Chris Jericho Involved In Altercation Following WWE House Show In Victoria, BC

Submitted by Daniel Pena on February 8, 2009 - 11:38am
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According to multiple reports, Chris Jericho was involved in an altercation with multiple fans as he was leaving the arena following yesterday's Raw brand house show in Victoria, British Columbia. A female fan spat on him while he was getting into his car, which provoked an incensed Jericho to strike at the girl and knock her to the ground. At that point, a man in the crowd rushes in to attack Jericho, but he shoves him away. It then turns into a melee, and Jericho can he heard scolding security to do their job. Click here to see a clear video of the incident.

Here is one report:

I just got back from the WWE RAW/ECW house show in Victoria BC. At the end of the show (which seemed to end pretty quickly and was about 1hour and 45 mins), a ton of fans were waiting outside by the exit ramp of the arena where the wrestlers arrive and leave. Chris jericho got into his car and had already left the exit ramp. Just as he was about to turn after a stop sign, a fan swarmed the driver's side , and proceeded to bang loudly on the window and repeatedly flashed middle fingers. Jericho then opened the door on the driver's side and tried to get the fan to leave, but the fan forcefully pushed it against jericho. This prompted Jericho to step out of the vehicle and a war of words began. This led to a ton of fans flocking over to where they were, and subsequently clogging up exiting traffic. I was not close enough to hear what was being said as I didn't want to associate myself with those fans but I could tell it was serious because Jericho's face was beet red. Then quickly jericho pounced on the guy and threw a couple punches (prompting the crowd to disperse and some shrieks of horror) before jumping into his rented car and speeding away. One of the WWE guys stayed behind and relayed the information to the cops. The security team that was recruited to control the crowd was absolutely pathetic in attempting to cool down the situation as well as controlling the crowd as a whole. Jericho also supposedly muttered "Can't the security do it's job properly?" or something to that effect In my opinion jericho is not at fault as what he was doing was self-defense, and to ward off idiotic fans.

Victoria has always had a bad string of luck regarding incidents with wrestlers. In 2005 a fan jumped the rail and tried to attack triple H after the main event, and in 2007 a couple fans nearly got into a fistfight with Jimmy Korderas and Tony Chimmel at ringside. WWE usually comes here every 2 years to this town, but I'm guessing this incident will get reported to WWE HQ and subsequently the wait will be even longer. It is quite sad and disheartening to see fans go to such lengths to piss off the wrestlers outside of the ring. During the show, sure that's what you get for paying but not as they're trying to catch a flight to the next city. The event was overall very entertaining but unfortunately this incident caused it to end on a sour note on a personal level.


I forgot to add some details. During the pre-match promo jericho built heat by saying that he could get into the stands and "beat the living crap out of any and all of the fans", and that he disliked canada. I guess some idiot took this way to seriously and decided to try him. Shows how ignorant and foolish some wrestling fans are.

See second cell phone video of Chris Jericho's incident with fan

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