One Man Gang Speaks Out On Being Like CM Punk, Akeem, Leaving WWF, WCW

Submitted by Daniel Pena on August 23, 2009 - 6:03pm
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On August 21, WWE Legend One Man Gang sat down and talked with
Wrestle-Network's host Daddy Shawn. One Man Gang also took us to memory
lane for his illustrious career in professional wrestling. One Man Gang
also shoot on Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam and Eric Bischoff.

- One Man Gang talked about his time in Angelo Poffo's International
Championship Wrestling as Crusher Bloomfield.

- One Man Gang also talked about his 2 year stint there being Macho Man
Randy Savage's bodyguard. Also talked about how Ronnie Garvin helped him
to turn him from a heel to a face.

- One Man Gang talked about his debut in Bill Watts' Mid-South Wrestling
and Jim Ross referred him as the One Man Gang and that was how the name
was born.

- Discussed about Jim Ross back in Mid-South Wrestling.

- One Man Gang defended Bill Watts and said he was not a bully, he was
just strict.

- He loved the style in Mid-South because it was so rugged.

- One Man Gang talked about his controversial win over Terry Gordy for the
UWF Championship.

- How Vince McMahon was fine with him dropping the UWF Belt to Big Bubba
Rogers before heading to WWF.

- "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd was the one that got him in the WWF.

- Discussed about Jim Crockett's buy out to UWF.

- Talked about who's idea it was that allowed him beating up referees
while he was in WWF.

- One Man Gang discussed how Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes and other legends
who helped him instead of beating him down.

- Discussed about Gary Hart's feud with Tommy Rich.

- Discussed about Kamala and how much he kayfabe for the business back then.

- Daddy Shawn joked if One Man Gang would do a duet with Kamala.

- One Man Gang discussed if Bruiser Brody was a problem to World Class
Championship Wrestling. One Man Gang also told a story on how he was beat
up in the ring by Bruiser Brody when he first started out.

- One Man Gang also discussed about Brody's death.

- One Man Gang talked about Brody would beat up Lex Luger back in the day.

- One Man Gang discussed his memorable feud with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, said
he was in easier bar fights than with Jim Duggan.

- One Man Gang talked about how hard it was at first for him to adjust the
WWF style, because he was used to being in a different environment.

- Talked about being in Bruno Sammartino's final WWF match. Said it was a
big deal to him. One Man Gang said Sammartino is one person who should be
in the Hall of Fame, joked that if Koko B. Ware was in, Sammartino should
as well

- One Man Gang also talked his DQ loss over Macho Man Randy Savage at
Wrestlemania IV. It helped putting One Man Gang over because Macho Man
didn't do it cleanly.

- One Man Gang talked about his Akeem character, said he was scared to
death when he was first told about the character. He was also surprised
how well it was received by the fans, even today.

- Said that WWE Officials told One Man Gang that the gimmick was stale and
colorless so they decided to switch him into Akeem.

- One Man Gang was asked whether he liked the OMG character or the Akeem

- Talked about his Twin Towers team with Big Boss Man. Talked about his
high caliber matches with Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage.

- Said after he left the WWF in the 90s was because he was being put as an
undercard and was not paying his bills.

- Daddy Shawn discussed with One Man Gang about Dynamite Kid/Fabulous
Rougeous' incident, said he did not like the ribs that the British
Bulldogs pulled on other people. Talked about a story which Terry Taylor
was in the butt of Bulldog's bad jokes.

- Said he was surprised that Jacque Rougeou was a tough guy.

- He discussed the match with El Gigante (Giant Gonzales), said it was
hard work to be in the ring with El Gigante. Said it was awful because he
had no cardio.

- Discussed him leaving the WCW the first time, he did not like Dusty
Rhode's booking so he decided to leave.

- He said that Dusty Rhodes wanted to give him a horrendous new gimmick
had he not leave WCW. Daddy Shawn also discussed about this gimmick being
as bad as the Shockmaster gimmick.

- Talked about his second stint in WCW in 1995, said Eric Bischoff has no
idea that he was working in WCW, when he already won the WCW U.S.
Championship and was only working in a per-night basis. Terry Taylor told
One Man Gang to talked to Eric Bischoff about a contract, but Eric
Bischoff berated at One Man Gang for asking for a contract.

- Said the backstage in WCW was so horrible, all the guys were just weird.
Everyone was just talking about big contracts and talked about who was
going to wrestle less for the best contract, it was simply crazy.

- Said Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage were so different in WCW,
they acted as if they didn't really know who you were anymore.

- Talked about joining ECW for a shortwhile, said he had no respect for
Rob Van Dam. Said he knocked OMG out one in in ECW and broke his leg in
the process. Rob Van Dam never apologized about it and all Rob Van Dam
wanted to do was get his finisher done and finish the match.

- Discussed about his heart issues and talk about how he coped with it.

- One Man Gang still wrestle locally in his hometown.

- One Man Gang is now a correction officer. Talked about an irony of which
his former tag team partner was a correction officer and now he is.

- One Man Gang talked about the deaths in professional wrestlers. OMG said
he had no idea that Big Boss Man died until a Canadian newspaper called
his home and asked him about it.

- One Man Gang has always kept himself straight-edge.

- Daddy Shawn suggested that One Man Gang should work with CM Punk since they were both straight-edge.

- One Man Gang discussed the difference of the product today to the 80s
and how much it changed.

You can listen to the entire interview at the addresses below, with high
quality sound.

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