Smackdown Dark Match & Off Camera Live Notes

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Thanks to reader Steven Diamond's Big Brother for sending this in:

Good crowd - upper level completely tarped off, but even the hard cam side is

Dark match... Becky Lynch countered Natalya’s sharpshooter into disarmher
for the win after 6 minutes. Good pop for both women - and nice to get them
on the show despite not being on TV.

Notes - I’ll skip the recaps since, well, you guys saw everything we did.

Zero crowd noise for Liv/Riott Squad’s entrance. Crickets...

- Bludgeon Brothers were over huge on entry, and during squash of local

- Usos music hit following the B.B. win... the twins came out (probably
during a commercial) stared at Bludgeon Brothers, who were still beside the
ring, and entered to a huge pop before doing their promo.

- Aiden English with cheap heat with the KC-flavored Rusev Day song. Was over
big with the crowd and, when Rusev came out, the place went nuts. Roode got a
nice pop on the entrance but otherwise crowd was pro-Rusev during the
chant-offs. They really need to go full face with him soon.

Match of the night, easily... followed by a huge RKO out of nowhere x3 -
first Roode, then English and, finally, Rusev. KC popped big for Missouri’s
own Randy Orton.

Nothing for Ascension/Benjamin & Gable - crowd was so hot for previous match,
so this was the bathroom break before the main event / 205 / Facebook MMC.

Viktor looked the best of the bunch, but easy squash for the faces.

(Side note: Connor’s edging into mini-Brodus Clay territory. Dude’s
getting big...)

Main event time, where Sami entered first and was left to hold the ring for a
LONG time during the commercial break, before AJ (commentary) and Owens
entered. AJ’s second trip of the night, but crowd still loved him - he just
didn’t pop the hood.

Nice pop for Ziggler/Corbin graphic for next week’s show - Corbin grew up
20 miles from the arena in KC.

Owens is the best heel on Smackdown now, drew great heat during walk-in,
while taunting AJ, and with typical heel moves.

Slow build, but really picked up the pace with 5 minutes to go. Crowd loved
KO on the top rope with the frogsplash. Lots of near falls - drawing multiple
“this is awesome” chants before AJ dirtied things up and drew the
ringkeepers’ bell.

Not the finish KC wanted to see after really buying into the back-and-forth.
Bryan came out to call the triple threat, which the crowd didn’t go for
either. Easy way for Sami to eat the pin on PPV though, I guess.

No Nakamura or Naomi... New Day only on the big screen in the cell phone

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