WWE '205 Live' Results (5/16/17) - TJ Perkins vs. Austin Aries

Submitted by Andrew Hatcher on May 19, 2017 - 3:49pm
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Report by: Andrew Hatcher, rajah.com reporter

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to Drew’s Reviews! This week’s episode of 205 Live has a faster pace than usual, with most of the things on the show only doing what was necessary to further the on-going stories. With that said, let’s get right down to it with the Raw rebound!

The Raw Rebound

Neville and TJP vs Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher

Before the match, the announce team talked about the upcoming WWE Cruiserweight Championship match between Neville and Austin Aries at Extreme Rules. The bell rang, and Austin Aries started the match off with Neville. Neville looked at Aries, and tagged in TJP. “A Double” hit Neville, then went to work on TJP. Aries tagged in Gallagher, and the two attempted to double team TJP, but Neville dragged him out of the ring. Gallagher tossed Aries over the top rope onto both guys on the outside, and the show went to commercial break. Back from the break, TJP is in control of Aries in the middle of the ring, after Aries hit his face on the apron via a Neville distraction mid break. Neville tagged into the match, and continued to work over Aries. Neville started to taunt the crowd, and tossed Aries to the outside. TJP then jumped on Aries while Neville distracted the referee, and tossed him back into the ring. Neville applied a pin, and Aries kicked out at a close 2. Neville remained in control of Aries, and tagged in TJP. TJP applied a headlock, and Aries started to pass out. Austin Aries began fighting out, and the two went to their feet. Perkins tossed Aries over the ropes to the apron, and Neville tried to attack him. Aries fought Neville off, and jumped back over the top ropes onto TJP. Aries then tagged in Gallagher, and Gallagher slammed TJP into the mat. Gallagher applied a quick pin, but TJP kicked out just as fast, and tried to go to work on Gallagher. “ The Extraordinary Gentleman” did his signature turnbuckle headstand, and Neville hopped in the ring to take him down. Perkins went to the injured knee of Aries, and Gallagher followed up by immediately drop kicking both members of the heel team. Gallagher hit a big headbutt on TJP, and then set up in the corner to finish off TJP. Neville grabbed the leg of Gallagher from the ringside area, and Aries hit a Discuss Fivearm on Neville. The distraction allowed TJP to hit a Detonation Kick on Gallagher, and TJP pinned him for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: While the match was better than usual Cruiserweight matches on Raw, there’s not much of a chance many people will remember it in a few weeks. The action was solid from bell to bell, as you expect from the guys involved, and finished just the way it should have. The team of Neville and TJP did a wonderful job of playing the heel team, and they did just what they should do as heels, cheat. I really like the way TJP is being booked lately. Now if he will just stop dabing, and change up his Mario kart like entrance music.

And now… 205 Live

The show starts with a replay from last nights raw of Neville cheating so his team could win. Later in the night, Neville told TJP his championship is around the corner, but they still have an Austin Aries problem. Neville finished by saying “tomorrow night we end this once and for all”. Austin Aries was shown backstage, and interviewed. He said TJP is Neville’s lap dog. He said TJP thinks if he takes Aries out he will get a title opportunity, but Neville is liar. He also says TJP straight up can’t take him out. He said it doesn’t matter if his knee is bad or not, TJP will never be on the “A Double level”. The show opening video package played, and the pyro went off, as the announce team welcomed us to 205 Live. They talked about TJP wanting a championship shot, but first he will have to take on Austin Aries in the main event. Noam Dar along with Alicia FOOOXXXX made their way to the ring. “The Scottish Supernova is in the night first match.

Noam Dar vs ???

Before the match, a replay aired of Alicia Fox’s win over Sasha Banks, because Dar and Fox celebrated together after the match.

Analysis: I guess Fox and Dar are back on the same page after Fox nearly left him for Rich Swann. Good for them.

Some entrance music we haven’t heard since his 205 Live debut started to play, and its Gran Metalik!

Analysis: Nice to see him on the show that he came here for, for once. Hopefully this leads to something more for him, because Metalik is one of the best performers on the roster. He shouldn’t be in random matches on Superstars. However, since Noam Dar is the one who is currently being used every week, it would be a smart decision to have him win. Let’s see how it plays out.

