Braun Strowman Talks Best & Worst Parts About Being A WWE Superstar

Submitted by Matt Boone on January 7, 2018 - 3:51pm
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Braun Strowman recently appeared as a guest on ESPN Radio's "J&J Show" to promote an upcoming RAW show in Memphis, Tennessee.

During the interview, Strowman spoke about enjoying being a WWE Superstar because it allows himself to portray a character that is completely opposite to his real-life personality, and one of the worst parts being the lack of privacy that comes with the lifestyle.

As Strowman explained to the "J&J Show" hosts during the appearance on the show, when it comes to dealing with adult aged fans in real-life he can simply slip into his WWE alter-ego, whereas with younger fans he can't do that because they are his single favorite part about being a WWE Superstar.

"When it comes to the kids, I always have time for [them]," said Strowman. "Literally, that is my favorite part about being a WWE superstar is the influence that we get to [have] with the little ones. Just seeing their faces, walking around the arena now that, per se, I'm more liked by the crowd and almost a good guy. Just on my way out of the ring high-fiving the kids, just the looks on their face. I mean, it's really, really special."

Strowman continued, "There's so many opportunities to open a kid's eyes and show them a window of things that they're not used to seeing. Just that little split second when I stop on my time just to give them a handshake or a high five. That, in my opinion, leaves a lasting impression... At the end of the day, that's the best part about all of this."

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