WWE No Way Out 2012 PPV Results From East Rutherford, New Jersey

Submitted by Michael Bluth on June 17, 2012 - 5:32pm
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Backstage, Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendes are shown arguing with Abraham Washington. They ask when AW is going to get them their tag title shot - and AW says tonight, they'll be fighting in a fatal four-way tag team match to determine the #1 contenders to R-Truth and Kofi Kingston.

The match will be The Usos vs. Primo and Epico vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young.

Footage is shown from SmackDown David Otunga attacking Brodus Clay.

Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga

Brodus Clay is out first with Cameron and Naomi. They do their dance routine. David Otunga is out next. The bell rings and Otunga goes right for the injured knee. Clay gets Otunga into the corner and takes him down to the mat. Headbutts to the back by Brodus Clay, followed by a big suplex. Otunga thrown back into the corner again and Clay takes him down with a series of strikes. Otunga takes out Clay’s knee and down goes the big man. Otunga working on Clay's bad knee. Clay tries to fight back but Otunga beats him down. 2 count for Otunga. Otunga continues to work on the knee.

Clay tries fighting back but Otunga nails him with a neck breaker. Otunga poses for the crowd and gets a loud round of boos. Otunga continues to work for the knee and goes for a pin attempt. Clay fights back and takes Otunga down. Several headbutts by Brodus Clay, who hits a suplex and sends Otunga outside of the ring.

Otunga tries to get back into the ring but decides not to return to the match and intentionally gets himself counted out.

Winner by Count Out: Brodus Clay

Otunga poses as the referee calls for the bell. Clay and his girls dance.

Promo air for the 1,000th RAW celebration.

The announcers run down the card again.

John Cena is backstage with Josh Mathews, who says this could be the last time we see him. Cena hypes tonight's cage match and says the fallout will shake th foundation of WWE. Cena says the face of WWE will change tonight and there is No Way Out.

WWE No Way Out 2012

The show opens with a video package hyping tonight's steel cage main event between John Cena and John Laurinaitis. If Cena wins, Laurinaitis is fired. If Cena loses, he's fired.

We’re live from the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Pyro goes of and we're welcomed by Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Booker T. Up first, the World Heavyweight tile match.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Sheamus (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus is out first - followed by the challenger, along with Vickie Guerrero.

Winner & Still World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

Sheamus is out first - followed by the challenger, along with Vickie Guerrero. Lilian Garcia does formal ring introductions.

The bell rings and Dolph consults Vickie Guerrero in the corner. She kisses him on the cheek and Dolph almost gets nailed with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Dolph exits the ring but quickly returns and argues with the ref. Ziggler avoids another big boot from Sheamus and exits the ring again to regroup. Ziggler comes back in and goes behind on a lock up. They tangle until Sheaumus drops him with an elbow to the head. Sheamus with a headlock takedown now. Sheamus drops Ziggler with a shoulder. Sheamus takes him down again and is firmly in control. That is - until Ziggler connects with a picture perfect dropkick.

Sheamus takes Ziggler down again with a shoulder tackle and then goes for a sleeper hold, but doesn't lock it in. Ziggler make it to the ropes and the hold is broken. Ziggler slaps Sheamus in the face. He responds by knocking Ziggler to the floor and slamming him into the side of the ring before bringing him back into the ring. Sheamus launches himself over the top with a big shoulder for a 2 count. Sheamus works on Ziggler’s arm now. Ziggler fights out and wails away on Sheamus in the corner. Dolph goes to the top rope and jumps onto Sheamus - who catches him in mid-air. Ziggler breaks free but Sheamus takes him down with an elbow to the back. Sheamus nails a neckbreaker and gets a 2 count. Ziggler is on the apron and fighting with Sheamus. Ziggler pulls Sheamus into the turnbuckle and he gets knocked outside. Ziggler the champion the ring and hits a big DDT for a 2 count.

