TNA No Surrender 2012 PPV Results

Submitted by Michael Bluth on September 9, 2012 - 9:13pm
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The event begins with a video of Bound For Glory Series semi-finalist Jeff Hardy entering the arena. Fellow BFG Series semi-finalists Samoa Joe, James Storm and Bully Ray, in that order, are also shown arriving to the building.

The PPV the cuts to the typical opening video package, which focuses heavily on the Bound For Glory Series finals, which will take place live tonight at No Surrender.

Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show inside the arena. He hypes tonight's title matches, as well as the advertised fight between Austin Aries and the leader of Aces & Eights. Jeff Hardy's music hits and we're about to head to the ring for the first time tonight ...

Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe (BFG Series Semi-Final)

Our first "Bound For Glory Series" semi-final is underway. Jeff Hardy comes out to a big pop. Samoa Joe comes out to a nice reaction. Hardy goes after Joe's injured arm early on. We have a series of locks and reversals until Hardy sends Joe to the floor. Joe sells his injured arm a bit before getting back in the ring. Once back in the ring, Joe tries to use his power to bully Hardy a bit, but Hardy utilizes his speed to avoid the onslaught. Hardy head-scissors Joe out of the ring. He tries following up with a dropkick through the ropes, but Joe catches him and pulls him out. Joe slams Hardy's head on the apron a few times for good measure. Hardy reverses Joe's attempt to slam him into the steel steps. Hardy gets on the apron and leaps off with a body press onto Joe on the floor. Jeff takes things back into the ring where Joe fights back with a couple of rights and an atomic drop/big boot/back senton combo that’s good for two. Joe picks Hardy up and takes him into the corner with a big back splash and huge enzugiri that’s good for another near fall. Joe picks Hardy up for a snap mare before clamping on a rear chin lock, and then a nerve hold. Hardy fights his way outfinally but walks into a big powerslam from Joe. Hardy and Joe start duking it out. Hardy starts to get the upper hand but Joe throws him to the floor and flies through the ropes after him with a big elbow. Both men are slow to get to their feet, but Hardy scores with a clothesline and a couple of rights. Joe stops Hardy, but misses the backsplash. Hardy hits the double leg dropkick and follows up with a pin for two. Hardy tries for the twist of fate, but he’s pushed away, only to connect with the whisper in the wind for another near fall. Hardy goes to the top, but he’s crotched by Joe. Joe sets Hardy up and tries for the muscle buster. Hardy reverses into a roll up for two. Hardy catches Joe in a submission hold but Joe refuses to tap. Joe fights out of the hold but Hardy manages to roll him up out of nowhere for the 1-2-3.

Winner and advancing to the BFG Series Finals: Jeff Hardy

Backstage: Jeremy Borash Interviews James Storm

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with James Storm. Storm says last year it came down to he and Bully Ray, and he didn't get it done. He says this year he's going to right the wrong. He claims it's written in the stars and that it's his destiny. He claims after he beats Ray, he's moving onto Hardy in the finals. He says Hardy has beaten him, but he's lived and learned and he's going to win the BFG Series.

Bully Ray vs. James Storm (BFG Series Semi-Final)

