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WWE UK Classics Report (12/25/03) - Aired on Sky Sports 1
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Submitted by Steve Knight on December 30, 2003 at 9:41 AM

WWE Classics Report
25-12-03, Sky Sports Xtra
By Steve Knight

No rest for the wicked eh? Itís Christmas Day, Iíve eaten all my turkey and
now Iím watching and reporting on wrestling just for you guys. Ainít I just
great? Ainít I? Well bollocks to ya then! Lets just get to it.

NWA World Wide Wrestling

We open with a clip from The Great American Bash, with Lex Luger battling
Barry Windham in a Steel Cage Match. Magnum TA provides us with a voice-over
and announces that he will speak with Luger, the new World Heavyweight
Champion, on Straight Talk with The Boss later on the show.

After the opening credits, we join ring announcer Gary Michael Capetta for
our opening contest, which is Ė

Dustin Rhodes vs. Bubba Monroe
The two lock up to start, with Dustin forcing Monroe into a corner, only for
Monroe to then swap things round, land a knee to the gut and then a series
of right hands. Dustin reverses an Irish Whip attempt though and then
follows up with a clothesline in the corner. He then whips Monroe off the
ropes, drops down to the mat and takes him over with a back-bodydrop. After
that, Dustin unloads with a series of right jabs before hitting the Flip,
Flop Ďní Fly hard right hand. He then twists the arm and works a firemanís
carry takeover before locking in an armbar on the mat. Dustin then hits a
kneedrop to the arm before turning the move into a hammerlock but then going
back to the armbar. Monroe tries to break the hold with a bodyslam, but
Dustin holds on and maintains the armbar on the mat. After a few more
kneedrops to the arm, Dustin slaps on a wristlock but eventually turns it
into another hammerlock and presses Monroeís shoulders to the mat for a
couple of 2-counts. After another kneedrop to the arm, which is still held
in a hammerlock, Dustin lifts Monroe up, delivers another Irish Whip and
follows up with a bulldog off the ropes for the 1-2-3. So why all the work
on the arm?
Winner: Dustin Rhodes

We then join Tony Schiavone and Magnum TA at the commentary position, where
they speak about Magnumís interview with Lex Luger later on in the show.
They also speak a little about the situation with The Yellow Dog and
announce that WCW are considering re-instating Flyiní Brian due to the sheer
number of petition signatures they have received. However, The Dog is
wrestling tonight and should he be revealed as Flyiní Brian, WCW will not
bring him back. After that, Schiavone and Magnum hype up the US Championship
Tournament to be held soon and then announce that Johnny B. Badd will be in
the house, with Theodore R. Long by his side, after the break.


Johnny B. Badd (w/Theodore R. Long) vs. Scott Sandlin
Steve Austin pops up in the corner with Lady Blossom before the match and
warns Badd to stay away from her. Apparently, he likes her earrings. Okay.
Anyway, Badd attempts a few left and right jabs to start the match, with
Sandlin dodging them all and then locking up with him. Badd wrenches the arm
and then works a sloppy firemanís carry takeover before hitting a legdrop
across the arm. He then scores with a vertical suplex before whipping
Sandlin off the ropes and taking him down with a running shoulderblock. Badd
then runs the ropes, hopping over the fallen Sandlin and rebounding with a
hard kick to the chest followed by a twisting elbow drop. He then delivers
an Irish Whip and doubles Sandlin up with a right hand to the gut on the
rebound before climbing up top for a flying sunset flip for 1, as Badd
pushes him away. After flooring Sandlin with a hard right hand, Badd uses
his boot to rake the eyes and then hits another couple of twisting elbow
drops. After a few stomps, Badd whips Sandlin off the ropes and drops him
with a running high knee of the other side. As Sandlin staggers to his feet,
Badd levels him with the left jab and grabs the 1-2-3.
Winner: Johnny B. Badd
After the match, Badd plants the kiss on his fallen opponent.

WCW Top Ten (August 10, 11)
10. Beautiful Bobby
9. Dustin Rhodes
8. Johnny B. Badd
7. The Diamond Studd
6. Steve Austin
5. El Gigante (yeah right, again)
4. Sting
3. Nikita Koloff
2. Ron Simmons
1. Barry Windham
World Heavyweight Champion Ė Lex Luger

