3MB Member Wants to Work With Heyman, Fandango Talks Payback

Submitted by Michael Bluth on June 14, 2013 - 7:59am
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- WWE superstar Fandango recently spoke to WWE.com about being pulled from his Intercontinental title match at Sunday's Payback PPV due to his concussion:

"If I’m not in the match, I don’t care about the match at all. If I had to make a prediction, I’d say Barrett hangs on to it. I don’t think Curtis Axel is even close to the caliber of a Superstar like Fandango. Barrett is obviously a tough bare-knuckle fighter, and Curtis Axel is a brawler himself. Miz, however, is a pretty-boy Hollywood star. I hope Barrett and Axel put a few scars on that face of his."

- 3MB member Drew McIntyre has been teasing that his "Chosen One" gimmick could be returning soon. He tweeted this week:

"The band rolls strong, but, some very astute views if one was to join Paul Heyman nobody makes more sense than a tossed Chosen One #revival"

Paul Heyman, who recently took on Curtis Axel as a client, replied:


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