Ziggler continues the assault until Sheamus fights back with knees and punches. Ziggler stops him with a knee to the gut and a 1 count. Ziggler with a headlock now as he does some showing off with Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus fights to his feet and out of the hold. Sheamus puts Dolph on his shoulders but Dolph counters and brings him down with a big DDT. Ziggler with a 2 count. More offense from Ziggler. Sheamus fights back but Dolph dropkicks him for another 1 count. Ziggler applies a body scissors now. Sheamus fights out again. Ziggler counters and rolls Sheamus up for a close 2 count as he used the ropes for leverage but got caught. Ziggler argues and Sheamus rolls him up for a close 2 count. Ziggler with a swinging neckbreaker for another pin attempt. Ziggler goes back to the mat with a submission on Sheamus. Ziggler with a big kick to the face but Sheamus runs over him with two big ax handles. Sheamus misses the high knee and Ziggler jumps on his back with the sleeper. Sheamus dumps Ziggler to the apron and breaks the hold. Ziggler climbs up top and comes down with a crossbody but Sheamus barely catches him. They tangle and Sheamus goes for White Noise but it’s blocked. Sheamus misses a spear in the corner and Ziggler hits Zig Zag for a close 2 count.

The crowd chants for Ziggler now. Sheamus gets attacked in the corner but fights back. Sheamus goes up top but Ziggler runs up and grabs him. Ziggler drops Sheamus face first on the mat and covers him for a close 2 count. Ziggler grabs his knee in pain as Vickie screams at ringside. Ziggler goes for the sleeper but Sheamus counters with the Irish Curse backbreaker.

Sheamus with the big forearm shots to the chest on the apron now. Ziggler fights back and goes for the sleeper again. Sheamus turns it into White Noise and gets hyped up. Sheamus nails a stiff looking Brogue Kick and Ziggler sells it like he just got hit by a bus.

Winner & Still World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

Backstage, Vince McMahon is shown walking and John Laurinaitis approaches him. Laurinaitis suggests that Vince stay away from ringside tonight due to the concussion he got from Big Show's knockout punch. Vince doesn't respond and walks off. Laurinaitis tries to talk to Vince, but Vince slams his dressing room door in Laurinaitis' face. Josh Mathews appears and tries to get a comment from Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis talks down to him and says he is not getting fired tonight.

Tuxedo Match: Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Santino Marella

Santino is out first for this non-title match, sporting an old fashioned tuxedo. Ricardo Rodriguez comes out wearing his usual tuxedo. The first man to remove his opponent tuxdeo wins.

The crowd is very behind Santino, who shoves Ricardo but gets shoved back. Ricardo is the first to try stripping down his opponent by ripping off the front pocket from Santino’s jacket. Santino does the same to him and then rips off a sleeve. Ricardo rips Santino’s jacket but gets slapped. Santino with an atomic drop. He then rips Ricardo’s jacket off and taunts him with it like he’s a charging bull. Ricardo ends up on the floor. He comes back in and gets hit with a drop toe hold. Santino takes off Ricardo’s shoes next. The crowd chants boring as Santino takes Ricardo from corner to corner. Santino takes off Ricardo’s shirt next.

Ricardo is down to his bowtie and pants. Santino takes him down with a hip toss and takes out the Cobra. Ricardo rakes Santino’s eyes and throws the Cobra out of the ring. Ricardo takes off Santino’s shoes, socks and pants.

Santino down to his jacket and shirt. Santino hits Ricardo with a Cobra kick and strips off his pants for the win. Ricardo is wearing white underwear with Alberto Del Rio’s face on the back.

Winner: Santino Marella

- Ricardo runs off with Alberto’s face on his rear as Santino has his hand raised from the ring.

Backstage, CM Punk is interviewed by Matt Striker. The WWE Champion talks about AJ Lee and says tonight's match isn't about her - it's about the title. AJ walks up and gives him a kiss on the cheek for good luck. Punk says thanks, but luck is for losers. He walks away and AJ smiles at him.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Christian

Cody Rhodes is out first followed by the WWE Intercontinental Champion. We go to the ring and out first comes Cody Rhodes followed by the WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian.

They lock up for a minute and Christian goes down first. Christian comes back with clotheslines, sending Cody to the corner. Cpdy shoves Christian but gets slapped to the mat. Cody comes in with a big shoulder thrust. He tries to suplex Christian to the floor but Christian ends up bringing him out to the floor. Christian runs the ropes and dropkicks Cody through the ropes. Cody trips Christian and he falls face first on the apron and rolls out to the floor. Cody brings it back in and drops Christian by his arm for a 2 count. Cody drops knees on Christian's arm now.

