Drew's Reviews: 205 Live Results and Analysis

Submitted by Andrew Hatcher on February 1, 2017 - 4:46pm
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Drews Reviews: 205 Live Episode 10 (and 1-9 recap)

Hey folks! Drew here, and I would like to welcome you to the newest results show
here at Rajah, Drews Reviews.

Before we get into this weeks edition of the show, I'd like to bring us up to speed
on the things that have happened so far. If you've been watching every week like I
have, feel free to skip ahead. If you haven't been watching, that's what I'm here

The very first match on 205 Live Episode 1, is a tag team match that sees The
Bollywood Boyz taking on the team of Drew Gulak and "The Premier Athlete" Tony
Nese, with the Bollywood Boyz picking up the win. The shows first singles match is
a contest between "The Persian Lion" Ariya Daivari and "The Extraordinary
Gentleman" Jack Gallagher. The first ever main event of 205 Live, and probably the
easiest match of the shows existence to get emotionally invested in, is a
Crusierweight Championship match between the Crusierweight Champion The Brian
Kendrick and Rich Swann. Before the match, a promo video is shown to introduce the
WWE Universe to Swann. Rich Swann speaks about how his father passed away when Rich
was only 12, followed by the death of his mother when he was 16. He says he "went
down a dark road" and things got to a point of "what's left for me", before turning
to wrestling. Swann says "Being in the ring saved my life" and now that he's here
in WWE "he's ready to spread love and joy, and be the most entertaining person in
the division". If that video didn't touch you in even the slightest way, you have
no soul. I'm kidding. Swann would go on to defeat The Brian Kendrick that night,
and afterwards, the guy thanked his mom. As that moment happened, his status as top
face was sealed, as you will see from the reactions of the WWE Universe to him. All
of that and we are only through the first week of the show.

Since the first episode we've seen the in ring debut (on 205 Live at least) of
superstars like Cedric Alexander, Sean Maluta, "The Scottish Supernova" Noam Dar,
"The Golden Lynx" Lince Dorado, Mustafa Ali, "The Japanese Buzzsaw" Tajiri, TJ
Perkins, and the self proclaimed "King Of The Crusierweights" Neville. There are
also a few other superstars who have yet to make their debut on 205 Live, and we
will meet them in the upcoming weeks.

We've already seen a few rivalries develop on the show. The rivalry between Jack
Gallagher and Ariya Daivari started on day 1. The two would go on to have one of the
more unique feuds in recent history, a rivalry that featured a duel, a parlay, and
the WWE's first ever "I forfeit" match. The stipulation meant that when one of the
two participants forfeited the match, the rivalry would be over. Gallagher went on
to put the feud to rest, when he forced Daivari to forfeit the match. Another
rivalry within the crusierweight division, sees a love triangle that includes Cedric
Alexander and Noam Dar fighting over Alexanders onscreen, now ex girlfriend, Alicia
Fox. The seeds were planted for battle when Noam Dar defeated Cedric Alexander and
then went on to dedicate his victory to Alicia Fox, who was Alexanders girlfriend at
that time. The battle over the Cruiserweight Championship between Neville and Rich
Swann has been going on ever since Neville attacked Swann(andTJ Perkins) after
defending his championship in a triple threat match, that also included The Brian
Kendrick at the WWE PPV Roadblock: End Of The Line. In the week 4 edition of 205
Live, Neville would make his in ring debut on the show in a tag team match that had
him teaming up with The Brian Kendrick, to take on the team of TJ Perkins and the
Crusierweight Champion Rich Swann. Neville and Kendrick defeated their foes, setting
up a non title singles match between Neville and Rich Swann. Neville defeated Swann,
earning him a title shot in the near future. Neville would get that opportunity at
the WWE PPV Royal Rumble and defeat Rich Swann to become the new WWE Crusierweight

Speaking of new Crusierweight Champions, there have been 3 on 205 Live(4 combined).
TJ Perkins won the WWE Crusierweight Championship first, but he won the title at the
Crusierweight Classic and dropped the title to The Brian Kendrick at the WWE PPV
Hell In A Cell, before the first episode of 205 Live aired. This would make The
Brian Kendrick the shows first champion, and he would go on to lose the title after
being defeated by Rich Swann in the first main event in 205 Live history. Swann
would hold on to the title through the next 8 weeks, before losing the title to
Neville at The Royal Rumble PPV, making him the shows third champion so far. Who
will become the fourth WWE Crusierweight Champion? What other new things will
happen?! Tune in here to Drews Reviews, and we will find out together!

...And now, your 205 Live recap brought to you by Drews Reviews...

Last weeks show gave us a main event involving a matchup between the number one
contender to the WWE Crusierweight Championship Neville, and the always entertaining
Cedric Alexander. Alexander is always a force to be reckoned with, but Neville would
pickup the win before squaring off with Rich Swann at the Royal Rumble PPV. Since
then, Neville has captured the Crusierweight Championship at said event, earning him
what he says is his "crown". On last Monday nights RAW, this happened.

