WWE Producer/Writer Released After Posting Picture with Bullet Club

-- Jimmy Jacobs, who was working with WWE as a writer/producer, is no longer with the company according to reports by both f4wonline.com and prowrestlingsheet.com.

-- The reason Jacobs was let go is reportedly due to the fact that he posted a picture on Instagram where he posed with members of the Bullet Club during their so called invasion of Raw for their YouTube show "Being the Elite."

-- While other WWE superstars have appeared on "Being the Elite" in the past and most people didn't think much of the "invasion", it's clear that WWE did not react well to the incident (some suggest that officials were downright furious), going so far as to send the Young Bucks cease and desist letters.

-- WWE officials are not confirming that Jacobs is gone from the company but according to sources, he parted ways last week after drawing major heat for posting the photo online (seen below).