Our second BFG Series semi-final is up and Ray and Storm stare each other down before heading into battle. Ray immediately goes to the apron to yell at some fans and get some heat before reminding Storm how their match went last year. Storm spits at Ray. Ray heads to the floor and grabs a sign from a fan and throws it. He tosses a chair. He heads back into the ring and the two finally lock up to kick this one off. Ray bullies Storm into the corner and slaps him in the chest. Storm reacts by slapping Ray in the face. Ray flips out again, yelling at the fans and complaining to the referee. They lock up again and again Storm slaps Ray in the face. Storm continues to get the better of Ray. Ray again heads to the floor to recoup. Another lock up and Ray takes Storm into the corner yet again. Ray hits Storm low and hits him with an elbow to the back of the head. Ray follows with a right and a slap to Storm’s face, but Storm is quick to respond with a slap that sends Bully across the ring. Storm chases and mounts him in the corner for a series of rights. Storm sends Ray across the ring hard, then follows and stomps on Ray’s hand. Ray rakes Storm’s eyes to stop his momentum. He slams Storm’s head into the corner turnbuckle, and takes him around the ring, doing in again. Storm is able to reverse and Irish whip and score with a back drop, and a big clothesline for two. Bully and Storm trade punches on their knees. Storm gets back dropped to the apron but he’s quick to hit Bully with a kick to the back of the head. He heads to the top and leaps off with a cross body for two. Bully comes right back with a sidewalk slam, but it’s not enough to keep Storm down for three. Storm rolls up Bully but he only gets two. Storm blocks a big boot and kicks Bully in the back of the head. Storm tries for a splash but Bully moves and Storm connects with the ref. Ray uses the distraction to nail the Bully bomb. Another ref is down and he counts the pin, but Storm is able to kick out at two. Ray heads up to the second rope and tries for a senton, but Storm moves. Storm accidentally bumps the ref. Storm tries helping the ref up. He ducks a clothesline attempt from Ray and connects with the codebreaker, which sends Ray crashing into the ref again. Storm hits the superkick but there's no ref to make the pin. Bobby Roode comes out of nowhere and smashes a beer bottle over Storm's head. He pulls Ray over to cover Storm. The ref gets back up and makes the 3-count. Ray wins.

Winner and advancing to the BFG Series Finals: Bully Ray

Backstage: Jeremy Borash Interviews Miss Tessmacher

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews Miss Tessmacher. Tessmacher says she owes everything and her championship to Tara. She says she called out Tara, and Brooke Hogan also wanted this match. She claims she'll prove to herself why she is the champion.

TNA Knockouts Title: Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara

Tara walks out to the ring as her music plays. Miss Tessmacher walks out to the ring next. Both women have smiles on their faces. Tara does a cartwheel and puts Miss Tessmacher in a top wrist lock. Miss Tessmacher gets to the ropes and spins out of the hold. Miss Tessmacher shoulderblocks Tara, then Tara trips Tess. Tara has Tess in a side headlock. Tess finally breaks free but Tara dominates her with moves and tries a backslide pin but only gets a count of two. Tess does a series or arm grabs on Tara. Tara chops Tess but Tess then spears her. Clotheslones from Tess and Tara is dizzy, a clothesline jjump off the top rope from Tess and Tara is down. Tara then elbows Tess in the back. Tara takes control and goes for the pin, this time getting a close two count. Tara puts Tess on the top turnbuckle and she superplexes Tess and goes for the pin three times, but Tess kicks out each time. Tara puts Tess in the Widow's Peak but Tess reverses it and pins Tara 1-2-3. Miss Tessmacher retains.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Miss Tessmacher

Backstage: Hulk Hogan, Roode & Storm

Backstage, Hulk Hogan confronts Bobby Roode. Hogan says he is going to jail. James Storm attacks Roode from behind. The police take Storm away too.

Street Fight: Austin Aries vs. Aces and Eights Member

Aries comes out in street clothes. He gets on the mic. He says tonight isn't about being stylish or wearing the World Championship. He says tonight isn't about refs, pinfalls or submissions. He says there's only pain and payback. He claims he is the god of war and that the only rule in war is there are no rules. He says whatever Aces and Eights has in store, he's ready. He waits, but no one comes out. Eventually, the big man from Aces and Eights slowly walks out to the ring. Everytime the big guy tries to get in the ring, Aries stops him. Aries jumps on the top ropes and chills like he is relaxing on his back. Aries brings the fight now and is beating the big guy on the outside of the ring, then tosses the big guy in the ring. Aries gets low blowed and rolls to the outisde of the ring and onto the floor. The champ recovers slowly. The big man beats on Aries and throws Aries into the steel steps hard. Head smash into the steel steps. Aries is thrown back into the ring and trapped in the corner as he takes several punches. Aries gets clothleslined brutally. Aries is aboiut to be powerbombed but Aries drops powder in the big man's face. Aries dropkicks the big man. The big man rolls to the floor. Aries goes to the top rope and does a huge flying attack through the air. Aries heads to the top rope again but he is punched and crashes to the floor. Austin gets back in to the ring. The big man gets a chair. The big man swings a chair at Aries but Aries ducks and goes for a suplex. The Aces and Eights then rush the ring and attack Aries and gang beat him in the ring. The the locker room then empties out and wrestlers in the locker room are now in the ring helping Aries. Aces and Eights clear the ring and run away as Hulk Hogan comes down the ramp with a baseball bat. Jeff Hardy got beat up bad in the brawl and Hogan is telling security to lock all the doors and call the cops.