More back and forth. Christian pulls Cody's legs out around the ring post but Cody pulls him into the post. Cody brings Christian back in the ring and suplexes him face first for a 2 count. Cody goes back to work on Christian's arm. Christian goes up top and ends up on the outside again after Cody shoves him. Christian slams Cody into the steel steps and hits a big tornado DDT from the steps to the floor. More back and forth action. Christian goes for Killswitch but Cody counters. Christian goes for the big right hand from the floor but it's countered. Christian goes up top for a crossbody but Cody rolls through and turns it into a 2 count. Christian goes for a roll and Cody counters again.

Christian climbs up with Cody and brings him back down with a hurricanrana for a 2 count. More back and forth. Cody slams Christian down by his arm and covers for another 2 count. Cody blocks Killswitch again and hits the Alabama Slam for a 2 count. Christian counters this time with an inverted DDT. Christian readies for a spear but Cody scrambles out to the floor and back in the ring. Christian goes for the roll up again but Cody drops down for a 2 count. Christian hits Killswitch out of nowhere for another close 2 count. Christian goes for the frogsplash but Cody gets his knees up. Christian blocks the Disaster Kick. Christian has Killswitch blocked again. Cody misses the Disaster Kick again. Christian nails a spear for the win.

Winner: Christian

Primo and Epico vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel vs. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young vs. The Usos

Primo and Epico are the first team out to the ring with AW and Rose Mendes in tow. They don't get much of a reaction at all. We get a backstage YouTube pre-show moment, where AW promised Primo and Epico the biggest spotlight of their lives.

Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel are the second team out to the ring, followed quickly by Darren Young and Titus O'Neil.

The last team out to the ring is the Uso's who like everyone else, don't get much of a reaction.

The bell rings and one of the Uso's and Titus kick things off. Titus slams Jey to the mat before tagging in Young. Titus tries to suplex Young onto Jey, but Jey moves and tags in Jimmy. Jimmy hits a quick blow to the chest before tagging back out to Jey. Epico tags himself into the match and takes Jey to the mat. Jey is able to tag back out to Jimmy and Jimmy comes in and takes Epico to the mat with a bubba bomb. Gabriel tags himself in, and he and Uso show off a bit of their fancy footwork before locking up. Gabriel takes Uso to the mat with a headlock.

Jey tags back in and hits a huge Samoan drop. Titus tags himself in and tries to steal a pin on Gabriel but only gets two. Gabriel tries to fight back against Titus, but Titus takes him down to the mat. Young tags in and Titus suplexes him onto Gabriel. Young tosses Gabriel hard into the ropes before ripping at his face and locking in a rear chin lock. Gabriel fights up to his feet, and counters a back drop, landing on his feet and hitting a heel kick. Epico tags in and goes to work on Gabriel, using quick tags to take him to task. Gabriel fights his way out of a submission, but it back dropped to the mat three times in a row by Epico.

Primo tags in and kicks at Gabriel before dropping a big leg. Primo hits a couple of nasty elbows before blasting Gabriel with a kick to the mat. He picks him up to slam him back down again, but he misses a springboard senton. Kidd tags in and hits a big springboard dropkick. A series of kicks takes Primo down for a two count. Tyson drops a big leg over the ropes to the outside while Primo is draped across the bottom rope. Kidd hits a beautiful top rope move, but things are broken up by Epico. Things begin to break down. Primo hits Kidd with a backstabber, but it's broken up by Titus. The Uso's come in and take out everyone. Primo almost scores a pin, but Kidd kicks out.

Young makes a blind tag, but falls to the outside. Kidd puts Primo on the top rope and hits a crazy hurricanrana, sending Primo crashing into everyone on the floor on the outside. AW rolls Young and Primo back into the ring. Young hits a gutbuster and pins Primo for the three while Epico is held back by AW.

Winners: Titus O'Neil and Darren Young

After the match, AW entered the ring and raised the hands of O'Neil and Young. Epico and Primo argued with AW as Rosa enters the ring and also gets in AW's face. Epico drops AW with a punch. O'Neil and Young then attacked Epico and Primo behind. AW raised their hands and it looks like we have a new paring.

We get a video package that details the recent events between Hunter and Brock Lesnar, including Lesnar's people 'suing' Triple H and quitting the company."

Hunter makes his way out to the arena, not wearing the brace on his arm that he'd been sporting recently. HHH makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation from the crowd. Michael Cole runs down a bit of Hunter's history at No Way Out events in the past.

