WWE House Show Results (10/6/06) - Daytona Beach, Florida

Submitted by Rajah on October 9, 2006 - 1:21pm
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By: Pat Christman, rajah.com reader

Just got back from the House Show at the Ocean Center, RAW brand. Had a ton
of fun with only two matches I went ehh over. Some of the matches weren't as
long as I'd hope for a House Show, but it was an overall good show.

Match 1: Chris Masters and Charlie Haas vs. Cryme Tyme
I don't know either of the two guys from Cryme Tyme's name, so I'll just
call them Big Guy and Little Guy. Little guy was constantly doing dances and
being the typical speedy member of the two, constantly sliding between
people's legs. The Big Guy was the powerhouse, who did mostly strikes and
slams. Cryme Tyme was really over with the crowd. At one point Chris Masters
started going to all four turnbuckles trying to get a pop but got nothing
but boos. Cryme Tyme won with a neat double team I'll try to explain. Big
Guy put Haas in a Torture Rack-like position (If I recall correctly), then
Little Guy ran up and did a snap neckbreaker similar to what Test does as
Big Guy slammed him down. Great way to start the show.

Match 2: Snitsky vs. Kenny
This match was meh. There was too much submission for it's own good, with
the predictible roll up with feet on the ropes for the win by Kenny. The
most dissapointing part of the match was Kenny's intro. They didn't do the
KENNY! JOHNNY! opening because he was alone, that made me sad. Me and my
friends had it all planned to sing and sync with it, but it didn't play.
Disappointment. :(

Match 3: Eugene vs. Oleg
Worse match of the night, Oleg is so damn boring. Oleg did the typical "I AM
AMERICA AND AMERICA IS AWESOME!" He still has all that green paint on his
jacket too. Oleg just punched Eugene and did a Bear Hug. That was really the
only thing I remember about him, he was boring. I was glad the match was

Match 4: Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade vs. The Highlanders vs. The Spirit
Squad (Mitch and ???)
Really entertaining, though you'd think a Triple Threat would last longer.
The highlight of the match was after Robbeh got the tag in, him and Rori
immedietly started attacking both teams, and even doing a double team that
made everyone in the crowd pretty much go Oh s****! I was in too much of a
rush to take a picture of it (which I missed) but the crowd loved it so it
must of been good. At one point, the other two non-wrestling Spirit Squad
members were ejected. Mitch got the pin on Robbeh, though I missed what
happened because this camera was a huge pain in the ass. Oh, but they did do
the whole KENNY! JOHNNY! this time so we were happy.

Match 5: Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy
Pretty much the same routine as their countless RAW matches, though still
fun to watch live. Nitro did do a unique submission using the ropes I've
never seen him do before, which was cool. The first extremly loud Crowd Mark
Out of the night was when Jeff hit the Swanton and pinned Nitro. The best
part was the crowd was so loud it drained out Melina's screaming.

Intermission, after The Fink reminded us that the Marine was coming out next
week, that Raw Family Union was Monday, and to order No Mercy (no.) Two
drunk guys kept shouting USA and HOOOOOOOOOO in the lobby, which was fun at
first but then it got annoying. Which didn't add to it was...

Match 6: Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Shelton Benjamin.
If I ever hear another USA chant or HOOOOOOO I'm going to go insane. I
wanted the match to end just so people would shut up. Basic match with
nothing whoa my god worthy. Duggan got the win when Benjamin became cocky
and went for Duggan's 2x4. Once the ref grabbed it from him, he turned
around to yell at him and Duggan got the roll up win. Then another damn USA
chant. Idiots need to realize Benjamin is from the US too.

Match 7: Umaga vs. Kane
Estrada is ****ing hilarious in person. The crowd loves this guy. "MY NAME
IS...ALEXIANDRO......*crowd finishes his name*" NO! NO! NO! Stop
that!...okay, since you all know my name, I'll get on with business. The
crowd didn't even care about Umaga, though when Alexiandro got around to his
long, drawn out UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMAGA, the crowd synced it perfectly, which
then got Alexiandro upset again. This match was really fun to watch, with
the neat coming from me was Umaga doing his Pointy Thumb of Death from the
top rope. After Alexiandro tried to attack Kane, he was grabbed by the
throat, then thumbed to the neck by Umaga for the win. To be honest,
watching Estrada run around the ring in panic was a lot more fun than
watching Umaga's offensive moments.

Match 8: Degeneration X vs. Edge and Randy Orton
Crowd went absolutly nuts when everyone heard "ARE YOU READY." This was
before they even came out. Then prompt about 3 minutes of Triple H trying to
shhhh the crowd, he even had to straight up say "Quiet down! This is
serious!" "For the thousands in attendance...and the millions not watching
at home...and for Vince McMahon." Prompt the Big Show ass reference,
reminding us that he prefers c**k still, and then did the whole Suck it
routine. Afterwords, HBK pointed to one side of the crowd and they all
cheered. Triple H just smirked and then pointed to the other side, which
they cheered. They just kept that up for a good few minutes. Then Randy
Orton came out followed by Edge. Cheap laugh from the crowd when Triple H
and HBK did Rock Paper Scissors to decide who went first. HBK won. There was
a lot of just staring, and before the match started Triple H pointed out the
sign saying "Edge is a fag." The entire crowd started chanting "Edge is gay"
for the rest of the night. Pretty good match with some decent spots, nothing
no one has ever seen before though. The end was after HBK got the hot tag
in, Edge tried to attack both of them but HBK threw him out. Orton gets up
and goes for the RKO on Triple H, but gets shoved into HBK's Sweet Chin
Music. Recoil knocked Orton back to Triple H who hit the Pedigree and got
the pin for the win.

Overall a really fun show to be at live, save for one or two matches. For a
very tiny arena, it had a good, live crowd. I was really surprised at Cena
not being there, especally because the show was sponsored by his movie.
Anyone who actually bough a Marine shirt at the event must of been a
complete tool.

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