Hangman Page On Joining The Bullet Club, Being Part Of The RAW Invasion

Submitted by Matt Boone on November 26, 2017 - 12:36pm
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Ring Of Honor (ROH) star Hangman Page recently appeared as a guest on Colt Cabana's Art Of Wrestling Podcast for an in-depth interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On when he first became a wrestling fan: "I got into it when I was like nine or 10 [years old] on TV. And this was like WCW/ECW invasion. I didn't even know what they were. I just knew they were invading, I think, about the time I got into watching it."

On the timing of his opportunity to joint The Bullet Club: "I know that they wanted to bring Bullet Club to Ring Of Honor. Do you know what I mean? They had their thing in New Japan, but they wanted to start something here. And they knew they wanted [Adam] Cole to lead it and they knew the [Young] Bucks were there, but they didn't really know they needed another person. I had just gotten out of the Decade thing with BJ [Whitmer], we had just had a feud or whatever and I was kind of starting to do nothing. I was going nowhere. It was perfect timing for me. And I don't know exactly who pitched it, but it stuck. I wasn't going up there, begging for [the Bullet Club spot] or whatever. Do you know what I mean? I totally didn't expect it then. It just happened."

On getting more over now that he is featured on The Young Bucks' "Being The Elite" YouTube series: "It's complete madness, but it's the most fun I think I've ever had wrestling. Absolutely. Right, I feel like I belong a little bit more. Do you know what I mean? I did feel, there, for the first nine months or whatever that I was in Bullet Club, that I was just the new guy in the Bullet Club."

On his fan reactions since joining The Bullet Club and being featured on "Being The Elite": "When I had first joined Bullet Club, I used to always complain backstage about, like, my music. I didn't my own music, so the Bullet Club music would hit and then I would come out and [fans would] be expecting the Bucks, or Cole, or whoever else, so it was always kind of like, 'wooo!' and then a tepid, 'oh, it's Page,' but it [has] changed in the last two months! It's weird! Now, I'm not complaining about it."

On The Bullet Club invading WWE RAW earlier this year: "It was fun and it was all in jest. Do you know what I mean? Like, it takes a lot for me as a regular person to get that angry about a real thing, but this is part comedy."

On if he had any hesitation about being part of The Bullet Club's invasion of RAW: "When I'm with a group of boat-rockers, and I realize it's cool, it's good, it works, I'll rock the boat too. Yeah, 100%. It's fun and it's what's working. We need that. Do you know what I mean? Why not? Right, me as a human being, maybe not. Just go with it, man. It's fun."

Check out the complete episode of Colt Cabana's "Art Of Wrestling" podcast featuring the Hangman Page interview at SoundCloud.com.

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