WWE House Show Results (11/12/08) - Newcastle, England

Submitted by Rajah on November 29, 2008 - 3:58pm
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WWE RAW House Show Results from Newcastle, England – 12/11/08
By: MarkLar, rajah.com reader

Intercontinental Championship
William Regal ( c ) def. Santino Marella to retain

This match had one of the slowest openings I’ve seen, but the Newcastle
crowd were still very much into it, rooting for the champion the whole
time. Santino made a good promo and generated a lot of heat for himself
before Regal came out. A decent match. It’s interesting to point out
that Beth didn’t come out to support Santino at ringside for some

Women’s Championship
Beth Phoenix ( c ) def. Candice Michelle (Mickie James was Guest Ref)

This was a good match. Sadly we didn’t get to see much from Mickie
because she was acting as referee, but we all know she’s great anyways.
Candice seems to have gotten rid of the ring rust and really gave it to
Beth. She even hit her running heel kick finisher, but Beth kicked out
and hit hers soon after to pick up the win. No sign of Santino
throughout. After the match, Beth tried to get Mickie to raise her hand
in victory for a second time, but was cleared from the ring by both
Candice and Mickie, much to the delight of the crowd.

“Haas” Hogan def. D-Lo Brown

Momentum swung both ways but eventually Haas got the rare victory with
a roll up, after D-Lo had kicked out of the Hogan legdrop. It was a
match for the kids and afte
rwards Haas selected 3 young lads from the
crowd who got in and celebrated the victory with him before getting
their photo taken.

World Tag Team Championship
CM Punk and Kofi Kingston def. Cody Rhodes and Manu

Great match. CM Punk got the largest pop of the night so far when he
made his entrance. Punk and Kingston work awesomely well together and
make a great tag team. Both of them looked sharp. Rhodes and Manu put
in great performances too and the whole match was worth the price of
admission alone in my opinion. In the end, Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise
on Manu to send him from the ring and then Punk hit the GTS on the
second attempt to put Rhodes down for the 1-2-3. They celebrated for a
long time with the fans afterwards.


Kane def. Snitsky

This was an ok match. Kane got a decent pop but the crowd failed to
really get into the match. Even when Kane started going up to the top
rope, he got little reaction. But when he signalled for the Chokeslam,
they were fired up. It was a good finish and Kane picked up the victory
despite a good showing from Snitsky, then walked straight to the back.
Oh, Kelly Kelly made a pointless appearance as the special guest ring
announcer. I was really disappointed that she didn’t Wrestle, because I
think her ring performances lately have been really good. She deserves
a shot at Beth for the title, but her time will
come I’m sure.

Shawn Michaels def. JBL

JBL cut a promo before the match and generated so much heat I could
barely hear him talking on the mic at one point. He went on for a while
in true JBL fashion but hell, give the guy some credit, he knows how to
work the crowd. It made Shawn’s entrance that much more pleasing and he
got a massive pop. The match went back and forth and in the end, Sweet
Chin Music reigned supreme. He nailed it good too. Shawn applauded the
crowd and tagged just about everyone’s hand at ringside, then all the
way back down to the entrance and then some. It was a good match, with
a good finish.

Main Event
Batista and Rey Mysterio def. Chris Jericho and Randy Orton

This was another great match. It seemed to be cut short though. Rey and
Batista got huge pops after Jericho made a great promo to work the
crowd up. Randy just nodded and agreed to everything he said. Jericho
was hilarious at the start of the match, he was over-acting a lot and
seemed to be having a great time performing his heel side. When Batista
came out, the look on his face was classic....and he tapped Randy on
the shoulder, who looked at him and just started laughing. At one point
early in the match, Jericho ran across to Orton on his knees and
grabbed him around the waist for protection. The crowd started laughing
and Randy was just stood there as if to say
, ”WTF?” Great moment, I
wish I had a clip. It’s great, because you don’t get to see stuff like
that on TV. Everyone plays their character seriously. But at house
shows, they’re more relaxed and having fun.

Now, half way through when Jericho was working down Mysterio, I noticed
Randy get off the apron and pace around on the floor for a minute. He
looked to be suffering with knee problem. He got back on the apron and
you could the look of concern on his face. He even said “Shit” under
his breath and leaned across to say something to Jericho and the Ref.
About a minute later another referee came running down and said
something to Randy. He also said whatever it was to the Ref in the ring
also, who then passed it onto Jericho. I think they were basically
saying to wrap the match up early. Rey eventually got the tag in and
Batista cleaned up. He shoved Randy into Jericho and they both fell
onto the middle rope, receiving a double 619 soon after. The World
champ fell out of the ring, leaving Randy to get nailed with the
Batista bomb. Jericho was irate, but Randy was focused on his knee.
Both refs went straight to him, but he was able to walk to the back
without help. It took him a while, you could see he wasn’t happy.
Hopefully it wasn’t anything too serious. I’m sure it was fine later in
the night.

After the match
Batista and Rey spent a lot of time with the crowd. The
defining moment for the whole night, was when a fan tossed Batista a
Newcastle United shirt. Batista grabbed it and checked it out. When he
realised what it was, he had a quick word with Mysterio and they both
stood on the entrance ramp, holding the Shirt up for the rest of the
arena to see. Awesome moment. Great night.


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