WWE House Show Results (4/23/06) - Cardiff, Wales

Submitted by Rajah on April 25, 2006 - 8:32pm
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WWE Raw House Show Report Cardiff,Wales 04/23/06
By LeeDaBee, rajah.com reader

There was a full arena with about 6,000 I guess. Everyone was pumped up for
this thing. Lillian Garcia entered to a pop and she was getting whistled by
the guys.

Match 1: Carlito vs. Matt Striker
Carlito got a nice pop, nobody cared about Striker. Carlito won in a short
match with the backcracker move that he has been using lately.

Match 2: Goldust and Gene Snitsky vs. Cade and Murdoch
Goldust and Snitsky suprisingly got a pop, Cade and Murdoch got some heat.
VERY boring match-up which saw Goldust and Snitsky win after a Snitsky big

Match 3: Kane vs. Big Show
Big Show came out to a pop and called out Kane who had not much reaction and
the match-up begun, after a few minutes Kane got himself disqualified with a
chair shot and Big Show chased him to the back.

Match 4: Viscera vs. The Spirit Squad
This was a 5-on-2 handicap match. Coach came out to heat and introduced The
Spirit Squad who we laughed at and then Viscera came out to even more
laughter. Pretty boring match that The Spirit Squad won and then Viscera did
the Viagra move on The Coach.

Match 5: Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin For The Intercontiental Title
I was really looking forward to this match but it sort of disapointed me.
RVD got a big pop and then Benjamin got some heat. This went about 13
minutes and it was enjoyable but I expected more out of these Two. Shelton
won with a roll-up hold the ropes. Afterwards RVD threw Benjamin into the
ring hit him and went up to the top rope for the Five-Star Frog Splash.


Match 6: Divas Battle-Royal For The Womens Championship
Nothing match. Torrie Wilson was elimanated first, then Candice Michelle,
then Maria, then Victoria and then Trish Stratus so Mickie James won,
Stratus beat up James afterwards.

Match 7: Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels vs. Edge with Lita and Chris Masters
Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels got massive pops, Edge got some heat and
everyone loved Masters entrance. Best match of the night in my opinion.
Michaels won the Sweet Chin Music to Masters.

Main Event: John Cena vs. Triple H For The WWE Championship
Cena and HHH came out to equal crowd reactions, boos and cheers. Decent
match, Edge tried to interfere, sledgehammer by HHH to Cena, Cena then used
a steel chair on HHH and then he hit the FU for the pinfall vitory.

Afterwards, the Raw locker room came out and Ric Flair said it was John
Cenas birthday (28th?) to a small pop and they started singing happy
birthday to him but Coach interupted and got the Viagra again from Viscera.
Cena said hes gonna get drunk, end of the show.

Afterwards, in the parking area, me and my friend saw some of the superstars
getting on coachs. Trevor Murdoch, then Trish Stratus and then Rob Van Dam
came over to us. RVD signed an autograph, everyone else ignored us.

Fun show

I am Joel Ellmes, rajah.com reader

We arrived quite early. We had good seats but it came back to haunt us later since
the people around us were'nt lively at all and did not chant or pop or boo very
often and not loud enough so I didn't get the chance either. Some people next to us
were good so we joined in with them

The show started with Lilian Garcia coming out. She welcomed us to the show

Match 1-Carlito vs Matt Striker
The fans were behind Carlito in this match. Matt Striker got a lot of heat. Quite a
boring match but atleast it ended with Carlito's cool backbreaker and then he got
the 3 count. WINNER CARLITO

Carlito got a mic and trash talked Matt Striker and spat an apple in his face. He
turned to the crowd and said "And you guys.........you're cool." This got a great

Match 2-Goldust and Snitksy vs Cade and Murdoch
Meh. I was hoping that Goldust's entrance would be a lot better, but the lighting
effects weren't that great. Boring match yet again. Snitksy hit Murdoch with the big
boot and got the win for his team. WINNERS SNITSKY AND GOLDUST

After the match it was funny. Goldust slipped a bit and so Snitksy went after his
toes. Goldust then ran to the back and Snitksy was chasing him hoping that he will
get his toes eventually

Lilian Garcia then introduced Big Show. Big Show was wearing a bandage on his eye.
Big Show got a good ovation. He got on the mic and talked about his experiences with
Kane since he turned on him. He asked us what it was that gets Kane annoyed because
he wanted him out here. I shouted "Fire........The Undertaker." Meh the answer was
May 19th and so Kane came out to quite a lot of boos but then it died down and
nothing was heard. I was expecting a massive pop just like in the 2004 show. Much to
my surprise this turned out to be a match

