WWE House Show Results (1/18/09) - Madison, Wisconsin

Submitted by Richard Gray on January 19, 2009 - 9:45am
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Rajah.com reader Tim Coley sent in the following results

We went to the RAW show in Madison last night, here are the results!

First match: Non-title
CM Punk beat William Regal/Layla with the GTS. Good match, Regal again used Layla as a shield. She did a good job playing to the crowd all match.

Second match:Possible spoiler
Melina beat Candice
Candice faked a knee injury and when Melina turned her back to call for the RAW staff, Candice attacked her and played the heal part for the match. A pretty good Divas match.

Third match: Belfast Brawl
Finlay beat Mark Henry. Plenty of garbage cans and kendo sticks used. Hornswoggle even got to do the tadpole splash on Tony Atlas! Finlay finished Henry with a shot to the head with the shillelagh.
After the match, Finlay and Hornswoggle brought in about 8 kids from ringside into the ring and had them dance around and climb the ropes. This led to intermission.

Fourth match:
Santino Marella comes out and talks about how 2008 was great for Santino Marella. He then talks about how great he is in the ring, except he was missing one thing-great strength. So, the Glamazon had him in the gym lifting weights. He continues that now that he has great power, his matches will be long. He then calls out Kofi Kingston, and talks about how the match will be a long and drawn out battle. Kofi comes out. Santino challenges him to a pose down. As soon as Kofi starts to pose, Santino attacks him and sends him to the corner. Kofi leaps over him as he charges, and nails Marella with his finishing kick for the victory. Santino is hilarious! He talks about how the match will be long, and then gets beat in about 10 seconds!

Fifth match:World Tag Team Championship
Miz & Morrison beat Cryme Tyme. This was an outstanding match. The Miz pinned Shad after Morrison clotheslined him on the top rope. Miz and Morrison received a lot of cheers when they came out as they did a meet and greet earlier in the day! They worked the crowd back into having them be heals throughout the match.

Sixth match: ECW Championship
Tommy Dreamer comes out and talks about his current contract situation. He then says that he talked to the ticket office, and if he wins the title tonight, everybody in the arena is going to get to go to Monday Night RAW in Chicago! He really got the crowd behind him with that. He and Swagger put on a good match with plenty of false pins. In the end, Swagger put away Dreamer!

Seventh match: 3 on 2 Handicap
Legacy (Orton, Rhodes, DiBiase) vs. Rey Mysterio and John Cena
Orton is so good at playing off the crowd. Legacy comes out and gets in the face of plenty of fans. Orton stares at some people at ringside for about 2 minutes straight. Start the match, Cena and Orton, just as they are about to lock up, Orton tags out. This would be a theme. He would make Cody and Ted do all the fresh work and only come in when Rey or Cena were down. Both Cena and Rey would get worked over pretty good during the match. Rey hit all three with the 619 at once, Orton fell out of the ring, Cena grabbed Cody and F-Ued him as Rey splashed Ted, and both were pinned at the same time.

Good show, great job by all! In the weeks leading up to this show, the promotion called for Cena vs. Orton for the belt, and Rey vs. DiBiase. It worked out better being the 3 on 2 match.

Also wanted to thank Rajah.com for their great site! Thanks!

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