The bell rang, and the two tied up in the middle of the ring. They drove each other into the corner, and Metalik backed off, as a sign of respect. Alicia Fox gave Dar a quick kiss, and Dar went on the attack. Metalik reversed immediately, and the two hand a stand-off. They tied up once again, and Metaik whipped Dar off of the ropes, before taking Dar down with an arm drag, and a drop kick that sent him to the outside. Metalik attempted to jump over the ropes and onto Dar, but Fox stood in the way. Back in the ring, Dar takes a brief advantage over Metalik, but the “King Of The Ropes” handspringed into the ropes, and backflipped past Dar. Dar attempted a running attack, and Metalik ran the ropes, after ducking the attack. Metalik then took Dar down with a head scissors, and Dar jumped right back up. Metalik then grabbed Dar, chopped him twice, and jumped onto the ropes, before taking down Dar with an arm drag that sent Dar to the outside. Metalik hit a quick kick on the apron, and jumped up to the top rope, before springing off with a backflip onto Dar. The referee started the count, and the two made their way back into the ring. Fox distracted Metalik, and dar took advantage with a drop kick to the knee. The kick sent Metalik to the outside, and Dar took Metalik back into the ring. Dar remained in control with an attack on the shoulder of Metalik, before hitting a European uppercut, and applying a pin. Metalik kicked out at one, and Dar locked in a submission hold to the injured shoulder. Dar applied another pin, and Metalik kicked out again. Dar continued to have the advantage, until a brief moment of hesitation allowed him to reverse a suplex attempt by Dar. Both guys were down at this point, and the ref started to count. Dar tried to run and attack Metalik, but Metalik side stepped the attack, and Dar went face first into the turnbuckle. Metalik then chopped Dar in the chest so hard, it made him fall hard to the mat. Dar quickly hopped back up, and sent Metalik into the ropes, but Metalik sprang off of them again, this time with a reverse elbow. Metalik followed that up by driving the head of Noam Dar hard into the mat for a near fall. Metalik kept Dar down, and attempted a Metalik driver. Dar fought out, and delivered a soccer style kick to Metalik, and followed up by going back to the shoulder. Gran Metalik reversed a shoulder submission, then kicked Dar right in the ear. Dar fell to the mat, and Metalik went to the top rope. Metalik followed up with an elbow drop from way up top for a near fall. Metalik then drilled Dar with a few elbows, and attempted a pin. Metalik jumped onto the ropes, and spun around, but Dar kicked him off of the ropes. Dar followed that up by hitting Gran Metalik with a powerful kick to the face for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: Wow! First things first, Gran Metalik is so fast, and so incredibly agile. The height he gets off of his moves involving the ropes is just incredible. The man literally seems to float through the air. As the for the match itself, Metalik looked solid in his return, but the right person won here. It may not be a popular decision, but Dar needed the win here. I really like the way he continued to work on the shoulder of Gran Metalik throughout the match. That’s nice ring psychology. Hopefully the way Fox and Dar are being booked isn’t a temporary thing, as they could be used in much better ways than what we have seen in the past. Stay tuned to Drew’s Reviews to find out!

After a commercial for the UK Championship special that will air on Friday, and a plug for Talking Smack, the announcers talked about the rivalry between The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa. A replay aired of last week’s post-match attack by Kendrick on Tozawa, after Tozawa beat Kendrick in a match seconds before. Kendrick set Tozawa up ice cream sandwich style in the ring steps, and stood on top of the steps, and Tozawa. Kendrick ended by giving Tozawa “the last lesson he is going to give” him, and that is “nobody messes with Brian Kendrick”! Following that, a graphic was shown for a match next week. That match will be street fight, and will see Akira Tozawa take on The Brian Kendrick.

Analysis: Yes! I am very glad the feud didn’t end with a cheap roll up! Anyways, the match should be fairly epic given the talents involved. I personally would like to see Kendrick come away with a win, but Tozawa is the younger guy with the brighter future. I think Tozawa wins the match, and the two guys move onto new things. Finally.

Dasha Fuentes appeared on the screen, with her guest, The Brian Kendrick. She ask Kendrick how that type of match will factor into his plans, and Kendrick said “this suits my plans to a T”. Kendrick said there are no rules or no disqualification. He says things don’t always go according to plan, because he wanted to mentor Tozawa, but didn’t plan on him “acting disrespectful”. He then says Tozawa has been stubborn, and shouldn’t be so worried about the WWE Universe. He followed that with a few AH! AH! Chants to mock Tozawa. He finishes by saying that if Tozawa hasn’t picked up any of the things Kendrick has taught him, it could be the end of Tozawa on 205 live.

