What is the bloodiest fued you guys can remember? Any match that stands out
and make you say "WTF?"

Cewsh: There are 3 matches that immediately spring to mind. I would recommend not watching them while eating or babysitting.
Great Muta vs. Hiroshi Hase – 12/14/92 (This is the match to which all other bloody matches are compared. That comparison is called the Muta Scale, and that is not a coincidence.)
Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL – WWE Judgment Day 2004
Sergeant Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik – Boot Camp Match - 6/16/84

From: John L
First I know everybody know Jake The Snake Roberts want to make a comeback to
WWE and win the 2014 Royal Rumble but my question is do you think Jake have
the chance to win it all and have one last run with WWE? Thanks Rajah, you
guys are the best.

From: Kevin Woolery
Wondering what your thoughts are on the recent interview Jake "The Snake"
Roberts gave, where he claimed that he wanted to compete in and win next
years Royal Rumble. I have no reason to believe that the WWE would have him
win the Rumble, but what are the odds that they would let him compete?
Also, as I am also a Bronco fan, was wondering if you knew what Darren "Puke"
Drozdov has been up to since his injury.

Cewsh: For those who don’t know, Jake Roberts has made an incredible recovery thanks to Diamond Dallas Page, and has now been clean for months, and has lost a ton of weight and is in the best shape he has been in years. Jake did indeed say he’d like to be in the Royal Rumble and that he wanted to win the whole damn thing. While it should be pretty clear that there’s no way that Jake is winning anything in WWE in 2013, the odds of him getting a legend spot in the Rumble are pretty good, actually. WWE loves a redemption storyline, and there’s a lot of love for Jake to this day.
As for Droz, after his injury, WWE kept him on the payroll doing various things, notably as one of the regular columnists on their website in it’s early years. He remains employed there to this day.

From: Billy Guthrie
I was wondering who would you pick for a money in the bank match. For me it
would have to be.

1) CM punk
2) Adrian Neville/PAC
3) Seth Rollins
4) Criss Jericho
5) Drew McIntyre
6) John Morrison/surprise return
With drew wining

Cewsh: Good question! Here’s how it should shake out.
1) Bobby Lashley
2) Goldberg
3) Ryback
4) Brock Lesnar
5) Sheamus
6) Mark Henry
And then they would just take turns bench pressing the ladder, until one of them realized that you’re supposed to climb it. Hijinks ensue.

From: Allen
Hi, I've always wanted to know why Vince Mcmahon didn't sign Paul Heyman
after he was done in WCW after 1992?

Cewsh: There were some talks between the two sides, as I hear it, but Paul had gotten a major settlement payout from WCW after he charged them with anti-Semitism for their treatment of him, so he was financially set. Right around that same time, it so happened that Tod Gordon was in the market for someone new to run his wrestling promotion, Eastern Championship Wrestling. The rest is history.

From: gomzzak
In terms of merchandise sales, and popularity has John Cena finally beaten
Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan ? is there any website/links where it clearly
reveals the amount of merchandise sales done by Steve Austin, Hogan, John
Cena and The Rock? Also Was Steve Austin in his prime really the highest
merchandise seller for WWE, because in my opinion I felt Vince McMahon was
pissed off at Hogan for leaving WWE for WCW and hence decided to bury hogan's
popularity in every way possible. back in 1996 to 1998 when WCW was kicking
WWE's ass, I remember Scott Hall and Kevin Nash saying that NWO was more
popular than DX: is it true?

Cewsh: Unfortunately, the number for individual merchandise sales figures aren’t available, and WWE only started making their financial records public at all when they became a publically traded company in 1999, after the Austin merchandise craze had slowed down a bit. From the personal accounts of people who worked there during the Hogan and Austin eras, though, the sales figures for those two are completely untouchable in wrestling history. And Austin did indeed have the hottest period of merchandise selling in history, though since Hogan was a top for much longer, he no doubt sold much more overall.
And yes, the NWO was bigger than DX. By a lot. Like, a whole lot.

From Damien:

First of all, I love this site
In the edition of mailbag #71, You mentioned you had a little squabble with
the WWE, What happened???

From: Ash
Been reading the site since the late 90's early 00's.

At the end of your last Mailbag you mention a little squabble with WWE in

Can you expand on what it was about and what happened?

Rajah: It happened so long ago, I've forgot most of the details. But to put a long story short: In the late 90s, WWF at the time was very friendly with me. I was in consistent contact with many of their backstage admin-type staff, they mentioned "Rajah" a few times on their online Byte This! program, they offered me a spot as an "affiliate" selling their official merchandise - basically, they had no problems with me.

Probably in 2000, the stance started to change - they asked me if I'd consider re-designing the site to get rid of all the WWF logos and I was already planning on removing those and debuting a "R" or "Rajah" logo so I had no issues with that. Then after that was done, they said I would have to turn the site over to them and they'd pay me $70 or whatever it was I paid when I first registered the domain. The claim was that because rajahwwf.com had "wwf" in the domain, it was infringing on their trademarks. I gave them my reasons on why I didn't agree with that and they gave me a few deadlines and threats, all of which I ignored. Then just like that, the threats/contact/etc. just stopped. A few years later, I moved to rajah.com and the rest is history.

Yes, this is a long story put short. I'm a long-winded type of guy if anyone can remember how I wrote the news and rumors reports back in the day.

From: Asim Mahmood
I love this site and have been coming here for years, great work! I just
wanted to know where did you get the name "rajah" from? Like what does it
stand for? Always wondered that :p

Rajah: I just love the tiger in Aladdin so much that I decided to open a site after it.

It's also my name.

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