MVP Talks WWE Return, More On NXT Star's Release, Richie Steamboat Note

Submitted by Michael Bluth on January 17, 2013 - 8:37am
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- Earlier this month, Richard H. Blood III (NXT star Richie Steamboat) filed a trademark application for the name "Richie Steamboat." There have been recent reports that WWE was looking to call him up to the main roster with a different name, so we'll see how this new trademark ties into that.

- Following up on our report from earlier this week regarding the release of WWE developmental wrestler TAC, we're told that his controversial comments on Twitter were a big factor in management losing interest in him. Several months ago, he tweeted:

"Not one person in developmental or #wwe have the accolades that I do, yet they act like they are deserved something. #wwe you deserve more! Same generic cookie cutter wrestlers. ONE speaks out and he's a REVOLUTION starter? Change is coming! #wwe you deserve it! #TAC REVOLUTION."

He followed up by saying that he's not scared of being fired, unlike everyone else in WWE that "plays it safe."

- Former WWE superstar MVP was once again asked on Twitter whether he'll be returning to the company. He replied:

"I don't think they want me. LOL"

Earlier this week, MVP stated that he will not be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. That said, we've heard he is one of the former mid-card WWE superstars the company is interested in bringing back to fill out the roster later this year.

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