WWE Smackdown! & ECW Tapings *Spoilers* (12/12/06) - Boston, Massachusetts

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Before ECW got underway, a dark match took place in which Kevin Thord with Ariel defeated Scotty Too Hotty with his TKO finisher off the ropes. Does this move have a name yet. This match got a decent amount of time with Scotty hitting the worm and being super over (probably because this was the first thing out).

ECW began with the video displaying that tonight's main event would pit Lashley vs. Paul E's Security Team in a handicapped match. Also C.M Punk would be facing off against Hardcore Holly.

The first match was Test defeating RVD. This was surprisingly a good match, and in my opinion, the best of both tapings which is shocking...I know. RVD was super over, hitting his trade mark dive to the floor, Rolling Thunder, and many spinning back kicks. He was thrown off the top midway through to the floor and missed an attempted frog splash later on. Test went for a powerbomb but Rob rolled over with a sunset flip. Test sat down on RVD holding the ropes and scoring the three count.

Matt Striker made his way out for a special classroom in Boston. He made reference to Red Auerbach being dead, along with the fat losers in Boston as well as BIll Bunkner. How many times can these insults be re-used? We already won our World Series and the crowd only reacted to the Celtics' Auerbach being that he is a legend in Boston. His dead comments were really tasteless, what else can we expect from a company who exploits death to the EXTREME? Striker called out Balls who came to the ring to a good reaction. Balls began hitting a flurry before being kicked low by Striker. Striker left exclaiming he just left Balls looking and feeling more like "Blue Balls".

Punk got a great response from the Boston crowd. The match he had with Hardcore Holly was a major let down. The match felt like it never began, and ended with an awful finish which long time ECW faithful will look down upon. Hardcore Holly was disqualified for using excessive punches in the corner and not obeying the referee's count. The crowd absolutely crapped on the finish and rightfully so. Punk applied the Vice post match before finally releasing Holly. Looks like we have a new feud in ECW.

Tommy Dreamer came out to a good response from the crowd and challenged Great Khali. Khali came out, but as he was entering the ring Daivairi attacked Dreamer. Dreamer won with a DDT in two minutes. It was very forgettable. Post-match Khali pulled Dreamer out and did his finisher on the floor leaving Dreamer laying. He walked to the back on his own power and got some good sympathy cheers.

ECW Champion Lashley defeated Paul E's Secuirity in a handicapped match. Lashley was over and hit all his trademark spots. He pinned one of the security with a dominator before attacking both with the night stick's. Both "Bashams" sold this like death and did not move or leave for a good few minutes. They had already begun setting up for Smackdown before they eventually left.

Forgettable show, with a few we want table chants mixed in with the old ECW chants that quickly died down.


Cena's music hit to the delight of the crowd. No jeers as far as I heard unlike Summer Slam in which Edge got quite a decent response in Cena's hometown. Cena acknowledged his dad in the front row and gave him a hug. He continued to play to the hometown crowd by including some Boston references to "bahhh" and "pissahhh" and even mentioned post-show he was hitting Kowloons (a famous Chinese restaurant on Route 1 in Boston suburb Saugus, also my hometown) to eat some food and have some drinks. He said he was there to get ready for Armageddon and would not miss SMACKDOWN! when it's in his own backyard.

Finlay, King Booker, and Sharmell came out confronting Cena in the aisle way before making their way towards the ring. Batista made the save running to Cena's aid before any physical contact was made between the two pairs.

Teddy Long's music hit and announced tonight would see and I quote "history" as WWE Champion, John Cena faces Finlay in the main event. Good opening segment

The Six Man Tag featuring London, Kendrick, and Wang Yang over Helms, Taylor and Regal was just okay. Given more time and without limitations this match could be something special, but it was just not meant to be. There was a lot more brawling and madness than I expected, with at least one mis-communication on a double team move by London and Kendrick (when they hit an odd looking Hart Attack like maneuver). The crowd was into Jimmy Wang Yang which was a bizarre surprise, at least to me.

Matt Hardy is still over, and Mercury uses the same entrance as Nitro and Melina on RAW. Again, what could have been a great match with no limitations and more time ended up being something decent at best. Hardy won with the Twist of Fate, with Mercury landing and freezing in an awkward position.

A hearse entered the arena to the music of the old Druids tune which prompted...
The Undertaker and Kane vs. Ken Kennedy and MVP, resulting in a double countout. Usual spots with Kane hitting a top rope clotheslines, Undertaker nailing an old school on MVP, and the brothers hitting a double chokeslam. Undertaker signals for the tombstone, but whomever he had in position (hey it was a long night, I forget, sorry!) got out. Both teams brawled on the outside leading to the double countout. Undertaker and MVP brawled to the back. Kennedy got in the hearse and teases running over Kane but the lights go out...

Funny moment as some entrance lights were still on and I could visibly see Undertaker's figure running back into the arena. When they come back on, Undertaker is inside the car with Kennedy who turns his head in a funny moment and just stares at Kennedy, who runs off in shock. Kane sits up and laughs ridiculously in the aisle as both leave together doing the Undertaker's post-match arm raise. Crowd was really into the entire scenario and the match was decent.

This is when the show began to tail off for a bit in my opinion.

Chavo Guerrero defeated Funaki. Guerrero said on the mic before the match that Chris Benoit owed Vicky Guerrero an apology for hurting her neck. Benoit came out and watched the match outside the ring. No one cared for Funaki, and I swear the crowd actually groaned when they heard his music hit. After Chavo won, Benoit attacked him and locked him in a Sharpshooter. Vicky became irate and slapped Benoit, who continued to add pressure to the move. Benoit finally releases when Vicky falls to the mat in pain sobbing. Benoit stares her down as he leaves to a great response.

Vito pinned Sylvan with a rollup in a match that didn't get over with the live crowd. Boring chants and take this home. Nothing really to note except I swear Vito did get a decent reaction when he came out. Too bad he got even a better one when the match was over with. This was by far the worst thing on the show.

The Miz came out with Kristal. A table was set up in the ring with three platters. He proclaims he has ate crazy foods, been on Fear Factor, and even banged Trishelle of Real World Las Vegas fame (I am not joking). He says he will prove he is not afraid of the Boogeyman and his worms. The Miz also mentions a match this Sunday with the Boogeyman (God Help Us!). He began by eating the end of a pig's tongue, proceeding to eat monkey brains. He then opened the third tray and said he would prove he could eat them and was not afraid. Finally after scooping up a handful and coming close, he backed out and said he didn't need to. He went to place the lid back on the pot of worms when Boogeyman popped out with a mouthful and Miz ran off. Boogeyman ate worms and did his dance. The crowd seemed really quiet here as well.

WWE champion John Cena pinned Finlay with the FU in a good back and forth brawl. Mid-match, Little Bastard runs out but is lifted by Cena and tossed towards the announcers booth landing on JBL. He begins to start pounding on JBL, as JBL proceeds to beat him with his cowboy hat. This was funny and the crowd loved it.

Post-match Booker ran in through the crowd to attack Cena and they began brawling. Batista ran out to fight off Finaly and somewhere along the line was hit with the sheleighlee when Little Bastard appeared again (spelling?). Booker & Cena brawled to the back as the referee signaled for the bell leading to an un-advertised dark match between Batista and Finlay.

Batista won with ease after six minutes with the Batista Bomb. Batista visibly had a deep bruise on his hamstring as a result of the sheleighlee I believe. I noticed the camera man focusing on it and pointing it out to him. The show ended with Batista playing to the crowd and setting off the pyro.

Credit: pwinsider.com

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