WWE '205 Live' Results (2/21/17) - Jack Gallagher vs. Tony Nese

Submitted by Andrew Hatcher on February 22, 2017 - 7:30pm
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Drew's Reviews - 205 Live Recap

Hello again Crusierweight division fans, and welcome to this weeks episode
of Drews Reviews. We have alot of action lined up for tonight, with 3
matches on the show being advertised. We will see "The Scottish Supernova"
Noam Dar, take on Mustafa Ali. Dar and Ali have had some very impressive
showings in the last few weeks in matches against other opponents, so it is
easy to expect an entertaining encounter when the two face off tonight.
Also, there will be a matchup between "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese, and
his opponent, the number one contender to the WWE Crusierweight
Championship, Jack Gallagher. You can almost count on an appearance from
Neville during that match. The shows third matchup will be the first
official match in the feud between The Brian Kendrick, and Akira Tozawa. I
said first "official" match, because of what happened last night on Raw.

The RAW Rebound

The Brian Kendrick vs Akira Tozawa

Tozawa refused to shake hands with Kendrick before the match, causing
Kendrick to cheap shot Tozawa, and start to beat him down. Kendrick drove
him ear first into the turnbuckle, and applied the captains hook on Tozawa.
Kendrick then walked out of the ring, and up the ramp.

Analysis: The bell never rang, so the match never got underway. This was
done in retaliation for last week when Tozawa told Kendrick that he doesn't
like him, after Kendrick offered Tozawa a spot to be his protege. This was
more of an angle than a match, so that's all I can really say about that.
This should all turn out to be a pretty nice feud once all is said, and
done, so stay tuned!

After the match, Kendrick was shown back stage for a quick interview. He
said "nobody disrespects The Brian Kendrick", and tonight's lesson was in
respect. He also said tonight's lesson is only the first.

Contract signing for WWE Crusierweight Championship match at Fastlane

Gentleman Jack Gallagher made his way out to the ring first with Austin
Aries in the ring to interview him. He talked about how Gallagher doesn't
break the rules or cuss. Gallagher thanked him and said we're here to sign
and contract and not "exchange pleasantries", then signed the contract.
Aries then announced the "delusional" Crusierweight champion Neville to the
ring. Neville came out and immediately signed the contract and attempted to
leave before being stopped by Gallagher. Gallagher offered him tea and
biscuits. Neville got on the mic and asked Gallagher if he was actually
forreal. Neville said, "You're what Americans expect an Englishman to be...
its embarrassing" and, then mocked Gallagher, before saying he's a cartoon
and stereo type who doesn't really exist Neville then said, "The real
streets of England look like this... you're just what the wwe universe
wanted me to be... but you don't realize these people aren't laughing with
you, they're laughing at you". Gallagher said he's not playing a
gentleman, he is one. "I'm not your problem, your problem is that you
believe your a king, and that I will not stand for". Neville flipped the
table arrangement over, and asked what Jack is gunna do about it before
attacking Gallagher. Gallagher delivered a head butt to the jaw of Neville,
sending him to the outside of the ring. Neville tried to enter the ring
again, but Gallagher stopped him with his umbrella, and the segment pretty
much ended there.

Analysis: First things first, Austin Aries called Neville "delusional"!!!!
And that may or may not be an early sign of those rumors of a Neville vs
Aries match at Wrestlemania being confirmed. I thought Gallagher was pretty
funny for offering Neville a very British snack, because we all know
Neville is way to serious to engage in snack time with the gentleman. It
was nice to see Gallagher end the segment with a leg up on Neville, after
Neville dropped those verbal bombs on him.

... And now, here's 205 Live, brought to you by Drews Reviews!!!

The show started off by recapping the contract signing between Neville and
Jack Gallagher, for their upcoming WWE Crusierweight Championship match at
Fastlane on Monday's Raw. A pyro display went off, and Mauro Ranallo
welcomed us to 205 Live, as Austin Aries talked about having a scoop of ice
cream before the show. Corey Graves would then tell us about tonight's
matches, and we're underway with The Brian Kendrick making his way to the
ring. While he's on his way down the ramp, another video package is being
shown from Raw, showing Kendrick attacking Akira Tozawa before their match
on Raw could get started. Tozawa made his way out to the ring next.