TNA X-Division Title: Zema Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt

Both guys circle each other at the sound of the bell. Dutt applies a headlock. Ion pushes him off. Dutt re-applies it. Dutt uses Ion's hair to pull him down to the mat. The two do a bit of back-and-forth chain wrestling. Dutt hits a springboard clothesline and then sends Ion out of the ring and onto the floor. Ion gets back in the ring but Dutt hits a whicked hurricanrana that sends Ion back out to the floor. Dutt hits a baseball slide to Ion. Dutt hits another big hurricanrana on the floor. They head back into the ring where Ion finally begins to mount some offense. Ion with a suplex into a pin for a nearfall. Ion chokes Dutt, breaking before the five count. Ion clamps on a modified rear chin lock. Footage is shown of police arriving to the arena for Hogan’s imposed lockdown. Ion takes Dutt over with a crazy suplex, planting Dutt’s face on his knee. Ion takes Dutt into the corner and seats him on the top rope. Dutt fights him off and hits another inventive hurricanrana that sends Ion to the outside. Dutt hits the ropes, but he runs right into a shoulder to the gut from Ion. Dutt comes back with a couple of clotheslines, but Ion hits a running elbow in the corner. Dutt responds with a running Yakuza kick in the corner. He takes Ion up for a top rope hurricanrana, and hits a standing moonsault for another two count. Dutt blasts Ion with forearms, and Ion begins fighting back. Dutt hits the ropes, but he’s caught on Ion’s shoulders and turned around for a powerbomb. Ion locks in a submission that looks like the rings of Saturn, punching away at Dutt’s arm. Dutt screams in pain, but he makes it to the ropes to force a break. Ion gets shoved away by Dutt, and Dutt is able to connect with the standing sliced bread to put down Ion. The finish comes when Dutt applies a unique submission hold that is also a pin attempt, but Ion breaks free. Dutt tries another pin attempt but Ion bridges his way out. Ion then connects with a big facebuster out of nowhere for the 1-2-3. Ion retains.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Zema Ion

Backstage: Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy Update, Magnus Promo

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is shown telling the police that he needs the building locked down. Jeff Hardy is shown being looked at by the trainers and Al Snow. Jeremy Borash comes on and talks about the condition of Hardy, to which, Magnus interupts. Magnus says it's typical of Hardy to let himself make bad decisions over business, noting that Rob Van Dam does the same thing. Magnus then makes his way out to the ring.

Magnus vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD immediately goes to work on Magnus at the sound of the bell. Van Dam bullies Magnus into the corner and hits him with several forearm shots. Magnus takes RVD down to the mat. Magnus and RVD switch back and forth into holds. Magnus is working on the arm of RVD. RVD fights back and knocks Magnus out of the ring with a big kick. RVD heads out to the floor after Magnus. He whips him into the steel barricade. RVD suplexes Magnus across the guardrail. RVD goes for the legdrop off the apron spot, but Magnus manages to avoid it. Magnus slams RVD back-first into the ring apron. Magnus takes RVD back into the ring. Magnus hits a huge leaping clothesline on Van Dam. Magnus locks RVD into the cloverleaf. RVD eventually fights his way out. RVD hits the ropes and hits Magnus with back to back clotheslines before hitting him with a low dropkick and a leg sweep. RVD slams Magnus’ leg down to the mat before hitting another low dropkick, and rolling thunder. RVD goes for the pin and gets a two count. RVD buries his shoulder in Magnus’ gut in the corner. RVD goes for a springboard single leg dropkick, but Magnus is able to knock him down to the canvas. RVD stops Magnus going to the top, and he takes him down to the mat. Magnus blocks a monkey flip in the corner with a giant clothesline that’s good for another two count. RVD hits a big dropkick on Magnus. RVD follows that up with his signature Five-Star Frogsplash for the three count and the pinfall victory.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Backstage: Jeremy Borash Interviews Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Kazarian says it's a travesy that Hogan made this match. Daniels says if anyone needs to call the cops, it's them - on Hogan. Daniels says he was ganged up on in the BFG Series. Claire Lynch tried to spoil their good names. They claim they're underrated.