Hunter grabs a mic. He says he's spent over half of his life in the ring. He did it because for the most part it's the only thing he ever wanted to do. Also because he never wanted to get a real job. Ironically, here he is all these years later with a real job. A corporate job on top of it. In that job for the last five weeks since Paul Heymen brought two lawsuits against the company, he's had to deal with a lot of crap because he's not a corporate kind of guy. He says he's an a**kicker, it's what he does. So he came up with an idea. Paul Heymen said Brock wants to fight. And Brock says he's not an entertainer, and he's not a lawyer, but he's a fighter, and he's an a**kicker.

The last time he saw Lesner in the ring, he jumped him from behind and broke him arm, but his arm is feeling a lot better, and in a couple more weeks, it'll be 100%, and then he'll be back in fighting shape. Hunter says that'll bring them to right in the middle of Summer. He's proposing they get rid of the lawyers, lawsuits, and legal junk. They get rid of the fat, balding manager. This is about Hunter and Brock doing what they do. They're fighters, and Hunter wants to fight him. He wants to fight Brock bad. He lays out the challenge for Lesnar vs. HHH at SummerSlam. He says let's do this.

Hunter says let's fight, or he can be happy with being a quitter. Whatever works for Brock, but he'll be waiting. Hunter drops the mic and heads to the back.

Daniel Bryan is shown warming up backstage. AJ walks in. Bryan says now is not the time. AJ says she's not trying to distract him, she just needs to tell him that after everything they've been through, there's still a part of her that hasn't gotten over him, and she wanted to wish him good luck. She kisses Bryan on the cheek and walks away. Bryan smiles and goes back to warming up.

WWE Divas Championship Match: Layla (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Beth makes her way out to the ring first to a bit of a non-reaction from the crowd. Layla is out next, and the whole crowd seems to be sitting on their hands, not looking forward to this one at all.

The bell rings and Layla goes behind Beth. They trade positions a couple of times before Beth goes into the ropes to force a break. Beth comes up with a huge kick, before chopping Layla hard in the chest. Beth says Layla couldn't lace her boots, and that's why she'll take the championship tonight. Layla catches Beth with a boot, but she ends up caught on Beth's shoulder. She fights out, then hits a low dropkick to Beth's knee. Layla grabs Beth's tiara and puts it on, taunting Beth. Beth looks furious. Layla runs around the ring and teases throwing it. She heads back into the ring and hits Beth with a facebuster. She taunts Beth a bit more before psyching her out a couple of times and then hitting a big dropkick.

Layla ends up back dropped to the apron, but she slaps Beth hard. Beth sends her out to the floor hard in return. Beth follows to the outside and slams Layla into the guardrail. Beth brings things back in the ring and goes for the pin, but she only gets two. Beth locks in a submission, focusing on the arms, but also getting Layla in position for the glam slam. Layla fights to her feet, but she's sent back to the mat by Beth. Beth sends Layla into the ropes, and tries to launch herself in afterwards, but Layla moves, and Beth crashes into the ropes. Beth recovers quickly and stretches Layla across her knee after a backbreaker.

Layla gets out of the hold with a series of knees. Beth tries for the glam slam, but Layla counters into a roll up for two. Layla goes for another roll up for two before blasting Beth with a kick to the side of the face and launching herself out of the corner. Beth comes right back, planting Layla on the mat with a huge powerslam. Beth pulls Layla up and shoulders her, pressing her above her head. Layla counters with a DDT, but a pin only gets her two.

Beth takes Layla into the corner and buries her shoulder in Layla's midsection. Layla is able to come up with a neckbreaker out of nowhere, and a pin for three.

Winner and STILL WWE Diva's Champion: Layla

AJ is shown wandering backstage and she walks up to Kane. She says she can't really explain, then trails off. She says she just wanted to wish Kane good luck tonight. She kisses him on the cheek. He grabs her, and pulls her back in to make out. She obliges. Kane walks off, and AJ looks a bit shocked.

Sin Cara vs. Hunico

Hunico makes his way out to the ring, of course being ferried to the ring by his buddy Camacho on the low-rider bike. Sin Cara is out to the ring next, and he gets an OK reaction on his return to PPV.