Match 3-Kane vs Big Show
Not much to say here. But atleast we saw some weapon shots (something I had never
seen ever before when I was attending in the past house shows). Kane hit Big Show in
the mid-section and then in the back. WINNER BY DQ THE BIG SHOW

Match 4-Umaga vs Eugene
Umaga did the whole match and Eugene just got beaten up. Before I knew it, it was
over with a shot to the throat and Umaga got the easy pin. WINNER UMAGA

After the match Umaga scared Lilian a bit and then picked up a chair until Estrada
calmed him down. Umaga hit himself with the chair like he was a headshrinker. Well
he used to be Samu from the headshrinkers anyway. His music was pretty weird

Coach came to the ring to a lot of heat. He got on the mic and introduced the Spirit
Squad. They did a short cheer which I laughed at. These guys are great. Coach then
introduced Viscera as the opponent. He said it would be a 5 on 1 handicap match

Match 5-Spirit Squad vs Viscera
I thought Viscera may have pulled out a win here. Not much to talk about here except
when Viscera got them in a position from behind hahaha. Viscera was going to get on
too but that was stopped. They got Viscera by the arms and legs and threw him up and
then to the mat which I was shocked to see. They piled on top and won. WINNERS THE

After the match Viscera got his revenge and hit Coach with a samoan drop. He then
got in the position from behind on Coach which was funny

Next match was RVD vs Shelton Benjamin. Great pop for RVD and boos for Shelton

Match 6-Intercontinental championship-RVD vs Shelton Benjamin
This was quite a good match. Shelton did some good things like use the ropes for a
backflip to get out of an armbar I think. He landed on his feet when RVD went for
the monkey flip. RVD hit a split legged moonsault in the match too. Shelton got RVD
into a pin, RVD reversed, Shelton reversed again and then they were closer to the
ropes and Shelton held onto them for the 3 count. WINNER AND STILL INTERCONTINENTAL

After the match RVD called Shelton back and hit him with the 5 star frog splash

Lilian announced that there would be an intermission and she said when we came back
there would be a diva battle royal which got the biggest pop yet. I had already
gotten a Triple H king of kings t-shirt before the show and I had more money so I
decided for another t-shirt. This time I got a Steve Austin t-shirt that says
"Whoopin' ass since 1995". I'm not sure how many asses were whooped in 1995. I went
to ringside. I ran into a friend there who I knew was there anyway and they saw the
Austin top. They said "Ewww Austin. mouldy. He's past his sell by date." Hahahaha.
By this time they had announced the show to come back in a couple of minutes so the
friend I went with and I ran back to our seats

Lilian welcomed us back. All I remember for these entrances is that I popped for
Maria, Trish, Mickie and Victoria. I booed Candice and Torrie. Oh yeah a boy behind
us was singing Trish's song when she was coming out

Match 7-Women's championship-Mickie James vs Trish vs Maria vs Candice vs Torrie vs
Much to my delight Torrie was eliminated and Torrie then went wild on Candice and
basically eliminated her too. I was so happy that they were gone. Trish eliminated
Victoria I think and she ended up on the apron so Mickie pushed her off and won the

Trish came back with a great lou thesz press and then Mickie escaped and Trish's
music hit

Next up was Chris Masters. When his music hit the lighting was so cool. The whole
arena went dark but there was spotlight on him. I didn't know they did that, that
was cool. Next was Edge who got a good reaction and over where I was sitting
everyone loved him. Lita was with him. Shawn Michaels came out to a great reaction
and I had my DX top on. Flair came out to a lot of woooooos. It was fun to do that

Match 8-"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters and Edge vs Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair
Decent match I guess. Flair got on the mic before the match and it was funny. He
pointed to Lita and asked "Can you guys see those?" He told her to shake around but
she wouldn't. He got her angry and she started going crazy and was shaking too which
is what Flair wanted. He got her angry 2 more times. During the match Edge got hit
and went to the outside and did the Flair flop. He did some strutting and woooos of
his own which was funny. The match ended when Shawn countered the Masterlock and hit
sweet chin music and pinned Masters for the 3 count. WINNERS SHAWN MICHAELS AND RIC