TNA Tag-Team Titles: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle & A.J. Styles

Daniels and Angle start things off for their respective teams. Daniels nails Angle with a few right hands early on. Daniels gloats a bit too much, allowing Angle to blast him back with ferocious offense. Angle hits a snap-suplex on Daniels. Angle and Styles double-team Daniels briefly before Angle tags Styles into the match. Styles hits a spinning neckbreaker. Angle tags back in, as does Kaz. Angle and Styles hit a double back-drop on Kaz. Angle hits him with a monsterous clothesline. Styles comes back into the ring and connects with a big backbreaker to Kaz before sending Daniels from the apron with a quick punch. Kaz is able to come up with a monkey flip before he mounts Styles and blasts him with a series of right hands. Daniels tags into the ring and hits Styles with a nasty clothesling, allowing Kaz to hit a big leg drop. Daniels stomps away at Styles sending him crashing out of the ring and to the floor. Kaz sends Styles back into the ring where Daniels hits him with a big flying kick that’s good for another two count. Daniels tags in Kaz who stomps away at Styles before locking AJ in a necktie. Styles fights out of the hold and blasts Kaz with a big right, and chop. Styles just misses a tag with Angle, and ends up eating a quick neckbreaker from Kaz. Daniels tags back into the match and hits Styles with a clothesline to the back of the head that’s good for another near fall. Daniels continues the assault on Styles, locking in a rear chin lock in an attempt to continue wearing down the challenger. Styles tries to fight out of the hold, but Kaz tags in and blocks the tag attempt. Styles is able to fight off both men and make the tag to Angle. The champs double team Angle, focusing on his neck when they can. Daniels snap mares Angle, making the tag and both men hit slingshot moves. Daniels hits and elbow and Kaz hits a leg drop that’s good for a two count. Kaz locks in the cravat, and Angle fights up to his feet. Kaz takes Angle into the corner and hits him with a couple of big forearms. Angle whips Kaz across the ring and runs right into a big boot. Kaz heads to the top, and Angle flies up after him to hit a huge belly to back superplex. Both guys finally make the tag to their respective partners. Styles is a ball of offense all over Daniels off the hot-tag. Styles hits a devastating springboard moonsault reverse DDT. Crowd dug that. Kaz interferes however, nailing AJ with a big dropkick. Angle tags back in. He hits both guys with the Angle Slam. He tries pinning Daniels but Daniels makes it to the ropes to break the count. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock but Kaz breaks that up. Kaz monkey flips Styles into Daniels, where he connects with a hurricanrana. Styles almost pins Kaz, but he only gets two after a Pele kick. Angle traps Daniels in the ankle lock, and Styles hits the springboard 450 on Kaz. AJ goes for the pin but only gets two. Daniels tries hitting Styles with a superplex off the top but Styles sends him crashing to the floor. Kaz nails Styles with a big kick out of the blue. Kaz teases hitting the clash but Angle catches him with a german suplex. Angle clotheslines Daniels to the floor. Styles tries to hit the Styles Clash on Kaz but Kaz fights his way out. Daniels throws a drink in Styles' eyes, allowing Kaz to roll him up. 1-2-3. Daniels and Kaz retain.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag-Team Champions: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Backstage: Hulk Hogan and the Cops

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is shown talking to the police again. Hogan says it's important that they don't allow any members of Aces and Eights near the ring, as coming up is the most important match of the evening. Hogan leads the police into the arena.