The RAW Rebound

"The Coronation of King Neville"

Neville said that at the Royal Rumble we witnessed the true king of the
Crusierweights. He said the title is his crown, and he is the king of 205 Live. He
says the fans never believed in him, cared about him, or respected him, but look at
him now that he's the Crusierweight champion. Rich Swann interrupted and said he
would like to come in and fight Neville, but he has a rematch coming so he's not
gunna do it. He said he was there because he couldn't listen to Neville anymore.
"These people arent here to get you... it's all in your head", said Swann. "You
proved you're the best at the Royal Rumble and I have to respect you for that. Swann
then offered to shake Nevilles hand as a sign of respect. Neville to Swann, "When
are you gunna get it!? You do not offer your hand to the king, you bow!", Swann
walked away and Neville attacked from behind, but Swann would gain the advantage as
he drove Neville out of the ring and then dove through the ropes out on to the
floor, sending Neville scurrying up the ramp with Rich Swann gaining his edge back
on "The Man That Gravity Forgot".

Analysis: Yep folks, the self proclaimed "King of The Crusierweights" is now just
that after defeating Swann at the Royal Rumble. Nice heel work by Neville to try to
make Swann bow down to him, equally good work by the face Swann by denying, and also
pointing out that the fans never turned on Neville. That's true. The attack from
behind by Neville was done to get more heat on him, and Rich Swann stood tall to
close the segment to get some momentum back after losing his championship at the
Royal Rumble.

Now that we're all caught up, and I mean all the way caught up, here's this weeks
205 Live!

205 Live kicks off with a video package recalling the WWE Crusierweight Championship
storyline and match at this past Sunday's PPV Royal Rumble, in which the self
proclaimed "King Of The Crusierweights" won by forcing Rich Swann to tap out via
submission after a top rope superplex. After a brief pyro display, the announce team
of Mauro Ronallo, Corey Graves, and "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" Austin Aries
welcome us to 205 Live from Corpus Christie, Texas with some breaking news. After
the match at the Royal Rumble, and Monday nights attack on Raw, Rich Swann is
"unable to compete tonight". Also happening tonight is the debut of Akira Tozawa!!
With that said, let's get down to it.

"The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese vs "The Golden Lynx" Lince Dorado

Ness establishes that he is stronger than his foe to start to the match. Lince comes
right back to show off his quickness and agility, and high flying ability. Nese
would sucker dorado in eventually and begin the ground and pound. Lince starts to
fight back as he climbed the top rope, but he was once again caught by Nese with a
palm strike, then hits a gut buster on Dorado. "The Golden Lynx" would fight his way
back into an advantage hitting Nese with a springboard stunner. The two went onto
battle on the top rope, as Nese tried to take the mask of the luchadore, then spiked
him face first onto the mat and set up for "the Running Nese" finisher in the corner
and pinning Dorado for 1-2-3.

Analysis: Good win for Tony Nese here. The guy just keeps getting better week in and
week out, and it seems that the WWE Universe is slowly but surely connecting with
him. The loss here won't hurt Lince Dorado to much as right now he's sort of in the
loveable loser role.

After the match, Tony Nese attacked Lince Dorado out on the floor, tossed him into
the ring, and German suplexed dorado into the corner. Following the attack, TJ
Perkins rushed in to get revenge on Nese and delivered a "Detonation Kick" after
last weeks attack by Nese on Perkins.

Analysis: Its look like TJ Perkins and Tony Nese are in a fued. No word yet of a re
match between the two, but you'll know when it happens!

A video package was shown, recapping what I wrote about earlier in the Raw Rebound
where Neville tried to make Rich Swann bow down to the king, which Swann rejected,
prompting an attack from behind by Neville. Apparently the injury to Swann happened
as he retaliated against Neville after the attack from behind. After the video
package, Rich Swann was shown backstage for interview with Tom Phillips. Swann was
standing on crutches with a walking boot on. He says he hurt his foot by "kicking
Nevilles crown off his head". He said that even though he stood tall after last
nights encounter with Neville, when he got to the back he realized on injury had
occurred. "But once this thing is off I'm gunna get my rematch". Neville showed up
as Tom Phillips split. Neville to Swann, "when are you gunna learn your place?! You
are always going to end up down! Next time, I suggest you stay down!" Swann to
Neville, "bum ankle or not, you'll never keep me down". Neville said "I beg to
differ" and shoved Swann to the ground to the end the segment.

Analysis: Im pretty sure Swann isn't actually injured. The king is really coming
around to his new heel act, and looked like a mega heel when he pushed the already
injured Swann to ground after telling him that he will always be below Neville.

A video package was aired showing footage of the former Crusierweight Classic
competitor, and newest addition to 205 Live, Gran Metalik. He's coming soon.

Up next, "The Man With The Plan" The Brian Kendrick is out to call the match up
between the debuting Akira Tozawa and a local talent.