No traditional pre match handshake between the two, once again. The bell
rings, and right away Tozawa delivers a huge blow to Kendrick, followed by
a senton for a near fall. Tozawa would then remain in control, as he began
to ground and pound Kendrick, while shouting "I don't need you!", at
Kendrick. Tozawa stayed on the attack by delivering some chops to the chest
of Kendrick in the corner of the ring. Kendrick made his way out, and
attempted to bash Tozawas head into the turnbuckle again, before
succeeding, and bouncing Tozawa's head off of the ring post. On the outside
of the ring, Kendrick would start to go on the attack. After rolling back
into the ring, Kendrick would try for a pin. Once the pin attempt failed,
Kendrick immediately locked in the Captains Hook on Tozawa, but Tozawa
fought his way out. Kendrick would start to go on a roll, and gain yet
another near fall. At this point, Kendrick is in complete control of the
match, as Tozawa finds himself in one more Captains Hook. Tozawa would
somehow reverse the submission move into his signature snap suplex set up,
but Kendrick fought out momentarily. Tozawa began to fire up after sending
Kendrick to the outside of the ring. After a few yells from inside the
ring, Tozawa took off running, leaping through the middle ropes, and out
onto Kendrick on the outside. Kendrick attempted to get back in the ring,
but he was caught by Tozawa. Kendrick would then bash Tozawa's head into
the ring again, and then tie the foot of Tozawa to the underparts of the
ring. The referee counted to 10, as Tozawa struggled to get untied. Once
the 10 count was reached, Tozawa lost the match via countout, and Kendrick
was declared victorious.

After the match, Kendrick said that the lesson on Raw was a lesson that if
you wanna get an opponents attention, you beat him before a match starts.
Kendrick then says that lesson number 2 is that there are multiple ways to
win a match. He finished by saying that he's not done teaching Tozawa

Analysis: Wow how clever is The Brian Kendrick? Heels are usually booked
smart, but Kendrick is on another level as far as psychological stuff goes.
The match started off really fast with Tozawa looking strong to start off,
but then taking a beating for the rest of the match. Tozawa tried to get
going again when he dove onto Kendrick on the outside of the ring, but the
move ultimately led to his demise, as Kendrick showed those veteran skills
by tying up Tozawa. The interview afterwards tells us that the two are
gunna be feuding for the next few weeks. Maybe we'll have a stipulation
match between these two soon?

After a commercial break, Noam Dar is shown being interviewed. He said that
he and Alicia Fox are "like two peas in a pod", and that Rich Swann should
be ashamed of himself, and uncomfortable, for talking to her like he did
last week. He says Alicia Fox would never leave him, and that tonight's
match is dedicated to her.

Analysis: Well if that's not the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know
what is. But seriously, it was kind of a comedy segment since Noam Dar is
mad at Rich Swann for talking to Fox, but Dar acted the exact same way
towards Fox when she was with Cedric Alexander.


The two tied up to start the match, as the two applied some wrist locks,
and reversals, before Dar rolled out of the ring. Dar came back in, and the
two tied up again in the corner, before Ali hit Dar with a dropkick, and
Dar rolled out of the ring again. Dar made his way back in, and gained the
upperhand, before getting caught with a head scissors take down, and taking
spinning heel kick. Dar feel to the outside once again, but this time Ali
ran, and leapt over the ropes(and the referee), and onto Dar. Back in the
ring, Ali sets up for a top rope move, and jumps onto Dar cross body style,
and into a pin attempt. The two made their way back up, and Dar soccer
style kicks Ali off of the apron. Dar rolled Ali back into the ring, and
tried to rip Ali's arm off, before attempting a pin. Dar stayed on the arm,
delivered a huge uppercut, and followed it up with another pin attempt. Ali
would begin to fight his way back into the match, by hitting Dar with a
basement drop kick straight to the face of "The Scottish Supernova". Ali
picked up some steam and caught Dar with a huge kick, before setting up for
the roll through neck breaker. Ali rolled through and hit the neck breaker
on Dar for the 1-2-NO!! Dar tried to score a surprise pin fall on Ali after
a brief pause, before hitting Ali with a huge uppercut to the jaw. Ali
answered right back with a springboard ddt on Dar. Dar tried to escape the
ring once again, but got caught by Ali. Ali attempted to superplex Dar back
into the ring, but Dar pushed Ali off of the ring post. On the way down,
Ali smacked his face, allowing Dar enough time to hop back in the ring, and
deliver the Shining Wizard for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: While the match was certainly an entertaining contest, the guys
needed an extra few minutes to create something memorable. I like the way
Dar slid out the ring every time things get tough for him, because that
eventually allowed for Ali to get caught slipping. I certainly would like
to see these guys go at it again soon, but that doesn't seem likely, as
Noam Dar is currently feuding with Rich Swann. Congrats to both Dar and Ali
for the strong efforts over the last few weeks!