Lilian announced it's time for the main event which got a great pop. I liked it here
when the arena lights went out again and much to my surprise Triple H's king of
kings music hit. I got up and started bowing down like a lot of others. Then the
music faded and he came out to a great pop to his original music. He got a big pop
when he spat the water too. Cena came out to pretty much a 50/50 reaction. I was
booing of course

Match 9-WWE championship-John Cena vs Triple H
I liked this match since there were good things in it. HHH almost tapped to the
STFU. Edge interfered when the ref was down and Cena looked to have that under
control which I hated but out of nowhere Edge hit a spear and the place popped so
loud. Triple H then got a chair to heel heat but when he looked under the ring he
got a massive pop and then when he revealed the sledge hammer there was another
massive pop. After another interference from Edge who got on the ring apron for Cena
to knock down, Triple H hits Cena with the sledge hammer and we all went nuts and
there was a great pop for that. Another ref came down and counted but only 2 went
down. HHH was angry and hit him with a right hand. Eventually Cena hit HHH with the
steel chair twice and and hit the FU for the 3 count. WINNER AND STILL WWE CHAMPION

Some people left. There was a 50/50 reaction again. Lilian told us not to go
anywhere because it was someone's birthday. I had an idea who she would say and I
was right. It was Cena's birthday. The face superstars came out including, Goldust,
Snitsky, Viscera, Trish, Torrie Wilson, Carlito and some others. They started to
sing happy birthday to Cena as well as the crowd but Coach interupted which I loved.
(By the way, damn Trish was trying to get us to cheer Cena). He basically got beat
up and was humped by Viscera again. Cena then started to talk. A lot of what he said
got me to cheer a bit since he was talking about how much he loves being in the WWE.
He said we have freaks (points to Snitsky and Goldust), 8 of the most dangerous
foreign objects (points to Trish, Carlito and some other people who aren't American
who were out there). He said that the best reason WWE is special is because there's
not an empty seat right now. I turned around a pointed to a few empty seats and my
friend laughed. Meh they had already left though. Anyway Cena wrapped it up so my
friend and I ran out of the arena and around the back to see the superstars come out
and to hopefully get some autographs

They came out one at a time. The first person I saw was Trevor Murdoch. He was
shouting some insults at us (joking) and soon he came over to sign autographs. I
didn't manage to get one but I wasn't too bothered. I was able to get a bit closer
to the front and saw Big Show smoking I think. He was talking with Tim White and
someone else and those two were drinking beers. We called him over and shouted his
name but he stayed there, so I shouted Paul Wight. No difference though. When he
gave his bags to someone to put it in the coach the size difference was very funny.
Everyone was laughing. We saw Mickie James but she didn't come over. We saw Shelton
Benjamin. He was getting a picture with someone in a wheel chair as well as all of
the others were as they came out. We wanted him to come over but he wouldn't so we
shouted Momma's boy and he looked at us shocked and his eyebrows were raised, it
looked funny. We saw Goldust. Snitsky. Kane. None of them came over. We were going
to get a "Raw sucks" chant going but it never started. RVD came along and so did
Trish. They both got on the coach too, but a few minutes later Trish came back out
and started to sign autographs. She looks great up close, a lot more than on tv
believe it or not. She was by me and she didn't sign mine and went along and so I
was scared haha. I called her back. She eventually came back and she signed an
autograph for me which I was extremely happy about. RVD came out of the coach and
did the same. ECW chants were going and I got an autograph from him which I was also
extremely happy about. RVD signed loads which I thought was cool and even went up to
people where there was no barrier. I gave my notepad to my friend so he could also
get RVD's autograph and then he gave it back to me after he got it. We were talking
to the security and they were saying that during the day the superstars were jogging
around somewhere for a bit earlier in the day before the show. Viscera was funny as
he saw us and smiled and waved at us. Carlito didn't look at us (I think Carlito was
one of the first ones to come out, definately before Trish). That wasn't cool. HHH
just gave us a peace sign and got on the coach and HBK waved at us. Cena came out
last and we were chanting for him. Even I wanted him over where we were. He waved
and got on the coach. The coach left, curtains shut and all. That was definately the
highlight of the night, to see all of the superstars leave the arena and to get
autographs from then

Overall the show was alright. We would've enjoyed it more if we were sitting
somewhere where the crowd was more lively. Out of all 3 of the Cardiff shows I have
been to, this was the worst show. But it was an amazing experience to see those
superstars leave and sign autographs for us, something which I had never done before
and will be doing all the time whenever they come back from now on

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