Bobby Roode Talks WrestleMania Aspirations, Dream Opponents & More

Submitted by Matt Boone on July 3, 2017 - 2:02pm
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NXT World Champion Bobby Roode recently appeared as a guest on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On learning patience is one of the most useful virtues and wanting to be called up to the WWE main roster and work WrestleMania: "Well, I mean, obviously, I would like to see myself at WrestleMania, but I think that's everybody's goal. Honestly, at this point, NXT is an amazing place to work. I mean, I don't think a lot of people realize how great it is. And EY and I talk about it all the time, like, 'I don't think these guys know how good they have it.' We literally fly, we get on our flight, we land, we have a bus pick us up, we have our food paid for, our hotel is taken care of, we have gyms in the city where we are already set, we have rides. I mean, it's great!'

"I'm having a great time being world champion and working in the main storyline and working with the top tier talent in NXT, but obviously I want to get to the main roster. I want to have that WrestleMania moment or moments and see where that can take me. I'm being patient. Like I said, I think the experience that I've gained throughout my [professional wrestling] career as taught me just to be patient and I don't ask a lot of questions. I just kind of go about my business and do my own thing, and, hopefully, one day I will get my chance."

On some of his dream opponents on the WWE main roster: "I think if I'm looking at it right now, a John Cena is always first and foremost. I think John [has] been the guy for over a decade there now and I think just to wrestle Cena at WrestleMania would be pretty amazing. But there [are] a lot of guys there that I would love to do some stuff with. I mean, obviously, Roman. Roman's a huge star. And I think Seth Rollins, and Seth kind of took a similar path that I did. He did a lot of indies and stuff and then got his break in NXT, and he got called up, and there he is now. Get into the ring with him, there's obviously Bray Wyatt. There's just so much talent there. That's kind of uncharted waters. Half the roster, I've never even been in the ring with, so sky's the limit.

"Randy Orton is another guy. I'm a huge fan of Randy's. I love his style. I love his work. I think him and I would have good matches together. Yeah, so I mean there's a plethora of guys. Uncharted waters. Like you said, fresh canvass, so storyline-wise, work-wise, I mean, there [are] years of work there, I truly believe, there for me, so yeah, I'm excited for that opportunity."

Check out the complete episode of E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness featuring the Bobby Roode interview at

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