After their match, Austin Aries said he wanted to introduce us to someone
like we haven't seen before. Following that, a video package aired, showing
highlights of... Austin Aries.

Analysis: "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" is on his way back to in ring
action! After suffering a gnarly eye injury at NXT event, Aries will be
making his 205 Live debut really soon. After calling Neville "delusional"
on Raw, there is a chance that the 2 are headed towards a feud, and that
matchup might just take place at Wrestlemania 33, according to the rumor
mill. Fingers crossed!!

Before his match with Tony Nese tonight, Jack Gallagher is shown backstage
for an interview. Gallagher talked about his strategy for the match, and
said his opponent is "a rare combination of speed, strength, and agility",
and that reminds him of Neville. Gallagher says tonight's match is a
"preview" of the match against Neville at Fastlane. He said he's gunna win
the match with "flawless technique, fantastic footwork, and a dashing
mustache. He finished by saying the queen is watching, as Corey Graves
noted that "King" Neville had to be watching somewhere.

Analysis: We know Gallagher should win, but if Gallagher doesn't care about
Nese, then why should we. Nice booking there to have Gallagher talk up his
opponent before the match, and even compare Nese to the division champion.
Speaking of the division champion, will Neville make his presence felt
during, or after this match? Let's find out.


Gentleman Jack Gallagher made his way to the ring first, with his umbrella,
William III. "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese came out next, as the
commentary team talks about his abs. The match starts, and Nese immediately
spikes Gallagher to the mat, and kneels to flex his muscles. Gallagher
would then make his way back up and start to go to work on Nese with a few
different submission holds, nearly twisting Nese into a pretzel, while
doing a pose. The two made their way, and Gallagher started to get into
control of the match. They tied up in the corner, and the ref started the 5
count on Gallagher. After the ref broke it up, Nese snuck in a shot
Gallagher to gain control, and a quick pin attempt. Nese then delivered a
cross face forearm to the jaw/chin area of Gallagher. "The Extraordinary
Gentleman" tried to battle back, before being tossed to the outside of the
ring. The ref began the 10 count on Gallagher, but Nese joined him on the
outside, cartwheeling off of the ring apron, before he caught Gallagher in
the chin with a kick. The two made their way back into the ring, and Nese
covered Gallagher for a near fall. He started the ground and pound, and
went for another pin attempt. Nese would then apply a submission hold with
his legs to the ribs of Gallagher. Gallagher would force his way out of the
hold, but Nese used his legs to force Gallagher off of him. Nese is now
firmly in control of the match, and hits Gallagher with a massive leg drop
for a near fall. Gallagher started to fight back shortly after, and went
for the pin on Nese. Gallagher went for a roll up, but Nese kicked out
quickly, before catching a head butt to the ribs from Gallagher. Nese went
for a quick pin attempt, then tried to do a sit out powerbomb on Gallagher,
but Gallagher reversed that into another attempt at a pin. Gallagher then
hit Nese with one of the loudest head butts you can imagine, and both
competitors were down. Gallagher then set up for the running drop kick on
Nese who made his way to his feet in the corner. Nese rolled out the ring,
and Gallagher went on the chase, but caught up in the ropes by Nese. The
two got back in the ring, and went to the top rope. Gallagher head butted
Nese into the tree of woe, but Nese powered up and dropped Gallagher with
an amazing spider german suplex. Nese remained in the tree of woe while big
were out of it for a second following the big move. Nese powered up again
and sat on the top rope, as Gallagher got to his feet and climbed the top
rope. Gallagher then dropped Nese with a belly to back superplex. Nese
found himself in the corner again, and Gallagher hit the running drop kick
for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: That was a fun match, that ended with some huge moves off of the
top rope! Nese is really something in the ring, and he showed it by doing
some extremely agile stuff. The spider german suplex off of the top rope
took the cake, but the cartwheel off of the apron, into a super kick looked
awesome too. Also, they caught some serious air on the belly to back
superplex! Even though the entire match was really fun, it's to bad Neville
didn't make some sort of appearance during or after the match. Just a small

Well that's all for this weeks episode of 205 Live, make sure to email me
at andrewhatcher45@gmail.com to talk about the show(Drew's Reviews), and
tell me what you like, and don't like about it. Until next time, I'm Drew,
and there's less than 40 days until Wrestlemania 33!

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