Paul Heyman a "Controversial" Figure Backstage; News on Baron Corbin

  • Paul Heyman remains a controversial figure backstage as there are some WWE officials in management and creative who dislike how Heyman comes in and gets Brock Lesnar's segments changed.
  • Heyman has significant pull with Vince McMahon to the point where he is able to structure angles and finishes in a non-traditional way which ultimately ends up working better. The feeling is that if Heyman wasn't around, Lesnar would likely just go along with things and play them out as they were originally written by creative.
  • WWE apparently was not aware that Baron Corbin was one of the football players suing the NFL in their concussion lawsuit until it was revealed during the recent meeting that WWE talent had with their physician, Dr. Joseph Maroon. Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Subscription information & prices available at