Where's Takerson? A Photo Report From WWE NXT At Full Sail University

Submitted by Cewsh on November 16, 2012 - 10:59am
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Hey guys, Cewsh here. On the forums, Cewsh Reviews superfan takerson has been sharing the story of his trip to a live WWE NXT show and I thought we'd share it with all of you who may be curious about NXT, the people in developmental, or just about how much Paige likes cupcakes. Enjoy.


First off, the edible "KO!" and 3 boxes of cupcakes my friend baked for the wrestlers!

So, we get there. And the way the campus is set up... the wrestlers pretty much had to park among us, and run into the building. Some people like The Big Show, William Regal, Triple H, Stephanie, and Jim Ross had a very small private parking lot in the back, but most of the roster had to park in the same lot as us.... but most of the roster was already there, and after first thinking they were ignoring us to be buttheads, Paige herself confirmed what that was.... Norman Smiley & Steve Keirn came walking by the line, and here we are with 3 boxes of cupcakes in our hands, I said "Mr. Smiley, sorry to bother you, but Heather here stood up all night baking these for the wrestlers and we're just trying to get them back there to the roster, could you just take them with you or send out a stage hand to get them?" he looked confused, I nervously laughed "she even made the special flavor Paige asked for." Norman said "Paige asked for them? I'll send her out." Then he disappeared. He disappeared for over a half hour and I started thinking he may have said what he had to say to get us out of his face...

Then Paige came out of a side door looking for us with Norman, Norman pointed us out and she jogged over, we met her half way and gave them to her. She said, really fast, "Thanks so much, I can only take one photo or I'll get in trouble, Norman snuck me out here" and we took this photo, in a big hurry...

Then she walked backwards apologizing profusely to the other fans who were starting to flock to her "I'm sorry, I'll get int trouble! I'm so sorry!" That confirmed for me, that the wrestlers weren't allowed to come see the fans before the show. We saw Regal, HHH, Stephanie, & Big Show all arrive and drive past into the private lot. SANDOW arrives (he wasn't on the show, unfortunately), but he arrives, and people start chanting "Teamwork! Teamwork!" at him. Completely in character he says "SILENCE!" as he goes in. EPIC.

So a little while later we're let in. The building is TINY. HALF the size of the Impact Zone. Following are the best action pics I took, but stay tuned for the story of what happened after the show...

The best Sign idea ever... for Big E Langston.... a... BIG..... E....


EPIC pic of Cesaro





Funny story... Jinder's Arabic music hit for about 5 seconds and he walked out.... then the music stopped, he audibly said "whoops" and MOONWALKED back through the curtain, then his 3 Man Band music hit and he came out.

VERY disappointed The Ascension didn't come out.

Now, on TV, I'm like "ehhhh" about Big E and his "FIVE! FIVE!" deal.... In person? IT'S INFECTIOUS! Within a minute and half I was standing up screaming "FIVE! FIVE! FIVE!" and "ONE MORE TIME!" It was SO much fun. OH, and he's FUCKING HUGE in person.

I CAN'T STAND Bo Dallas. So seeing him get SMEARED by The Big Show... I couldn't have asked for a better end to the night. This pic, was right whe, after the crowd was chanting "We Want Sheamus!" at him. Big Show looks over and says "You want Sheamus? YOU WANT SHEAMUS? HUH?" and then just goes BEAST MODE on Dallas with STIFF chops and clubs. It was awesome.

So the show's over, and we go over to try and meet some of them as they leave. DAMIEN SANDOW in another EPIC in-character performance just comes stomping out with his shirt half unbuttoned looking pissed off, and when people started calling for him, he completely in character yells "RETURN TO YOUR HOMES IMMEDIATELY!" as he keeps stomping by. Epic.

Road Dogg leaves in a hurry, Percy Watson comes over and signs a couple autographs, though I didn't catch him. Then, and I can't believe this RICKY THE DRAGON STEAMBOAT stops for pictures and autographs and I can't believe I met one of the greatest of all time.

So after a while, we realize that most of the roster was sneaking out the side right behind us. We, being human beings that aren't rude, didn't go over to chase them. We just waited a little longer at the main gate, and started on our way to our car.... and would you believe that on the way, Paige was parked just a row away from us and was happily taking pics with a few fans. So we went over and asked how she liked her cupcakes "Oh I loved 'em! We all did, the guys ate most of the, look at how many are left!" half of one box was left, it was on top of her roll-around bag. Awesome. She said, "which is terrible because they're chocolate and it's TV and they really shouldn't have eaten them." And we all laugh. I said "can I be a real pain in the ass and ask for one more picture? The last one was done in such a hurry." She goes "Absolutely! No problem!"

Somebody else says "Can I have your autograph?" then my friend (the guy who drove us, lol) says "Can I have your number?" with a straight face and Paige bursts out laughing at him. She is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met in person, she really is. AND she's an awesome person, and a great wrestler. One of my favorite people in the world now. So we thanked her like 4 more times, lol, and said have a good night and that was it. It was AMAZING and I really want to go again in December, don't know if I'll be able to, but I really want to.



Well that does it for the debut edition of "Where's Takerson?" The man goes to all kinds of events, and even trained to be a wrestler at one point, so who knows where he'll wind up next?

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