Akira Tozawa vs Aaron Solo

The match starts off with the traditional handshake as a sign of respect from the
athletes involved. So nice mat wrestling by Tozawa to start the match. The two would
make it to their feet with as solo tried to gain the advantage, but had a sunset
flip reversed into a huge kick by Tozawa into a senton right on to the mid section
of the local talent. Afterwards, Solo would gain a brief edge over his opponent,
before taking to much time to admire his work, allowing Tozawa to gain back control.
The two battled outside of the ring for a bit, before entering back inside the
squared the circle. Tozawa would then deliver a lightning fast snap suplex to Aaron
Solo to pick up the win in Tozawas debut.

Analysis: Welcome to 205 Live Akira Tozawa! I personally have been looking forward
to this since week 1. It was a quick match to put over the fact that Tozawa will be
competing as a face character, backed by him communicating to the crowd with only
his yell, "Ah?!, Ah?!" As the crowd would yell it back.

After the match, Austin Aries entered the ring to interview Akira Tozawa. Aries
asked, in full on Chris Tucker accent, "do you understand the words that are coming
out of my mouth? Do you speak English?". To which Tozawa responds... something in
his native tongue. "Absolutely! I couldn't have said it better myself", said Aries.
The segment ended and Tozawa celebrated with the fans as The Brian Kendrick looked

Analysis: Was that Chris Tucker or Austin Aries? Anyways, it looks like Tozawa won't
be speaking much. Hopefully that changes soon because sometimes, not being able to
hear from a guy can hamper his success.

Noam Dar and his new girlfriend Alicia Fox were shown backstage talking to Neville
about their plan for tonight's main event featuring the team of Neville and "The
Scottish Supernova" taking on Cedric Alexander and "The Extraordinary Gentleman"
Jack Gallagher. Neville cuts off Dar and says that he "is a guaranteed win" on his
own, and doesn't need Dars help. He tells Dar to stay out of his business in short,
and tells him not to bring Alicia Fox to the ring. Neville to Dar "I don't care
about your love life, so leave your baggage at home", and Fox started going crazy.

Analysis: the heat continues to pack on Neville as he showed in that segment that it
doesn't matter if you're heel or face, he doesn't need anyone but himself.

Neville and Noam Dar vs Cedric Alexander

No sign of Alicia Fox with Noam Dar. Alexander mockingly tried to shake Nevilles
hand before the bell rang, but the king looked at him in disgust. Neville and
Gallagher start off the match with Neville establishing dominance. Neville applied a
headlock on he mat to Gallagher, but Gallagher slipped out as he walked away in his
hands. Gallagher would then begin to work on the arm of the champ, but Neville would
reverse and start to control the arm of "The Extraordinary Gentleman" as he applied
an arm bar on the mat. Gallagher would gain back some steam by once again working
the arm of Neville. After a brief high intensity display of the two individuals
unique offenses, Noam Dar would make his first entry into the contest by tagging
himself in. Gallagher would be whipped onto the corner, where he would perform his
signature top rope head stand, and then right into an impressive running bulldog/
side headlock combination. Alexander came into the match for the first time and
worked on the wrist of Dar. The two had an athletic exchange before Alexander took
down Dar with the head scissors, Dar back up, and down again after a drop kick.
Gallagher would again tag in, and apply more extremely technical wrist locks to Dar,
before being decked In the corner by Neville. Neville would officially tag into the
match and begin the beat down on Jack, before Dar tagged himself in yet again. Dar
would work on Gallagher and talk trash to Cedric Alexander, before legally tagging
in the champion Neville. He would then start to work on the extraordinary one,
before Dar tagged himself into the arch for the third time! After a few shots by
Dar, Gallagher would pull a big head butt from out of nowhere to attempt to buy some
time, but Neville would illegally enter the match and kick Gallagher before tossing
his partner off the ropes. Dar would then try to put away Gallagher who tagged into
Alexander as Dar struggled to make it to his partner, before reaching out to
Neville. Neville declined and hopped down from the apron. "You had your chance!".
"The Extraordinary Gentleman" tagged in Cedric, who came in and delivered a spring
board lariat, followed by a hand spring round house kick to Dar, before finishing
off "The Scottish Supernova" with the Lumbar Check, and picking up the win for his

Analysis: Wow what a good tag team match that was. Sometimes a battle of makeshift
teams doesn't go to well, but this match had a good story. The story of the match
was that Neville said he didn't need help, but Noam Dar refused to stand idly by,
tagging himself into the match 3 times before Neville got angry and left. I was also
extremely impressed with the technical wrestling skills displayed by Gallagher and
Neville. Those 2 are gunna have an awesome feud someday soon!

Well folks, that's all for this weeks edition of 205 Live, brought to you by Drews
Reviews! Tune in next week. Or else!! But seriously, tune in. Until next time, I'm
Drew, wishing you a happy rest of the week!

Please send all feedback andrewhatcher45@gmail.com

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