WWE House Show Results (10/18/08) - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Submitted by Rajah on November 12, 2008 - 1:25am
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My name is David Rivera and I am a reporter for LuchaLibreOnline here in Puerto
Rico. I was at the WWE Raw House show this Saturday at the Coliseum of Puerto Rico
in San Juan and I have all the results. To start off, the coliseum was packed almost
to capacity, with a few empty seats, but you couldn’t tell because of all the
screaming and applause.

- Lilian Garcia started the show off by singing La Borinqueña, the Puerto Rican
National Anthem.

- Jamie Noble defeated Snitsky. Good match to start off, and I’ve never heard Jamie
receive a pop that big on any of the Raw televised shows.

- The Intercontinental Champion, Santino Marella and his girlfriend (or dominating
mistress), the Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix defended both titles against Kofi
Kingston and Candice Michelle. During the match, ‘Glamarella’ argued and argued like
an old married couple. Funny match.

- William Regal defeated D-Lo Brown. Kind of a boring match, fans weren’t too into
it but hey, they can’t be all main events.

- Cryme Tyme and CM Punk defeated Manu and the World Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes
and Ted Dibiase with Punk hitting the GTS on Cody. After the match, Punk danced with
Cryme Tyme. Great match that definitely woke the crowd and got them pumped.

- Mickie James defeated Layla. William Regal came down, trying to distract James,
but Jamie Noble took out Regal, and Mickie used, I guess we call it the Mick Kick,
on Layla for the win.

- Rey Mysterio and Batista defeated JBL and Kane. Apparently, people on the island
still like Kane, because when he came out, it was actually a pretty decent pop,
instead of heat. JBL took the mic and said he couldn’t stand the island and the
whole shtick. Rey came out to an unbelievable pop…..that is, until about 3 minutes
later when Batista showed up. The place exploded in a way that, personally, I’ve
never heard before. Rey and the Animal won with a double 619 followed by a double
spear and both men getting the pinfall (Rey on Kane, Batista on JBL). They were out
for a good 15-20 minutes afterwards with the crowd, posing, waving a huge Puerto
Rican flag.

- Chris Jericho successfully defended the World Heavyweight Title against Shawn
Michaels in a no DQ match. They used chairs, ladders, garbage cans and brought a
table into play, but never did use it. Jericho grabbed the title and whacked
Michaels with it, getting the win in a very good match with a lot of false endings.
After the match, Jericho grabbed Michaels, yelling at him and HBK pushed him away
and gave him Sweet Chin Music which, once again, made the place go crazy.

Biggest Pops:
Batista/Rey/Lilian when she sang/CM Punk/Kane (amazing but true)/Jamie Noble

Biggest Heat:
JBL/Chris Jericho/Snitsky/ The whole Regal – D-Lo match

David Rivera Arroyo

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