WWE SummerSlam Pre-Show Report (08/19/12)

Submitted by Shaun on August 19, 2012 - 6:10pm
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WWE SummerSlam Pre-Show Report
By Shaun Best – Rajah.com Reporter

Here’s what went down on YouTube, Facebook and WWE.com just before SummerSlam on PPV!

Big Show tells Josh Mathews he’s the biggest threat in the triple threat match. He’s not a made up Hollywood superstar, he’s an angry, bellowing giant and a threat to CM Punk, John Cena and any living man today. Show promises to crush Cena, obliterate Punk and be the new WWE champion.

United States Title: Santino Marella vs Antonio Cesaro w/Aksana
The challenger comes out first. Aksana is the lady in Red tonight and somewhere, Goldust is cursing his luck at the one that got away. Cesaro speaks about greatness in five different languages. Santino comes out and takes Cesaro to the mat with a waistlock and fireman carry. After comedically running the ropes, Santino surprises Cesaro with a jackknife pin for two. An armdrag takes Cesaro down. Cesaro grabs the nose to back Santino to the corner and beat him down. Santino avoids a corner charge. Cesaro stops an early Cobra by knocking Santino down from behind. Cesaro kicks the Cobra underneath the bottom turnbuckle. Cesaro grounds Santino with a couple of chinlocks. Santino crawls underneath Cesaro’s legs to try and get to the Cobra, but is pulled away. Santino escapes a front facelock with a back suplex. Cesaro stops another crawl for the Cobra with a gutwrench suplex. Cesaro grabs the Cobra and rips it apart. Santino gets mad and punches away on Cesaro. Santino hits the split legged hiptoss, but misses a saluting fistdrop. Santino counters a Neutralizer with a backbodydrop. Santino pulls out a second Cobra from his pants. Aksana distracts Santino on the apron. Cesaro delivers a headbutt to the gut and hits the Neutralizer at the second attempt for the 1-2-3. We have a new United States Champion! Aksana takes a picture with Cesaro on her phone before making out with him. Get a room. Winner: ANTONIO CESARO.

Triple H is shown taping his wrists backstage, telling referee Scott Armstrong that this is the biggest match of their careers. Hunter says he’ll bend and break the rules, then promises the match will end in one of two ways – tapout or pinfall. Armstrong nods in agreement and Triple H promises a fight to the finish.

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