WWE House Show Results (10/01/06) - Jonesboro, Arkansas

Submitted by Sawan on October 6, 2006 - 10:09am
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Report by: Michael D., rajah.com reader

This was a smackdown house show.

Starts out with national anthem, interupted by Sylvan's music. Sylvan
challenges anyone, saying he was the reason people spent money. Teddy Long
comes out and tells him he wont disgrace this town and country and he was
suspended for the night. Sylvan says he will kick Teddy's ass, and Teddy
gets Jonesboro Police to arrest Slyvan.

Batista v. Finlay

Finlay got into scuffles with many fans, until finally he got in the ring.
Good match, back and forth, until Little Bastard came from under the ring
and attacked Batista. Finlay tried for the pin, Batista kicked out, and
used a spinebuster for the win. Finlay chased Little Bastard to the back,
and Batista hung around for some high fives, and even jokingly puked at a
fat guy on the front row who kept showing Batista his belly.

Winner: Batista

Slyvester Turkay w/ Elijah Burke v. Tatanka

So so match, with Tatanka lookin pretty good, but Turkay looking a bit
rusty. Burke did good mic work, and actually looked better than Turkay
when he interfered. Tatanka was beaten after too much to handle from being
attacked by both men.

Winner: Turkay

Triple Threat for Cruiserweight Championship

Greg Helms v. Jimmy Wayne Yang v. Jamie Noble

Before the match: A fan ran to the ring after Helms made fun of his girl
and helms slammed him and really hit him a few times before referees and
police arrested him.

The match was back and forth with Noble being over in the south more than
Yang, Noble got a lot of cheers, but Helms ended up winning by pinfall.

Winner Gregory Helms

Kennedy v. Matt Hardy for US title

Great match, started with Kennedy spitting on a fans face with a mouth
full of water. Kennedy was over as a heel, big time.
Matt Hardy was pinned when Mr. Kennedy used the ropes
Hardy was injured in the match, he had to take of his boot and limped to
the back very slowly and was helped out.

Winner: Kennedy

Triple threat for tag titles.

London & Kendrick v. Idol & Jamesw/Michelle McCool v. Chavo & Miz
Elimination Match

Good start, with high spots from London and Kendrick, Miz and Chavo are
eliminated because they couldn't work together due to Miz's antics. Miz
tagged Chavo while he was up for the frog splash, ran in and got pinned,
so Chavo left him to get beat up by Idol and Stevens then stood up in
front of me and said "Where did Chavo go?"
Match ended with London and Kendrick pinning KC James.

Winners: London & Kendrick

Hot Body Contest:
Ashley v. Jillian v.

Ashley won, and Jillian wouldn't remove her robe until some kids gave her
dollars. Weird. Ashley was hot, and took the contest easily.

Vito v. Regal

Vito won after he "teabagged" Regal under his dress with a pin, and Vito
was really over and danced around showing a horrid man thong.

Winner: Vito

World Heavyweight Championship

Booker v. Lashley

Booker and Lashley had a good match, ended when Sharmell low-blowed
Lashley, but he kicked out after Booker's axe kick. Lashley ended up
winning when Regal brought another referee down after Lashley took out the
first one on accident. Lashley kicked out of a Booker T pin attempt and it
pissed of Booker who knocked out the new ref. Nick Patrick got back up and
Lashley powerslammed booker, but Regal broke up the pin for a DQ.

Winner by DQ: Lashley

Biggest Pop:
Matt Hardy
Jamie Noble

Biggest Heat:
Jillian (for not undressing)

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