WWE SmackDown Results (6/13): Last Stop Before Money In The Bank

Submitted by Eric Lynch on June 13, 2017 - 7:51pm
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The June 13th, 2017 edition of WWE SmackDown aired live from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, LA. This was final episode of SmackDown before Sunday's Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

- The New Day comes out to the ring with a marching band playing their entrance music. They cut a promo reminding the crowd that the next WrestleMania takes place here in New Orleans, and says they intend to be the WWE Tag Team Champs again for next year's big event. The Usos interrupt and they tell the New Day that they're playing with the wrong ones, and they point out that they're the current Tag Champs. The Fashion Police interrupt next. Breeze tells Fandango to book the Usos for a fashion violation, but then they're interrupted by The Colons. The Colons insult Breeze and Fandango's taste in fashion, and we have a match.

- Kofi Kingson, Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze & Fandango def. The Colons & The Usos: Kofi and Epico start things off. Kofi drops him with a flying elbow to the face then tags in Fandango. The Usos come in and start working over Fandango and Breeze. Breeze hits a spinning heel kick on Primo, then he tags in Xavier and they double team Primo. Xavier drops Primo across the middle rope and dropkicks him from behind for a two count. Xavier and Primo trade chops to the chest in the corner, then Xavier hits a boot to the face and the Honor Roll. The aprons clear and the babyfaces clear the ring then start dancing while the heels recover at ringside. Back in the ring, Primo and Epico work over Breeze and take control of the match. The Usos take turns tagging in next and double team Breeze. Jey hits a running butt bump on Breeze in the corner. Epico tags in next and hits a stalling vertical suplex on Breeze for a two count. Xavier gets the hot tag and Jimmy Uso comes in too. Woods ducks a clothesline from Jimmy and Kofi tags in blind. Xavier hits a suicide dive onto the Colons at ringside, while in the ring Kofi hits a leg drop and the Trouble In Paradise on Jimmy. Kofi pins but Jey breaks it up. Xavier tags in and they hit a backbreaker and double foot stomp off the top double team on Jimmy for the win.

- We see another video promoting John Cena's return on July 4th.

- AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura are talking backstage when they're approached by Sami Zayn. Zayn asks what the plan for tonight is, then offers his thoughts and goes off on a tangent. Zayn leaves to stretch for their match, and AJ looks annoyed by Nakamura says he likes Zayn.

- Mojo Rawley does an interview backstage where he thanks Shane McMahon for the opportunity last week. Mojo says he can take last week's loss to use it as a springboard to come back stronger. Zack Ryder interrupts and announces that he's back. Ryder says he and Mojo have unfinished business as a team.

- Naomi def. Tamina: This one is a non-title match. Before the bell, Lana's music hits and she makes her entrance and stands at ringside. The ref calls for the opening bell and Naomi starts off strong with strikes on Tamina. Tamina comes back with a headbutt that drops Naomi. Tamina takes control of things and pummels on Naomi in the corner. Tamina follows up with a running butt bump in the corner for a two count. Tamina throws Naomi down by the hair then picks her back up for a short-arm clothesline. Naomi escapes a bac suplex attempt and kicks Tamina in the face. Naomi follows up with more kicks, but Tamina catches her with a spinning side slam for a two count. Tamina goes up top but Naomi kicks her then throws her off. Naomi follows up with a split-legged moonsault for the win. Immediately after the match, Lana attacks Naomi from behind and slams Naomi down. Lana grabs the Women's Title and holds it up before leaving.

- Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers are shown backstage getting ready to come out to the ring. JBL says Jinder will come face to face with Orton next.

- Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers come out next and there's a big carpet in the ring for them. Mahal tells the crowd to stand up and show some respect for the WWE Champion. He says on Sunday he will prove that Orton is nothing but a coward and that he's afraid of letting down his hometown of St. Louis. Jinder mentions that Cowboy Bob Orton will be sitting front row with some other stars of the past, and says Orton won't come out and face him like a man. Jinder says he's going to destroy Orton's legacy, and it's now the era of the Modern Day Maharaja. Jinder then speaks to his people in his language while the crowd chants 'USA.' Orton's music hits and Jinder sends the Singh Brothers to the ramp to intercept Orton. Orton comes running in the ring from behind and hits an RKO out of nowhere on Jinder. The Singh Brothers come back in the ring to check on Jinder and Orton exits through the crowd.

- Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler are shown getting ready backstage when Kevin Owens walks in. Owens says he needs to talk to them for a minute. Owens says none of them like each other, but they can work together tonight to take out Nakamura, Styles and Zayn to weaken them before Sunday's pay-per-view. Owens leaves to let them think about it.

- Randy Orton does a brief interview backstage where he says the time for talking is over, and this Sunday he's going to take the WWE Title back from Jinder Mahal.

- Charlotte def. Natalya: Becky Lynch is shown backstage watching this one on a monitor. Natalya slams Charlotte down by the hair to get the early advantage. Charlotte comes back with chops and elbows, then hits a knee drop and a Northern Lights suplex. Charlotte goes up top and hits a moonsault for a two count. Carmella and Ellsworth are shown backstage also watching on a monitor. Charlotte goes back up top, but this time Natalya powerbombs her off for a two count. Charlotte fights out of a Sharpshooter attempt and hits a boot to the face. Natalya rolls up Charlotte in a small package, but Charlotte gets out and hits the Natural Selection for the win.

- In the latest edition of the Fashion Files, Fandango and Breeze celebrate their win. Fandango can't find Breeze, then stumbles across him after apparently being attacked in their office. Breeze describes his attackers as being greasy-haired with dry skin. Fandango sketches some stick-men, and Breeze says those are the guys.

- Lana does an interview backstage where she says she's going to crush Naomi to become the Women's Champ.

- AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura & Sami Zayn def. Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler: Nakamura and Ziggler start things off and Nakamura takes Ziggler down in the corner. Nakamura chokes Ziggler with his boot, then Ziggler comes back with an uppercut and a dropkick. Owens tags in and stomps on Nakamura, then tags in Corbin who hits him with several knee strikes in the corner. Corbin stomps on Nakamura some more then tags Ziggler back in. Nakamura tags in AJ and AJ drops Ziggler with a flying forearm shot. Styles knocks Corbin off the apron, then hits a pumphandle gutbuster on Ziggler. Styles knocks Owens off the apron, then hits the Fireman's Carry neckbreaker on Ziggler. Owens runs in and Zayn stops him. Zayn throws Owens outside and follows up with a suicide dive. AJ sets up for the Styles Clash on Ziggler, but Ziggler gets out and hits a DDT. Corbin and Zayn tag in and Corbin hits the Deep Six, but Nakamura breaks up the pin attempt. Ziggler works over Zayn, then Owens tags in and goes for a Senton Drop but Zayn blocks it with his knees. Corbin tags in next and stomps on Zayn. Zayn starts to fight back but Corbin knocks him down with a running headbutt. Owens tags back in and pummels on Zayn. Zayn comes back with a Blue Thunder Bomb on Owens, then Corbin tags in and stomps on Zayn before he can get anyone. Corbin whips Zayn into the corner and he bumps into Zigger, sending him outside. Corbin hits a splash on Zayn in the corner, but Zayn comes back with a clothesline. Zayn knocks Owens and Ziggler outside, then does the same to Corbin. Zayn almost gets the hot tag, but Owens and Ziggler pull both Styles and Nakamura outside. Corbin continues working on Zayn in the ring until AJ hits Corbin with a forearm from the apron, then Zayn hits the Heluva Kick for the win. Ziggler immediately attacks Styles and Zayn after the match.

- After the match, Owens and Ziggler grab a ladder and hit both Zayn and Styles with it. Ziggler runs in and lays out both Owens and Ziggler, but the camera missed it because it was zoomed in on the Money In The Bank briefcase. Corbin grabs the ladder and hits Ziggler with it, sending him outside. Corbin climbs the ladder and goes to grab the briefcase, but Nakamura pushes it over then knees him in the face. Nakamura climbs up and grabs the briefcase then his music hits as SmackDown goes off the air.

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