WWE House Show Results (11/13/08) - Belfast, Ireland

Submitted by Rajah on November 29, 2008 - 3:59pm
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By: Gerard C., rajah.com reader

I attended the show last night, after hanging out with the superstars most of the
day, got some front row complimentary tickets to a great night,

the night kicked off with
Charlie Hass (dressed as austin) vs Snitsky
- Quick match great reaction for Haas and lots of brush your teeth chants for snitsky,
Haas won via pinfall.

Next up was The Divas

Candice vs Beth Phoenix w/Kelly Kelly as the special guest referee
Beth Phoenix won via pinfall

D'Lo Brown was out next spent time on the mic trying to get heat from fans but he
has a big enough following over here alot of people glad to see him back, D'lo
issued an open challenge to anyone in the back only for Kane to come out,

Kane got the pinfall after a chokeslam.

Cody Rhodes & Manu vs Kofi and Punk
Boring match IMO, fan reaction was little, match was slow, finished with Punk
hitting the GTS.


Regal vs Santino
Regal comes out and bad mouths belfast and the population, then santino comes out
calls regal stupid and said regal should be proud to be in ireland to a huge pop
then he hit regal in the head with a microphone.

Regal won via pinful

JBL came out with a huge heat reaction from the crowd, he bad mouthed Belfast and
said how we should worship America, he then proceeded to sing the American National
Anthem to the crowd but was drowned out by the boos from the crowd, then HBK's music
hit, hbk runs to the ring chair in hand and JBL clears, lots of cheers for the
legend HBK, plenty of back and forth action in the match finished with a sweet chin

this definitely had the best reaction of the night.

First out was Randy Orton with a heavily taped knee, randy got a huge pop from the
crowd, then we had our world champion jericho come out, jericho grabbed the mic and
ranted on again about belfast (alot of abuse from the heels to the home crowd
Rey Mysterios music hit and the crowd errupted with cheers and eddie g chants, orton
and rey messed about at ringside orton teasing the rko etc, then batista came to the
ring, this match took a long time to get started mainly because the stars were
playing to the crowd reactions, batista at one point was telling one of the fans who
was telling him he sucked how he would be taking his girlfriend home it was quite
funny, batista showed respect to the fella in question at the end though so all was
good, this match was explosive, randy didnt get much ring time mainly because of his
knee, finish was the double 619 and batista bomb to orton for the 3!

After the match batista and rey made a tribute to eddie guerro, i have this recorded
and it wil be added to youtube, its definately something that should be checked out
it was great to hear, jericho stayed at ringside for the tribute, batista invited
him to the ring at one point but y2j declined.

All in all great night, sorry for the lack luster results didnt have much time, will
add a few videos on youtube though username on youtube is coded175

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