The bell rings and the lights dim. Hunico attacks, laying in with clubbing blows and a big dropkick. Hunico goes to work on the arm, but Cara gets out with an arm drag. Hunico heads to the outside and catches Cara with a high knee. Hunico brings himself back into the ring with a slingshot senton. Hunico takes Cara into the corner and slams him in repeatedly. Hunico chops Cara hard before heading to the apron and bringing him back into the ring with a slingshot dropkick. Hunico locks in a rear chin lock.

Cara fights up, but Hunico slams him back down to the mat. Hunico tries for the Gory special, but Cara fights out, only to run into a big tilt a whirl backbreaker, and another rear chin lock. Cara is able to fight up to his feet, but Hunico takes him down to the mat with a crazy slam, that's good for a near fall. Hunico goes right back to the rear chin lock.

Cara fights out and tries for a roll up, but Hunico comes right back with a low dropkick to the face. Hunico goes back to the well, going right back into the rear chin lock. Cara fights out and tries for a hurricanrana, but it's countered with a quick powerbomb. Hunico blasts Cara with kicks to the chest. Cara is able to connect with a headscissors to take Hunico off of his feet. Cara avoids a splash and blasts Hunico with an enzugiri. Cara hits a springboard hurricanrana, a couple of dropkicks, a series of kicks, but then he runs into boots from Hunico. Cara is quick to recover with a huge headscissors, spinning Hunico around before driving his head into the mat. Cara pins Hunico for three.

Winner: Sin Cara

We get a video package that highlights the rivalry between Punk and Bryan, and the insertion of Kane into the feud that led up to this triple threat match.

WWE Championship Match: CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Kane is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and the crowd doesn't seem to give him much of a reaction at all. Daniel Bryan makes his way out to the ring next, and he gets a pretty thunderous reaction from the crowd, and there are a ton of 'Yes!' signs in the audience. The champion, CM Punk, is the last man to make his way out for the match, he too gets a great reception from the crowd. After formal ring introductions, we're finally ready to begin this match.

The bell rings and Kane attacks Punk. Bryan attacks Kane, but he's thrown off. Bryan comes back and lays into Kane with kicks. Kane grabs Bryan by the throat, then grabs Punk. Punk and Bryan fight Kane off, then trade turns kicking the giant in the chest and back before hitting a double dropkick. Both men go for the cover, but they're pulled off by one another. Bryan blasts Punk with a chop, Punk responds. They trade forearms and Punk gets the upper hand. Punk back drops Bryan to the floor. Punk hits the ropes, but runs into a clothesline from Kane.

Kane stomps at Punk, but Bryan comes in and launches Kane from the ring with a big knee to the back. Bryan launches himself from the ring to take out Kane. Punk heads to the top rope and leap to the outside to take out both of his opponents. Punk takes Bryan back into the ring for a near fall. Punk slams Bryan across his knee with a backbreaker before locking in a rear chin lock. Bryan is able to fight up to his feet, and Punk is pulled to the outside by Kane and shoved into the barricade. Bryan catches Kane with a baseball slide, but when he leaps from the apron, it's right into a chop to the throat. Kane turns back to Punk and slams him into the ring post back first before sending him back into the ring, grabbing an arm and a leg, and stretching him against the ring post before simply kicking him in the face.

Kane goes for the cover, but Punk kicks out at two. Kane sends Punk into the corner hard, then pulls him to his feet and beats on him with repeated rights. Kane hits a snap mare and a low dropkick, pinning Punk for another two count. Kane locks in a body scissors, trying to wear the champion down. Punk elbows his way out of the hold, but Kane is there with a shot to the gut. Kane sends Punk into the corner, but runs into a big boot. Bryan hits Punk with a running dropkick in the corner, but he runs into a big sideslam from Kane for two. Bryan backflips over Kane in the corner and hits a huge running clothesline, the drop toe holds Kane into the corner before kicking Kane square in the face.

Punk and Bryan square off, and Bryan is able to take Punk to the mat, hitting him with knees to the face before picking him up and whipping him over with a big suplex. Bryan heads to the top rope, but he's stopped by Punk. Punk lays in with big forearms before going up after Bryan. Kane pulls Punk off and goes up after Bryan, slapping him hard. Punk pulls Kane off, then Kane pulls Punk off. Kane tries for a superplex, but then Punk pulls him down and the two fight between themselves. Bryan hits a double shotgun missile dropkick, taking out both men.

