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WWE Vintage Collection Report: May 27th 2012
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Welcome aboard. This week, we conclude our two week look at WCW Slamboree.

May 21st 1995: “Chief” Wahoo McDaniel vs “Dirty” Dick Murdoch
Slamboree was originally billed as a “legends reunion” event, with inductees into the short-lived WCW Hall of Fame facing off. This was the final year where past stars were honoured and put into matches. We join this legend vs legend match in progress and in black and white to give it more of an old-school feel. Wahoo uses chops and a top wristlock, with Murdoch relying on his feet and elbows as his choice of attack. Murdoch delivers a knee drop bulldog to the back of Wahoo’s head. Wahoo reverses Murdoch off the ropes and pins him after a chest chop. The finish was quite sudden and the fans seemed to sit on their hands all match. Not everyone’s cup of tea. Winner: “CHIEF” WAHOO McDANIEL.

May 18th 1997:
WCW TV Title: Ultimo Dragon w/Sonny Onoo vs Steven Regal
Regal was no longer a “Lord,” while Dragon and Onoo were teasing problems, with Dragon unhappy at Onoo attacking his opponents on the floor. The two spend the opening minutes exchanging holds on the mat. Dragon scores with a headstand kick out of the corner, then follows up with stiff kicks to the back. Regal survives a single leg Boston crab. Dragon delivers a swinging neckbreaker and headscissors. Regal tries to apply the Regal stretch, but Dragon makes it to the ropes.

We return from commercials to see Dragon hold a bridging chinlock and hear the crowd chanting for Regal. He holds on, escapes a camel clutch, but takes a dropkick to the floor. Onoo ambushes Regal with several kicks. Dragon comes out to put a stop to it and doesn’t look happy with Onoo. Back inside, Dragon lands a handspring backelbow, top rope Frankensteiner, but misses a moonsault. Dragon thwarts another Regal stretch, then counters a butterfly suplex into a hurracanrana pin for two. Dragon hits a spin kick. A la mahistrol cradle puts both in the ropes. Dragon busts out a quebrada moonsault. Regal maneuvers out of a tiger suplex, but gets sent to the floor. Dragon hits a dropkick through the ropes and skins the cat back in. Regal telegraphs a pescado and simply walks off as Dragon crashes and burns. Dragon reverses Regal into the guardrail to set up a picture perfect asai moonsault. Onoo interjects himself once more. Dragon doesn’t appreciate this, and neither does Onoo, who spin kicks the back of Dragon’s head. Regal takes advantage to pull Dragon back inside for a reverse suplex. This sets up the Regal stretch, with Dragon submitting to give Regal his fourth and final TV title reign. Onoo boasts into the camera that he makes champions and destroys them. Regal would end up losing the title back to Dragon just two months later. Winner: STEVEN REGAL.

May 19th 1996:
WCW U.S Title: Konnan vs Jushin Thunder Liger w/Sonny Onoo
Konnan stretches Liger to begin. Both trade wristlocks. Liger lands a senton. Onoo distracts Konnan, enabling Liger to hit a baseball slide and pescado. Inside, Liger drills Konnan with a brainbuster. The two exchange cross armbreakers, before Liger sits on a camel clutch, then a half crab.

The restholds stop as the two dish out a flurry of palm thrusts. Liger hits a cannonball kick in the corner, before going high risk with a superplex and splash. A dropkick puts Konnan out on the floor. Liger attempts a plancha, but gets waffled in mid-air by a kick. Liger counters a suplex back in with a quick go-behind and back suplex. A fisherman buster gets Liger a nearfall. Konnan catches a float over and drops Liger with an Alabama slam for two. Liger reverses Konnan’s patented Splash Mountain powerbomb into a sunset flip for two. A rolling cradle gets Liger another two. Konnan kicks out of a Ligerbomb. Liger heads up top and lands on Konnan’s feet. Konnan hits Splash Mountain at the second attempt to retain his title. Winner: KONNAN.

May 22nd 1994:
(Vacant) WCW International Title: Sting vs Vader w/Harley Race
The international title aka the “big gold belt” was the former NWA title. Since WCW was no longer part of the NWA, this title was effectively worthless. The equally bogus WCW “international committee” recognised Rick Rude as champion, but he was on the shelf, so Sting was the substitute. Vader and Sting had been feuding for years. Back in 1992, it was Vader who “broke” Sting’s ribs and ended his World title reign at the Great American Bash. Vader corners Sting and mauls the crap out of him as Sting does his best to cover up. Short arm clothesline connects from the Mastodon, but Sting ducks a second and fights back to send Vader to the floor. A pissed off Vader dumps his mask. Now it's on! Back inside, Sting hits an impressive delayed suplex on the big man, but immediately favours his back. Sting stands tall on two avalanche attempts, before a third puts him down. Vader drops an elbow between the legs, talks smack, stands on Sting’s head and punishes him with two Vader bombs. Sting grabs the ropes to stop himself from being pinned.

Sting fights his way out of a corner and hits a jumping elbow, but is unable to capitalize. Vader drops elbows across the back and chest. Sting retaliates once more. Vader avoids a flying clothesline and referee Randy Anderson gets bumped. Sting walks into a one handed chokeslam. Race grabs a chair, only to hit Vader by accident. DDT by Sting. Pee Wee has recovered. 1-2-kickout. Sting clotheslines Vader out of the ring, suplexes him back in, then clotheslines him back out from the other side. Vader slides into the corner, catches a Stinger splash in mid-air and powerslams Sting to the mat. Vader takes too long going to the top rope and misses a moonsault. As Sting covers, a desperate Race comes off the top with a flying headbutt, which ends up hitting Vader. Pee Wee shoves Race out of the ring, as Sting splashes onto Vader from the top rope to pick up the 1-2-3. Winner: STING. The big gold belt would be retired the following month after World Champion Ric Flair defeated the Stinger in a unification bout.

Cruiserweight month begins next week!

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