Rich Myers and Black Bart vs. The Patriots
Before the match, The Patriots pop up in the corner and announce that 1991
will be the year for them. Some how, I doubt it. Anyway, Bart and Todd
Champion lock up to start, with Bart forcing Champion to the ropes, where he
lands a right to the gut and then one to the head before whipping him off
the ropes, only to miss a clothesline and receive a cross-bodyblock on the
rebound by Champion for 2.
The two lock up for a second time, with Bart forcing Champion to the ropes
again, where he rakes the eyes and lands a couple of forearms to the back of
the neck before whipping him off the ropes again, only for Champion to score
with a float-through hiptoss. Myers then hits the ring and receives a
backbreaker for his trouble before Champion delivers a big bodyslam to Bart
and then a hard knife-edge chop to Myers. As the heels bail out, Chip the
Firebreaker hits the ring to celebrate, but the crowd couldnít give a toss.
Bart eventually gets back in the ring and orders Champion to tag in Chip,
which he eventually does, only for Bart to then tag out to Myers. Christ, he
must have wanted him bad. Anyway, the two lock up, with Myers forcing Chip
to the corner, where he hits a slap to the chest. Chip quickly swaps things
round though, hits a chop and a couple of slaps to the chest of his own
before delivering a big hiptoss out of the corner and then tagging back out
to Champion, who comes in with a knee to the gut followed by a delayed
vertical suplex. He then tags back out to Chip, who picks Myers up in a
firemanís carry, climbs the ropes and hits a Super Samoan Drop for the
1-2-3, as Champion takes out Bart with a hard right hand.
Winners: The Patriots


We return to a promo from The Enforcers, who inform us that they will make
The Z-Man and Robert Gibson pay for challenging them to a match.

The Enforcers vs. The Z-Man and Robert Gibson
Larry Zbyszko and Gibson start this one off, with Larry landing a boot to
the gut followed by a series of right hands. He continues the assault with
some more rights to the gut in the corner, with Arn Anderson holding Gibson
in place. This prompts Z-Man to hit the ring and all hell breaks loose, with
Gibson whipping Zbyszko off the ropes and taking him over with a
back-bodydrop as Z-Man unloads with a series of right hands to Anderson.
Zbyszko bails to the outside, so Gibson follows him out and continues the
beating with some more right hands, only for Anderson to follow them out and
crack a steel chair across the back of Gibsonís injured knee. Zbyszko rolls
him back inside as the referee restores order and stomps on the knee a few
times before tagging out to Anderson, who trips Gibson to the mat and lands
some knee-to-knee contact before dragging him across the ring, sliding to
the outside and wrapping his leg around the ring post a couple of times.
Back inside, Arn stomps on the knee again and then lifts Gibsonís leg up
into the air before using his boot to slam it back down to the mat. Zbyszko
tags back in and, with Arn holding Gibsonís leg down to the mat, stomps on
the back of the knee again. He then lifts Gibsonís leg up and kicks away at
the injured body part again before scoring with a legmare. After a snapmare,
Zbyszko slaps on a figure four leglock, only for Z-Man to eventually hit the
ring and break the hold with a legdrop. Zbyszko brings Arn back in, who uses
his weight to snap Gibsonís knee over the bottom rope a few times and then
scores with a jumping stomp to the same body part. He then locks in a Half
Boston Crab and, with Gibson writhing in pain, the referee calls for the
bell and awards the win to The Enforcers.
Winners: The Enforcers

We then join Magnum TA on the stage for Straight Talk with The Boss, who
introduces World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger, flanked by Harley Race and
Mr Hughes. Magnum asks Luger why he has the new acquaintances and The Total
Package, acting rather heelish, says that it is a new era for WCW, with a
new attitude adjustment for him.


Terrence Taylor (w/Alexandra York) vs. The Yellow Dog
The two lock up to start, with Taylor wrenching the arm and twisting it over
his head, only for Dog to twist it back his way. Taylor breaks the hold with
an Irish Whip but Dog hops up onto the second rope to avoid contact with the
turnbuckles and leapfrogs over an advancing Taylor before hitting a hiptoss,
dropkick and armdrag before finally settling into an armbar on the mat.
Dog eventually releases the hold and the two lock up again, with Taylor
forcing Dog into a corner, where he hits a knee to the gut and a right hand
followed by another Irish Whip. Dog lifts himself up again though and traps
the advancing Taylor in a headscissors, flipping him through the ropes and
to the outside, where Terrence consults Alexandra and her computer.
Back inside, they lock up again, with Dog cinching in a headlock. Taylor
shoves him off into the ropes and looks for a bodyslam, but Dog slips out
the back door and works a rollback pin off the ropes for 2. He then works a
headlock takedown for another 2-count before eventually rising to his feet
with the hold intact. Taylor eventually forces Dog into a corner, where he
unloads with a series of shoulder thrusts. Dog reverses another Irish Whip
attempt though, but then misses the corner charge and falls victim to a nice
gutwrench powerbomb from Taylor for 2. Terrence then hits a snapmare and
comes off the ropes with a Hennig-mare followed by a kneedrop to the face
for another 2-count before he cinches in a reverse chinlock on the mat. The
Dog eventually fights up and elbows his way free, but then accidentally
falls to the mat. Taylor sells it though and goes back to the chinlock
momentarily, only for The Dog to then break the hold with a right to the gut
and some more to the face, followed by a series of slaps to the chest and
then a nice enziguri. He then hits another right hand before whipping Taylor
off the ropes and taking him over with a back-bodydrop. After another slap
to the chest, Dog whips him off the ropes again and comes off the other side
with a diving clothesline. Taylor reverses another whip attempt though and
goes for a clothesline, but Dog ducks under it and scores with a crucifix
into a sunset flip for the 1-2-3.
Winner: The Yellow Dog
After the match, The Dog teases lifting his mask off to Taylor but then
makes his way to the back, revealing his face to the fans, but not the
camera, to a loud chorus of screams. Hmm, could it have been Flyiní Brian?