Analysis: So yeah, this feud is going to end next week, and Kendrick just kind of tied everything together, before warning of Tozawa’s end. I have had my fingers crossed for a gimmick match between these two, and it could not come at a better time. Creative didn’t waste the match, mid feud. Creative waited until the blow off match, and that’s just how it should be. Props.

Following a commercial for Saturday’s NXT Takeover; Chicago, and vignette for the returning Cedric Alexander, Tony Nese makes his way out to the ring. He’s in the second match of the night.

Tony Nese vs Mustafa Ali

Before the match gets underway, Ali makes his way out to the ring, and gets attacked from behind by Drew Gulak. Gulak remained on the attack, and tossed Ali into the barricade. Gulak then continued to beat up Ali, and drove him face first into the ring post. Gulak said he is going to make an example out of Ali, and then put him in the corner of the ring. Gulak told Nese to hit Ali with the knee, and Tony Nese hit a massive running Nese. Gulak held up his no fly zone sign, and yelled at Ali some more.

Analysis: This might sound harsh, but I’m really glad that happened, because we didn’t have to see a match between Nese and Ali for the 10th week in a row. I like the attack by Drew Gulak here. Hopefully this leads to more fighting, and less chanting from him.

A commercial aired for WWE Backlash this Sunday, and then Rich Swann is shown backstage, smiling, and wearing sunglasses. Dasha Fuentes pops in again, and ask Swann about Noam Dar’s comments last week where Dar said Swann “will get what he deserves”. Swann says what he really deserves is to get away from Dar and Fox. A random guy then walks in with a gift for “Richard T. Swann”. Swann says there has been a mistake, and the gift is for the guy in the mirror over there. That guy turns out to be Ariya Daivari, and Daivari is shown checking himself out. The guy tries to give Daivari the package, and Daivari yells at the guy because he is busy. Daviari says the package must be his $2,500 sunglasses that were custom made in Dubai. Daivari then looked at the box, and said “wait a minute, these aren’t my sunglasses”, and left the box on the table, as he left the screen. Jack Gallagher then picked up the box, and Daivari came back. Daivari told Gallagher to “get your hand off of my package”. Gallagher tried to be nice to his former rival, and gave the box back. Daivari opened the package, and got powdered in the face. Daivari then started yelling in his native tongue, and the segment ended with announce team laughing hysterically.

Analysis: Ok that was actually funny! As soon as the box was shown, I knew there was something gimmicky inside. There’s something about Daivari yelling in his language that makes me laugh much more than it should. Also, Tom Phillips was literally crying laughing at this afterwards.

After a replay aired of the attack by Gulak, and Running Nese by Tony Nese on Ali, TJP made his way out the ring. He’s in the main event.

