Dr. Chris Amann On Leaving His Practice For WWE, Who Injures Opponents

Submitted by Michael Bluth on March 24, 2013 - 9:21pm
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The April 2013 issue of WWE Magazine features an interview with WWE's Dr. Chris Amann, who spoke about leaving his practice in 2008 to work for WWE.

“Quite honestly, I wasn’t looking to leave the medical practice I’d built up pretty strong back in Chicago. But I had the opportunity to send WWE my résumé, and I did. A couple of weeks later, I went out for an interview at a TV taping in Albany. I got a chance to see what went on behind the scenes and speak with the staff, learn the requirements. I was intrigued about having the chance to develop their sports-medicine program not to mention the job sounded like a bunch of fun. So I left my practice to join up with WWE.”

Amann also spoke about Kofi Kingston injuring a lot of his opponents and whether John Cena is injury prone:

“I can’t single out one Superstar. But, and this is sort of funny, there was a period of time when the joke backstage was, ‘If you’re having a match with Kofi, you were going to end up with me.’ So I was seeing his opponents one after the other at one point! Then there are Superstars such as John Cena, who barely frequent the training room. But when a medical issue does come up, he’s good about letting us know.”

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