WWE SmackDown Report 10/06/2006 – Taped in Wichita, Kansas

Submitted by Trinae Ross on October 7, 2006 - 12:13am
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With only days remaining before the SmackDown brand pay-per-view, October 8th at No Mercy, no one could predict the shockwaves that would ripple throughout the locker room. The Wichita, Kansas crowd waited with anticipation as both the challenger, Bobby Lashley and the champion, King Booker, picked each other's oppenets in tonight's Pick Your Poison match. King Booker would choose The Animal to face the number one contender; while Lashley would pick a member of the King's own court to face him...Finlay.

Tonight saw four singles participants face off in tag team action as Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy faced Chavo Guerrero and Gregory Helms. Mysterio, who will face Guerrero October 8th at No Mercy, started the match against Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms. The longest reigning champion in sports entertainment will hold on to his title a little longer as his match at the October pay-per-view with Hardy is non-title match.

The match say plenty of action to keep the crowd wanting more as each participant fought to secure the win for his team. Mysterio would turn the tide for his team by hitting a double 619 on both Helms and Guerrero; allowing Hardy to pick up the win for his team.

Helms and Hardy have a rivalry that trascends the SmackDown ring, going back to their respective youths in North Carolina. Over the past weeks, both men engaged in a battle of one-uppance, trying to prove to the other who's the better athelete. While their match at No Mercy is a non-title match, the title of North Carolina's best is on the line.

Meanwhile, at No Mercy, Mysterio hopes to settle his war with the Guerreros once and for all in Falls Count Anywhere match. The contempt shared between Mysterio and Guerro is well documented and after Sunday, neither man will be the same.

Elija Burke looked to erase his lost last week to Rey Mysterio as he faced Tatanka in singles action. Accompanied by Sylvester Terkay, Burke tried to take an early advantage as Terkay played the intimidation game with the Native American. However, despite being on a losing streak as of late, Tatanka showed Burke what he was all about.

Not allowing Terkay to get into his head, Tatanka was the early aggressor in the match, punishing Burke with punches and chops. However; Burke proved to me more than a squash as he battled back, using a fusion of boxing and wrestling.

Battered by Burke's assualt, Tatanka would not surrender. Appealing to the crowd for support, the honorary Lakota Tribe member dug deep within and turned the tide once more; at one point, hitting his trademark top-rope tomahawk chop for a near fall.

However, while Terkay remained silent during the match, he would try to get involved in the match, only to be knocked off the apron by Tatanka. However; the undefeated MMA Machine was not finished as he assaulted Tatanka with a vicious strike to the diaphram, allowing Burke to pick up the victory.

As a stunned Tatanka lay in the ring, Terkay sent yet another message to the SmackDown locker room by driving the weakened Tatanka into the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex.

The first of two Pick Your Poison matches saw King Booker take on his knight, Finlay. Prior to the match, The King asked his subject to lay down so he could focus the match at No Mercy against Lashley, the latest challenger to the thrown. However, the defiant Finlay (who addressed the King by his first name) would live up to his name, telling the King that he came to fight.

Both men started the match in a collar and elbow tie-up. The King, trying to reason with his knight, wanted Finlay to lay down for the match. However, King Booker remains atop the SmackDown mountain by taking advantage of every situation and this was no different. Using the distraction by Queen Sharmell to serve his purpose, the King attacked Finlay. Whether sending a message to his knight or to Lashley, the King was relentless; throwing Finlay into the steel steps to drive home his point.

However, true to his motto, Finlay loved to fight. Hitting a clothesline on the World Heavyweight Champion, the former United States Champion pressed his attack.

As the match progressed, the Queen would interfere in the match once more; only this time, to be driven away by the Little Bastard (with dead rat in hand). This allowed Finlay to shilleighla his king and pick up the win.

As Finlay's victory sent shockwaves through the locker room, the second Pick Your Poison match was underway as Batista took on number one contender Bobby Lashley.

