WWE Polls Fans About YouTube Shows They Want To See

Submitted by Michael Bluth on January 21, 2013 - 8:13am
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WWE.com has a poll up asking fans about what content they want to see on the WWE Fan Nation Youtube channel this year. Here are the options:

* Behind-the-scenes footage and backstage interviews
* “Best of” video rankings and countdowns
* Superstar-hosted reality shows
* Profiles of Superstars’ lives outside the ring and/or at home
* Ring action recaps and highlight reels
* WWE-themed game shows with fan contestants
* Superstar-hosted fitness and exercise shows
* Animated WWE shows/WWE cartoons
* Classic full-length WWE matches
* WWE news center/live fan “call-in” show

It's been said that virtually all of these shows have been discussed as content for the planned WWE Network. There is still no firm time-frame as to when the Network will be launching, but it looks like WWE will be using the (profitable) Youtube channel as a testing ground for the Network.

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