Backstage: Jeff Hardy Update, Bully Ray Interview

Backstage, Jeremy Borash says Jeff Hardy is behind closed doors and no one knows yet how he's doing, but he will be facing Bully Ray in the BFG Series Finals tonight. Ray is interviewed and says the Aces and Eights stuff needs to stop. Ray says a small part of him feels bad for Hardy. Either way though, Ray claims he's going to beat Hardy tonight and go on to face Austin Aries next month. Ray says every wrestler in TNA might be bound for glory, but he's Bully Ray. He's not just bound for glory - he's destined for greatness.

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy (Bound For Glory Series Final)

Police officers are shown in the arena, taking up spots around the ring to prevent any attacks from Aces and Eights, as per Hogan's orders. Bully Ray comes out first. Jeff Hardy's music hits, but Hardy doesn't come out. Hardy's music stops. The crowd chants Hardy's name. Hardy's music plays again, but out comes Hulk Hogan instead. Hogan comes to the ring and grabs a mic. Hogan says he and Ray have to decide something. Hogan says there's no Hardy for the finals as of right now. Ray says this tournament means the world to him. Hogan says he didn't dream the BFG Series would end up with the ball in Ray's court. They discuss waiting four more days for Hardy to get healthy. However before anything can be decided, Hardy's music hits again and out comes Hardy, with his arm heavily taped up. Hogan leaves and shakes Hardy's hand on the way out. The bell sounds. Ray looks discouraged to have to fight an already injured Hardy. Ray extends his hand to Hardy for a fist-bump. Hardy fist-bumps him. Hardy throws some punches at Ray early but Ray squeezes Hardy's injured arm to back him off. Ray goes to work on the hurt arm of Hardy. Ray works extensively on the arm of Hardy, punching it and kicking it. He lands a big splash directly on the injured arm. Ray locks in an armbar on the hurt arm of Hardy. Hardy makes it to the ropes and Ray breaks the hold. Hardy rolls out to the apron, but quickly rolls back into the ring, using the ropes to pull himself to his feel. Ray catches him and repeatedly punches away at Hardy’s shoulder. Ray rips away at the tape binding Hardy’s shoulder, and he uses it to wrap around Hardy’s neck. Ray drops a big elbow and rips off Hardy’s shirt. Ray slaps Jeff’s chest hard with an overhand chop. Ray picks Hardy up to his feet and slams him down to the mat hard, but he misses a follow up slam. Hardy fires back with a couple of punches. He nails Ray with a Twist of Fate. He heads to the top. He nails him with the Swanton. He pins him but Ray manages to kick out at two. Hardy tries for another twist of fate, but he’s shoved into the corner and hit with the bubba bomb for another two count. Ray picks Hardy up to his feet and sends him into the corner, but he runs into big boots and a whisper in the wind from Hardy that’s good for another two count. Hardy heads to the top for another whisper in the wind, but Ray is able to move out of the way. Ray hits the Bubba cutter and he goes for the pin, but Hardy somehow kicks out. Ray picks Hardy up but is hit with a Twist of Fate by Hardy out of nowhere. Hardy heads to the top for another Swanton but Ray manages to avoid it this time. Ray hits yet another Bubba Cutter on Hardy, but again can only get a two-count. Ray blasts Hardy with a few big right hands. He whips Hardy across the ring. He tries to splash him but misses. Hardy hits two Twist Of Fates in a row. Hardy goes to the top to finish him off with another Swanton attempt, but takes too long as Ray stops him. Ray hits a big chop to Hardy's chest. Hardy fights back. Hardy shoves Ray off the second rope. He finally connects with the Swanton. Hardy pins Ray and gets the three count. Hardy wins the BFG Series.

Winner of the Bound For Glory Series: Jeff Hardy

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