In a match the late Gorilla Monsoon would bill as the irresistible force meeting the immovable object, two of SmackDown's strongest stars would battle in a forum where nothing but their ego was on the line. Both Batista and Lashley proved beyond measure, that they both dominated the ring with their raw power. The question remained, who was the alpha in the SmackDown pack?

Batista and Lashley started out with a handshake; however what started out as a congenial match between competitors boiled down into a animalistic brawl as neither man could gain a clear advantage. Like two elk jockying for position, both men worked to negate the other's power while establishing their own dominance.

However, the match would never see a clear winner as Finlay rushed the ring and attacked Batista causing a disqualification. The action would not end their as the World Heavyweight Champion hit the ring and immediate sought retribution against Finlay.

Officials worked to restore order, but it would be SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long who would set the record straight. Seeing that all four men wanted a piece of the others, Long made an announcement that would change the face of No Mercy. Finlay, Batista, Lashley and King Booker, would face each other in a Fatal Four Way Match for the World Heavyweight title.

The King was beside himself has the the ramifications of Long's announcement settled in: he would have to partner with the same man who beat him minutes prior.

Looking to avenge last week's loss against Sylvan, Jimmy Wang Yang was back in action against the Ambassador of Quebec. While Yang's aerobatic wrestling technique seems to betray his 'redneck' roots, he dominated the match early on.

However, despite having the advange throughout the match, Sylvan showed the tactics of a true politician, grabbing the win by controversial means.

Montel Vontavious Porter is not looking to make a debut, he's looking to make history. This Sunday he looks to do just that as the newest member of the SmackDown roster makes his debut at No Mercy.

The self-proclaimed world's greatest athlete said that he was not a mere mortal, that he was smarter, faster and stronger than the average man. Will the crowd and the viewers alike get to see these statements made truth? Or will he, like so many former WWE stars, be a one hit wonder?

Another superstar looking to keep the hits rolling is Mr. Kennedy. After recovering from The Undertaker's demonstration of his power last week by making Kennedy's mic explode, the United States Champion was quick to tell the audience that he was not affected by the Phenom's "cheap parlor tricks."

Will SmackDown's most charasmatic superstar remain on top of the United States Championship mountain? Or, will The Undertaker add yet another soul to his already impressive collection?

Michelle McCool has her tag team, K.C. James and Idol Stevens primed to take on the WWE Tag Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London at No Mercy; however, she promised to take WWE Diva Ashley to school.

The athletic match between the SmackDown Divas showed that, while the Women's Championship was on Raw, the championship contenders were on SmackDown. Early in the match, McCool did as she promised, dominating the match early and showing that she spent much time studying her team in the ring.

However, the student soon became the teacher as Ashley turned up the action a notch, landing stiff blows to McCool's kidneys. Ashley looked to have the upper hand, landing a cross body block, only to have it reversed by McCool, who secured the win.

The main event of the evening saw the four participants in Sunday's Fatal Four Way battling in tag action. With everything that happened early on in the evening, what could possibly happen?

In short, everything.

King Booker, visibly upset at Finlay for their earlier match berated his knight, who seemed unaffected by what his leader was saying. Simultaneously, on the other side of the ring, Batista and Lashley seemed to disagree on who should start the match.

Both teams worked to coexist despite their problems, however, chaos would rule the ring as Lashley speared King Booker. Sir William, seemingly appearing from nowhere, jumped into the ring, which turned The Animal loose. Allowing months of frustration to come to a head, Batista gave a spine-buster to anything that moved; Sir William, King Booker, Lashley and Finlay all fell victim to The Animal's wrath. How will all this play out in the end? Will King Booker continue to rule SmackDown? Has the Animal finally found what he needed to capture the elusive championship? How will Lashley deal with the fallout of the seemingly accidental attack from his partner? Finlay has both Batista and Lashley's number...does he have the King's?

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