*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling/GFW Taping Results For 7/6 (Orlando, Florida)

Submitted by Matt Boone on July 4, 2017 - 11:56am
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GFW/Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by MrEddyG and ProWrestling.net

“Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, Josh Mathews, and Jeremy Borash were on commentary with Dave Penzer doing the ring introductions. There was a table and Mexican flags set up and out came the GFW and Impact champion Alberto El Patron with his masked father Dos Caras and his brother. (It definitely doesn’t look like Paige this time!). Alberto thanked the fans, his crazy and beautiful fiancé, and his brother. Some fans started a small “We want Bobby” chant and a louder “No we don’t” response followed. Alberto called Bobby a tough son of a b itch (his exact words) and said he would defend his titles against anyone.

Lashley came out and called Alberto an egomaniac, then knocked some champagne on the table, spraying into fans by the VIP standing room. Lashley asked if Alberto’s son and dad are even allowed to be here? Mil slapped Bobby, who laughed and said he hits harder than Alberto. Referees and Scott D’Amore came out to settle things down.

During the break, Borash announced they’re bring back the X Division Cup – an eight-man tournament, which includes stars from Crash, AAA, and Noah – also including talents from Lucia Underground who’ve never appeared here before.

1. Sonjay Dutt defeated Caleb Konley in a non-title match. Sonjay won with a top rope splash. Trevor Lee came from the crowd to attack Sonjay and said, “Just like that, your new X Division Champ, Trevor Lee.” He left with the belt to the back.

2. Wilcox, Mayweather, Grado, and Eddie Edwards beat Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, Mario Bakarah, and Fallah Bahh. A definite miss-mash of chapters for this one. Edwards pinned Mario with the Boston Knee Party. Drake and Eddie deserve better matches than this. Joseph Park appeared after the match with Grado. He had some document with him and Grado had to leave. Grado perhaps doesn’t have proper paperwork?

3. Matt Sydal beat Braxton Sutter (w/Allie). Sutter dominated most of the match but Sydal came out on top with the Shooting Star Press. Allie tried to comfort Sutter after the match, but he pulled his arm away angrily. I hope they’re not teasing a “breakup” already.

The eight competitors for the Super X Cup were introduced by Borash: In round 1: 1. From Cuba, Sammy Gavara vs. Drago. 2. ACH vs. Andrew Everett. 3. Tishi vs. Davey Richards. 4. Dezmond Xavier vs. Idiris Abraham.

4. Dezmond Xavier beat Iris Abraham in an X Division Super Cup match. Xavier won with an impressive Spinal Tap type move off the top.

5. Impact Wrestling and GFW Champion Sienna (w/KM) defeated Rebel. Earl Hebner was officiating, of course! He couldn’t keep his eyes off Rebel’s entrance. Rebel’s really improved with her punches and her kicks looked solid. At one point as Rebel went outside to go up top, she stomped KM’s hand, and tried to get him with a flying body press, but she was caught. It was no DQ since KM put her down. Sienna won eventually with her new guillotine choke submission. A strong KO match.

6. Tayishi and Drago beat Davey Richards and Sammy Gavara. This may have been an Xplosion match. Drago and Tayishi win after Tayishi hit a nice 450 splash on Gavara.

JB introduced Gail Kim, who announced she is retiring at the end of 2017, but she intends to return to the ring soon and go out on top.

7. ACH beat Andrew Everett in an X Division Super Cup match. ACH won with a nice-looking brainbuster. Really good match.

8. Lashley beat Alberto El Patron to retain the Unified World Title. Lashley dominated early in and outside the ring. Alberto with a 619 at one point, a double stomp to the back of Bobby, Lashley responded with an impressive flatliner and a big spinebuster. Alberto tried a top rope move, but he was caught with a huge spear. Bobby didn’t go for the cover! LAX came out and attacked Bobby for the DQ? What the hell? Konnan announced Alberto as the new member of LAX, but Alberto feigns exhaustion and never confirmed this. A bad finish to a good match. LAX and Alberto left together after the match with Alberto not saying anything and still acting “exhausted.” Bobby looked confused and pissed off after to end the show.

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