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Submitted by Psycho Soldier on October 20, 2012 - 11:14am
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What can Smackdown have in store for us tonight? After two quality episodes of RAW, it is hard to see Smackdown actually coming up with something to come close considering their track record. Sheamus and Big Show have been, in the least, mildly entertaining, and if they can have any solid segments tonight, then that will be something of which to look forward. Plus, if Barrett and Ziggler are around, we'll at least have something to talk about...maybe...I'm hoping.


Miz TV: Miz starts the show with a strong promo lamenting about his title loss to Kofi Kingston, so Smackdown is off to a good start. Soon after, his guests Team Hell No enter the ring and steal the show from Miz, touting their own selves up and bickering, but Big Show interrupts them, making the ring a little more crowded...this sound familiar? You guessed it, Dolph Ziggler comes in the ring, and we have the obligatory segment where a bulk of wrestlers argue in the ring to set-up a match or two for the night. Miz's show is ruined once more, and the ongoing gag is something that helps his show stand apart from most of these WWE Talk Shows. Two matches are set, but I can not honestly say I am looking forward to Randy Orton vs. The Miz.

The Miz v Randy Orton(C-): As I alluded to before, Miz and Orton do not have an exciting chemistry, and not only is this shown by their work in the ring, but also by the distraction of Del Rio and Ricardo in the skybox watching the match. It's too boring. Randy Orton wins like you would expect, and nothing changes here.

Sheamus feels he and Barrett need to have a match that goes uninterrupted, so he asks Teddy for one more shot at fighting him. When they trade blows, it's a storm of quality that I could watch over and over, but WWE does have the tendency to beat a match-up into our heads before they actually make a legitimate feud out of it. An odd strategy.

Rhodes Scholars(Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow) v Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel(C): A short romp that was more engaging than the previous match. It would be nice to see Rhodes and Sandow start employing some tandem offense if they're to be a lasting tag team, but they do have the teamwork down. Kidd, again, uses his ability to make any match worth watching and excites the crowd before getting kicked in the face. This probably could have served as a better opener.

Eve was seen hiding in the shadows when Teddy was talking to Sheamus, and she steals his idea for a Lumberjack Match to give to Booker, and makes Teddy look like he was the one who stole the idea. Booker seems displeased and manipulated, but I wonder what is Eve's ultimate endgame? Is she wanting Teddy's spot eliminated, or is she trying to oust Booker? My money's on the latter.

Team Hell No(Kane & Daniel Bryan) v Big Show & Dolph Ziggler(B-): Most of this match is Ziggler and Bryan, and there is nothing wrong with that considering they are my two favorite guys in WWE right now, and have been for 2 years now. I do not need to tell you that Ziggler makes every move feel different each time he wrestles, but I'm telling you anyway because he does it again. Bryan's a ring master, and he is quite the salesman as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and even Big Show's brief stint in the ring was interesting. A strong finish, but it is upsetting seeing Ziggler losing...yet again.

Antonio Cesaro v Ted DiBiase(C): Cesaro starts the match with a pre-recorded promo outside the Sun Studio in Memphis where he berates old country and rock stars, and proclaims that that the Studio should be demolished. This is probably his best promo since being brought up, but the match is just a way of getting over his dominance...which has been done well in the last few weeks.

3-Man Band: This gimmick has its kinks to work out, but it involves two wrestlers that I love and one that is a decent worker. Heath and Drew are really into it and play the part well, but Jinder feels terribly out of place...which almost adds to the gimmicks entertainment value. Once they start cutting some actual promos and being involved in feuds, I think we'll have a stable worth letting loose in the midcard.

Heath Slater v Brodus Clay(C): There is not much to say about this match. It's smooth and pretty crisp, but it didn't last long enough to enjoy. That does not mean I didn't enjoy Slater getting his second victory over Brodus.

Barrett Rules the Microphone: The title says it all. Wade Barrett is in an elite group of current WWE performers who can draw you in with one sentence, and with those hypnotizing words, he claims he'll destroy Sheamus and essentially hand-deliver a World Championship victory to Big Show. Strong words from a determined man.

Natalya v Layla(N/A): Short, but fun. That's all I have for you. At least they're building on Diva storylines.

Detective Teddy: Teddy does a little snooping to dig up some incriminating information on Eve's iPad(product placement, anybody?). He brings it to Kaitlyn, who takes a picture of whatever the evidence is, and tells Teddy to put it back. Please let Kaitlyn get redemption and a title reign.

Wade Barrett v Sheamus(B-): Anything that can be said about a TV match between these two has been said. These two are rough with each other, and it's a hoot to watch, but the match-up is getting a bit dry to only be a TV feud that is killing time until the champions PPV match. The brawl at the end is a blast, and while Team Hell No coming out to music just to get in the scuffle was odd, it had me laughing.

The episode falls out with Ziggler attempting another cash-in before getting creamed by Big Show's fist, leaving a message for Sheamus before the close.


Another solid episode with odd match decisions, but things continue to move forward...hopefully with less Del Rio and Orton in the future.

-Julius Johnson(@aPsychoSoldier)
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