WWE House Show Results (2/10/07) - Vancouver, British Columbia

Submitted by Rajah on February 13, 2007 - 11:53am
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WWE Smackdown! & ECW House Show
Date: 10/02/07
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Venue: Pacific Coliseum
Est. Attendance: 7000+
Reporter: Tim Schaab, rajah.com reader

Match #1 ? Kane defeated Gregory Helms

Before the match got underway, Helms said he hated wrestling here in ?Montreal?.
That?s a boo. The former superhero goes onto add he wants to face a heavyweight. The
red lights turn on, and here comes Kane. In the end Helms is chokeslammed and Kane
pins him for the three count.

Match #2 ? Marcus Cor Von & Elijah Burke defeated Tommy Dreamer and Balls Mahoney

The young extremists defeat the ECW originals after Elijah Burke rolls up Balls
Mahoney. No pounce from Cor Von. Burke wrestled most of this match.

Match #3 ? (Bikini Contest hosted by Funaki) Kelly Kelly
defeated Rebecca, Michelle McCool, and Jillian

Kelly Kelly with a very glittery and revealing bikini wins hands down (just keep the
hands where I can see them!). Anyways, Rebecca and Michelle looked great as well and
also drew some cheers. Jillian on the other hand chose not to wear a bikini and
rather dazzle us with her singing talents. Her imitation of Britney Spears was worse
than drinking a milk shake after you?ve left it overnight in your car and think it
would be cool to try and drink it again. Don?t do it! Oh yeah, Big Dick Johnson made
an appearance? I wish I had forgotten that.

Match #4 ? Joey Mercury defeated Jimmy Wang Yang

These two are great wrestlers, but not much reaction from the Vancouverites in
attendance. The finish saw Jimmy Wang Yang land awkwardly on his knee, and Mercury
capitalized by driving Yang to the mat and covering him for the

Match #5 ? Kevin Thorn defeated CM Punk

Ariel isn?t as hot as one would think. Go to a live event and see for yourself
before you call me a ?flaming homosexual?. Anyways, Thorn pins Punk after striking
his adversary with a cane. Ariel provided the distraction. Am I the only one
surprised by Punk jobbing to Thorn?

Match #6 ? (United States Championship) Chris Benoit defeated Chavo Guerrero

My pick for Match of the Night. Guerrero reversed everything Benoit threw at him.
However, Benoit finally made Guerrero submit to the Crippler Crossface. Like I said,
great match, it just sucks that Benoit is ?from Atlanta, Georgia?. Nonetheless,
there was still a loud Canadian pop.

Intermission? didn?t win a prize pack.

Match #7 ? (Tag Team Championship) Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated Dave
Taylor & William Regal

Section G at the
Coliseum decided to start some Regal chants that really caught on. Why did this Brit
get so much attention in Vancouver?? Because he?s William Regal damn it! Same reason
why people like Samuel L. Jackson I guess? London scores the pin for the win after
doing a very nice shooting star press from a standing position. That my friends, is
some crazy skill!

Match #8 ? (Extreme Rules) Rob Van Dam defeated Hardcore Holly

Fans love RVD here in Van City. All the usual Van Dam spots one would expect. He
topped it all off with his infamous Five Star Frog Splash. Not as ?extreme? as it
could have been, but there was the occasional use of a chair here and there.

Match #9 ? (Main Event) Undertaker & Batista defeated Mr. Kennedy & MVP

Great crowd reaction for all the participants? entrances before the match got
underway. None could compare to Undertaker?s however.
The conclusion of this match saw Batista giving Mr. Kennedy the Batista Bomb and
Undertaker giving MVP the tombstone. After a double pin and Undertaker & Batista
being announced the winners, the former partners met in the ring for a stare down.
Undertaker gave his patented ?slit the throat? to Batista and walked off. Batista
stayed around for awhile and yelled at fans that made fun of his small package or
something or other.


I?ll give this house show a seven out of ten. It was worth the ticket price, but had
room for improvement. Lashley was no where to be seen. It would have been nice to
see him. I hope WWE returns to Vancouver sometime soon. The crowd was bigger and
louder then they have been in past years, but then again, probably just another
house show in 2008.

Match of the night: Benoit versus Guerrero

Pop of the night: Undertaker

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