Schiavone and Magnum announce that next week, we will see The Enforcers vs.
Big Josh and Beautiful Bobby. We then catch interviews from both teams, and
Bobby looks so thrilled to have Doink The Clown as his tag team partner.

The Hardliners vs. Rick Steiner and Mystery Partner (Sting)
Schiavone announces that next week, we will hear comments from the injured
Scott Steiner. So whatís new there?
Dick Slater and Steiner start this one with a lock-up, with Slater forcing
Steiner back into a corner, only for Rick to hit a right hand and then one
to Dick Murdoch on the apron as well. He then hits a few more rights to
Slater and then another one to Murdoch before turning his attention back to
Slater with some more right hands, two of which knock him down to the mat.
He then grabs Slater by the arm and punches away at the elbow before
attempting to break the limb over his knee. When that doesnít work, Rick
tags out to Sting, who wrenches Slaterís arm down to the mat before picking
him back up again and twisting it over his head. Slater breaks the hold by
bouncing Sting off the ropes and then goes for a bodyslam, but Sting slips
out the back door and decks Slater with a hard right hand before slapping on
a wristlock. Slater reaches the corner though and tags out to Murdoch, who
comes in with a series of right hands to the gut and then some to the head
before he cinches in a headlock. Sting breaks the hold by bouncing him off
the ropes, but Murdoch rebounds with a shoulderblock. He then continues to
run the ropes but Sting quickly gets up and scores with a hiptoss and an
armdrag before settling into an armbar on the mat. He eventually turns the
hold into a wristlock and tags Rick back in, who unloads with a series of
right hands to the arm and then works a hammerlock over the top rope.
Murdoch eventually breaks the hold with a series of right hands and tags
back out to Slater, who comes in with a chop and a series of left jabs
followed by a hard right before scoring with a bodyslam. He then stomps on
Rick before locking in an armbar of his own and tagging back out to Murdoch,
who comes in with a right hand to the arm. The Hardliners then work the
double team, with both men hitting some Bionic Elbows to Rickís head.
Murdoch then twists the arm round but Rick fights back with some more right
hands. Murdoch cuts him off though and locks in another armbar on the mat,
where he lands some knees to the arm. Slater then comes in illegally and the
two hit some stomps on Rick before Murdoch exits the ring. Nice refereeing
there. Slater then sets Rick up for a piledriver, but The Dog Faced Gremlin
flips him onto his back and makes the hot tag to Sting, who comes in with a
series of right hands to Slater and then one to Murdoch on the apron. He
then hits a boot to the gut of Slater and hits a right hand in the corner,
only for Murdoch to then hit the ring and go for ďThe StingerĒ. Steiner cuts
him off though and unloads with a series of right hands in the corner as
Sting hits an Irish Whip on Slater followed by a Stinger Splash in the
corner. As the referee orders Steiner from the ring, Sting slaps on the
Scorpion Deathlock, only for Murdoch to break it up straight away. The
Hardliners then stomp away at Sting until Steiner comes back in and hits
them both with a steel chair for the DQ, even though the bell rang before he
had even done anything.
Winners via DQ: The Hardliners

Schiavone and Magnum quickly wrap things up and will see us next week.

Questions of the Week
1. What tag team was The Patriot part of in WCW in the early 1990s?
2. Which evil character did ďThe Million Dollar ManĒ Ted DiBiase bring to
the WWF one Christmas?
3. What Wrestlecrap-worthy festive film did Hulk Hogan once play Santa
Clause in?

Answers of the Week
1. T&A (Test and Albert, now A-Train) took over the APAís office and called
themselves T&APA for a while.
2. The two survivors of Razor Ramonís team at Survivor Series 1993 were The
1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman) and Marty Jannetty.
3. Owen Hart inadvertently broke Steve Austinís neck with a modified
Tombstone (or an inverted piledriver, whatever you wanted to call it).

There were a lot of correct answers this week, so well done to Harkirat
Virdi, Ian Mills, Big Daddy Sinister, Jason LeBlanc, The Coyote, Jeremy V1,
Roin, Nikhil Misri, Bill Petersheim, Bill Thomson and El Conquistador
(didnít you wrestle on Heat a couple of weeks ago? Nah!)

Anyway, hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and all those other
festivals that Iíve never heard of before. Call me an ignorant English
tosser if you like. Actually, on second thoughts, donít.

But seriously, hope you had a great time whatever part of the world you are
from and whatever you are celebrating. See you next week.

Steve ([email protected])

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