Updates On Scott Hall & Wrestlicious, Missy Hyatt Google Surge, Amy "Lita" Dumas

Submitted by Daniel Pena on August 31, 2009 - 2:37pm
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-- Scott Hall has launched an official website at TheOutsiderScottHall.com, which is being frequently updated with the latest news on him. You can also follow him on MySpace at myspace.com/outsiderscotthall and Facebook at facebook.com/officialscotthall.

-- The ultra-cheese women's wrestling promotion Wrestlicious still has no television deal in place despite claiming they would debut on TV this fall. Furthermore, there has been no more tapings since the original ones last summer and while Bischoff-Hervey Productions were rumored to get on board with them a few months ago, nothing new has come from that. (source: PWInsider.com)

-- ESPN.com's Bill Simmons has an article discussing Miss Elizabeth, Missy Hyatt and Wendi Richter in a Q&A about "Press Box Hot" (in which any remotely attractive woman instantly becomes a supermodel when she walks into the press box). Simmons talked about different categories such as "Women's Pro Athlete Hot," "Cleaning Lady Hot," "Sports Bar Waitress Hot" and noted his personal favorite as "'80s Female Pro Wresting Hot" where someone who is cute in real life suddenly becomes a sex symbol.

Regarding "'80s Female Pro Wresting Hot," Simmons wrote: "When I was 14, along with everyone else in my age range, I absolutely believed that (A) Wendi Richter was super-attractive, (B) Miss Elizabeth wasn't just beautiful, but classier than Princess Di or Nancy Reagan, and (C) I would sacrifice 10 solid years off the tail end of my life to see Missy Hyatt naked for 10 seconds. As far as I can tell, that's the widest swing between "actual attractiveness" and "perceived attractiveness," which is why '80s Female Pro Wrestling Hot tops everything else, including Press Box Hot and Sports Collector Convention Hot. I'm glad I'm here."

Thanks to the article, Missy Hyatt was the 53rd most searched for topic on Google on Friday.

-- Former WWE Women's Champion Amy "Lita" Dumas will be doing an autograph signing on Saturday, September 19th at the Wrestling Universe store in Queens, New York. For more information, call (718) 746-0010 and ask for Jac Sabboth.

Click here to find out why LITA has been at recent WWE shows (>>)

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