Bryan trades off between kicking Punk and Kane in the chest. Bryan hits a huge kick to the side of Kane's head, but misses with Punk and ends up rolled up for two. Punk and Bryan wrestle for an advantage, and Punk hits a high knee in the corner to both Bryan and Kane. He clotheslines Bryan. Punk hits Bryan with a quick powerslam, then drags Bryan to the corner. Punk goes up, but Bryan stops him. Kane comes in from behind and gets Bryan on his shoulders. Punk hits Bryan with a big shoulderblock in a doomsday device like move. Punk sends Kane over the top and pins Bryan, but he only gets two.

Punk slams Bryan to the mat and heads to the top, hitting a beautiful flying elbow drop. Punk goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Punk calls for the G2S. Punk shoulders Bryan, but Kane is in with a big boot. Kane pins Punk for two. Kane pulls Punk to his feet and runs him into the corner, hitting him with big forearms. Kane whips Punk across the ring and hits a big clothesline. Kane misses another clothesline, a backdrops Punk to the apron, only to eat a big kick. Punk goes for another flying elbow drop, but Kane moves. Bryan goes to the top and leaps off with a flying head butt to Punk, but he's only able to get two. Bryan low bridges Kane, sending him to the apron. Bryan charges Kane and launches himself into the monster, sending him crashing out to the barricade and floor.

Punk rolls up Bryan for two. Bryan comes right back with a big kick to the side of the head and locks in the yes lock. Punk reverses with a roll up. Punk hits the G2S. Kane pulls Bryan to the floor. Kane heads up to the top rope and launches off with a clothesline to take out Punk. Kane grabs Punk around the throat, but Punk counters with a DDT. Kane kicks out of a pin attempt. Punk heads up to the top and hits a flying elbow drop to Kane, but the big red monster kicks out at two.

Punk tries to shoulder Kane, but can't. Punk runs right into a big boot, then eats a choke slam. Kane pins Punk, but Punk kicks out at two. Kane freaks out, chasing the ref around and screaming that it was two. Kane goes for the tombstone. Punk fights out. AJ is on the apron out of nowhere and Punk shoves Kane into her, knocking her to the floor. Punk shoulders Kane and hits the G2S, putting the monster down for the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

Following the match, Kane stands over AJ checking on her. He picks her up and carries her to the back. AJ looks over Kane's shoulder, smiling and staring at Punk celebrating in the ring.

Ryback vs. 2 Local Wrestlers

Two jobbers are standing in the ring. They say they're going to win tonight and walk across the parking lot to Met Life Stadium to be at WrestleMania. They sing some horrible song about WrestleMania, but they're interrupted by Ryback, who makes his way out to a small pop.

The bell rings and Ryback back drops one jobber before clotheslining the other. He picks up the one he backdropped, and press slams him, driving him to the mat. He turns to the other one and picks him up, slamming him to the mat. The crowd is chanting 'Goldberg'. Ryback goes to the middle rope and jumps off with a big splash. He picks up one jobber, then the other, shouldering them and marching around the ring before putting them down with a big Samoan drop.

Winner: Ryback

Video package airs looking back at the John Cena vs. Big Show feud and Vince McMahon / John Laurinaitis' involvement.

Steel Cage Match: John Cena vs. Big Show

The first man to make his way out is John Laurinaitis, who makes his way out on the single crutch, wearing a hideous red suit. It's more of an eyesore than Santino's prom-ready tux from earlier.

The Big Show is the first actual competitor to make his way out to the ring. Ace looks happy to see his guy make his way down into the cage.

Vince McMahon is the third man to make his way out to the ringside area. McMahon swagger's down, and Ace doesn't look quite as happy to see Vince. Vince walks down to the ring and blows off a handshake from Johnny before the two men sit down in front of the announcer's table for the match. Finally, John Cena makes his way out to the ring, and it looks like we're ready to kick off out main event.

The door is locked and the bell rings. Cena ducks a charging Show, but ends up grabbed by the throat. Cena fights off a chokeslam, but Show takes him right down to the mat. Show picks up Cena and throws him into the cage wall. Cena struggles to get to his feet, and Show throws him into the cage wall again. Show walks over top of Cena, putting all of his weight on Cena's midsection.

