Raw Viewership Surprisingly Goes Up for Last Night's Show

-- In somewhat of a surprise, last night's Raw viewership rose to 2.864 million visitors, up approximately 4% from the week before despite strong competition. The Monday Night NFL game did 10.28 million viewers, while the MLB Yankees vs. Indians playoff game did 4.49 million viewers. Dancing with the Stars featuring WWE's Nikki Bella did 9.11 million viewers.

-- Perhaps the biggest story in the WWE viewership numbers is the relatively strong performance from the third hour, which has historically seen a significant drop. While viewers did tune out, the drop was not nearly as much as normal which could actually be attributed to WWE putting Enzo Amore in the final segment.

-- The hourly numbers were:

    * Hour One - 3.01 million viewers
    * Hour Two - 2.89 million viewers
    * Hour Three - 2.71 million viewers