TJP vs Austin Aries

Before the match, TJP threw some of his ring gear at Austin Aries, as Aries made his way up the steps. The bell rang, and Aries immediately tossed threw his jacket at TJP, and TJP slid to the outside of the ring. The referee started the count, and Austin Aries kicked it on the top turn buckle. TJP tried to sneak in some offense, but Aries hopped down, and drove TJP to the outside again. This time TJP grabbed the ankle of Aries, and brought him to the outside. TJP went to work on Aries, and drove him back first into the apron. Aries went back into the ring, and TJP followed him, attempting a senton over the ropes. Austin Aries got his knees up, and TJP landed back first on the knees. Aries started to pick things up, and started to work on TJP. Aries attempted a senton of his own, and hit it. Aries came up limping a bit, and stayed in control of TJP with a kick to the jaw. Aries started hitting TJP with some straight right hands in the corner, and TJP knocked Aries off of him. Aries landed hard on the knee, but was still able to apply a quick pin for a 2 count. Aries immediately went into the last chancery, but TJP slipped out of it, and rolled to the outside. Aries followed him by jumping over the top ropes, and onto TJP. Aries then chopped TJP, and sent him into the barricade. Aries went into the ring to stop the count, and brought TJP into the ring. Aries then hit another big chop to the chest, and then some more right hands in the corner. TJP knocked Aries off again, and Aries landed hard on the knee. Aries tried to remain in control, but TJP ducked, and Aries got caught up in the ropes. TJP hit a dropkick, but Aries didn’t fall because his knee was stuck in the ropes. Aries would eventually shake free, before falling into the ring. TJP started to stomp away on the injured Aries, and applied a pin. Aries kicked out, and TJP continued to work on the injured knee. The two fought into the corner, and Aries caught a brief break. Aries tried to go to the top rope, but couldn’t climb fast enough, and TJP caught him. TJP knocked Aries over the top rope, but held on to the injured leg. TJP bent the leg back, and then dropped Aries to the outside at the referees count of 4. The referee started the 10 count, and TJP went to the outside. TJP kicked Aries, and followed up by trying to push his leg through Aries chest. TJP remained of control of things, and the two got in the ring, before TJP applied a pin for a 2 count. TJP went back to the knee again, and dabbed. The hesitation allowed Aries to get a shot in on TJP, but Aries was immediately taken down with a dragon screw. TJP then started the ground and pound, went back to the injured leg again with a submission hold. Aries fought his way up, but was still caught up in the hold. “A Double” hit a thunderous ear clap on TJP, and TJP released the hold. Aries hit a back elbow on TJP, followed by a big forearm that knocked TJP to the mat. Aries hit another forearm, followed by a chop to the chest, and hit a gut buster, followed by an STO on TJP. Aries hit the pendulum elbow after that, and then a knee to the midsection of TJP that took him down to the mat. Aries went to the middle rope, and hit a diving elbow to the back of the neck of TJP. Aries applied a pin, and TJP kicked out for a near fall. Aries went for a fireman’s carry, and things ended up in a roll up attempt by Aries. TJP kicked out, and Aries set him up in the ropes. Aries tried the neck breaker in the ropes, but TJP fought him off, and forced him to the outside. TJP followed up with a wrecking ball drop kick to the face of Aries, then rolled Aries back into the ring for a pin. Aries kicked out at 2, as TJP looked frustrated. TJP kicked Aries a few times, and set up for the detonation kick. Aries fought out of it, and TJP attempted a roll up on Aries. Aries kicked out with authority, and tossed TJP over the top rope. TJP landed on the apron, and Aries set up for the neck breaker in the ropes. Aries hit it, and TJP fell to the outside. Aries then dove through the rope, and hit the missile dive on TJP. Aries tweaked the knee again on the landing. Aries tossed TJP into the ring, and went to the top rope. TJP stopped Aries, and met him up top. Aries hit a second ear clap on TJP, causing TJP to fall to the mat. Aries went for a drop kick, but missed, and landed hard. TJP ran the ropes, and hit a chop block to the injured knee of Aries. TJP locked in the knee bar, and Aries attempted to fight out of it. TJP grabbed the ropes while the referee checked for an Aries tap out, but the referee caught TJP, and forced him to release hold. TJP set up for the detonation kick again, and Aries grabbed the ropes to prevent the kick. Aries stopped TJP, and rolled him up briefly, before locking in the last chancery. TJP tapped out, and Neville quickly came from out of nowhere to attack Aries. Neville worked on the knee some more, and then swung Aries leg into the ring post. Neville locked in a modified heel lock, and Gallagher ran in to make the save. Gallagher hit a headbutt on Neville, and Neville rolled to the outside. The announcers questioned if Aries would make it to Extreme Rules, as the show went off air.

Analysis: Wow what a match. There were so many things about the match that made me think to myself “wow, this is good stuff”. I thought the in ring psychology of it all was the best part. TJP worked on the injured knee for most of the match, and Austin Aries sold it all very well. At one point he was saying a few dirty words on the outside, and I thought he was legitimately shaken up. I also liked how every time Aries attempted to go to the top ropes, he couldn’t do what he intended because the knee injury held back his timing. Everything was fine until the ending. Why have TJP tap out, and then Neville immediately attack Aries. Could Neville not make it to the ring 5 seconds earlier to attack Aries? Aries would have won via Neville’s interference, and then Gallagher could’ve came in to attack Neville. Neville looks like a dastardly heel, TJP’s recent booking isn’t fumbled a bit with a tap out, and Gallagher looks like a hero to end the show. Simple.

That’s all for this weeks show folks. I really hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I did writing about it. Until next time, I’m Drew wishing you a safe weekend!

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