Show goes for the WMD, but Cena ducks and Show hits the cage wall. Cena tries to climb to the top of the cage, but Show is quick to pull him down. Show takes Cena to the corner and chops him across the chest hard. Show takes Cena into another corner and uses his boot to choke Cena while still standing. Cena is able to come up with a big dropkick, and he tries to go out the door, but Show pulls him back into the ring. Show pulls Cena up and slams him back down to the mat.

Show picks Cena up and Cena fights back, but Show hits Cena with a big clothesline that lays Cena on the mat. Cena struggles to get up and Show helps him, throwing him hard into the cage wall. Show takes another step across Cena’s chest, then smiles down at Ace and Mr. McMahon. Show blasts Cena with a right hand to the ribs. Show yells at Cena that the fans don’t care so he should quit. Show hits Cena with a huge running back splash in the corner.

Cena crawls toward the door, but Show stops him by stomping on his head and pressing down. Show whips Cena across the ring, and he charges in again, but runs into Cena’s feet. Cena hits a bulldog from the middle rope and goes for a pin, but Show kicks out. Cena jumps up to the top rope, then the rope of the cage, but Show heads up to the top rope quickly and pulls Cena back into the ring. Cena pulls Show down and crotches him, then hits a big shoulder block, pushing Show up against the cage wall. Cena begins the climb to the top, but Show stops him and powerbombs him into the cage wall before tossing him over his head to the mat.

Show covers Cena for two. Show drags Cena over to the corner. He begins the slow climb to the second rope. Show hits a giant Vader bomb out of the corner, but still only gets a two count. Show stares down at Cena before picking him up. He takes Cena into the corner and Show climbs up to the top. Show pulls Cena up to the top with him by the throat. Cena tries to fight back, but Show sends him to the mat. Show, standing on the top, looks down at Cena. Show walks across the top rope, and tries for an elbow drop, but Cena moves and Show crashes and burns on the mat.

Show crawls to the door while Cena pulls himself up to his feet. Show tries to pull himself out of the cage while Cena tries to pull Show back into the ring. Show uses the steps for leverage, but Cena pushes against the ropes to pull Show back in. Cena gets to his feet and forces Show back into the ring, pulling him in and leaping over him, trying to escape. Show pulls him into the ring and grabs him by the throat. Cena fights him off and hits a big running shoulderblock. Cena covers Show, but Show kicks out at two. Cena struggles to the door, but Laurinaitis closes the door and locks it. Vince opens the door, but Johnny pushes McMahon and sends him into the door, sending the door crashing into Cena’s head. Cena’s chokeslammed by Show and pinned, but he wont stay down.

Show goes for the WMD, but he KO’s the ref. Cena tries for the AA, but Show fights out and hits Cena with a KO punch. Show looks around, then heads for the door. Brodus Clay comes down with a chair in hand and he opens the door for Show, telling him to come right out. Show goes to climb over the top, but Brodus waits for him wherever he goes. Clay motions to the back. Santino and Alex Riley run to the ring and climb up the cage wall, but Show runs into the wall and knocks him back. Zack Ryder comes down and Show blasts him with a punch through the cage wall. Kofi Kingston heads down, and Show catches him at the top of the cage. Kofi catches Show with repeated boots that send him crashing down to the mat.

Cena pulls himself to the door by the ropes. Show pulls himself toward Cena. Show pulls Cena into the middle of the ring. Cena shoulders Show and hits the AA. Both men are down.

Cena covers Show but there’s no referee. Cena begins the climb to the top. Cena makes it to the top of the cage. Laurinaitis uses the crutch to hold Cena back. Brodus catches Ace. Show crawls out the door, but Cena drops to the floor before Show makes it out of the cage.

Winner: John Cena

Cena sees Laurinaitis, who is still being held by Clay. Clay lets him go and Ace swings for Cena with his crutch. Cena ducks it and shoulders Ace. McMahon has the mic, and he lets Johnny know that he’s fired. Cena hits the AA, sending Johnny through the announcer’s table. Cena celebrates, hugging Clay, and tossing out his wrist bands to his fans.

The show ends with Cena celebrating in the middle of the ring, and the announcers wondering about who will be running Raw tomorrow night.

* NEW RAW General Manager To Be Announced Soon (Details)

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