CM Punk To WWE NXT, Dark Matches & Live Notes From Thursday's Tapigns

Submitted by Michael Bluth on August 10, 2012 - 7:55am
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- In a dark match that took place prior to the first taping, Xavier Wood defeated Garrett Dylan with the rolling thunder clothesline.

- The Ryback won a squash match over two wrestlers in the middle of the third episode taping. The crowd was very into Ryback and chanted along with his "Feed Me More!" catchphrase.

- The crowd was hot all night with lots of chants breaking out, including a "USA! USA!" chant during the Sin Cara vs. Cesaro match (neither man is from the USA).

- The dark match main event that took place after Episode 3 was taped saw Sin Cara defeat Antonio Cesaro. After the match, Sin Cara stayed at ringside and signed autographs.

- WWE Champion CM Punk will be appearing - and wrestling - at the next set of NXT tapings on Thursday, August 23. Tickets for that show went on sale as soon as Thursday's show ended.

* Pictures of the NEW NXT Championship Belt

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