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From: Kevin
To finish off the questions on what was the first interpromotional match and everyone mentioning Tazz vs Triple h on Raw, and other matches thrown around. this will end that discussion. RVD fought jeff hardy on 5/12/97 at Raw. RVD had later matches with Jerry Lawler in tag team matches both in WWF and ECW that same year. Also that year on June 16 Chris Candido (ECW) fought Brian Christopher (USWA) on Raw, another interpromotional match. But if you want to be technical the last one before the monday night wars was on July 4th 1982 when Bob Backlund, the WWF champ fought Ric Flair the NWA champ, that match ended in a double DQ, thanks guys.

Yep, and like I said before, it goes way farther back than that. How come nobody mentions the AWA promoting cards with World Class back in the late 80's? Besides, this latest version of "interpromotional matches" has been the most bastardized one ever since all that were involved were under contract to WWFE while participating. I mean really it's no different than members of two stables wrestling each other, like a Hart Foundation member vs. a DX member. Same thing.

From: Jason, Columnist & TV Reporter at rajah.com
Hey Pete, I saw the question about recycled music at the WMXII Gimmick Battle Royal (of which there was plenty) and I thought I'd throw this in about The Iron Sheik's music for the night since you couldn't place it in the last mailbag. The Sheik's music was that of Tiger Ali Singh. I know because I was assaulted with it on a weekly basis when the Tiger-ized Lo Down were wrestling tag matches on Jakked/Metal every week for a while in late 2000/early 2001. Tiger alos used the music when he was a singles wrestler/poor man's Ted DiBiase in 1998-99. HowEVER, and by now this has gone on too long, the same Iron Sheik/Tiger Ali Singh music was used by Rikishi when he wrestled as The Sultan in 1997. Who was one of The Sultan's managers? You guess it...The Iron Sheik. So, long story short, if you're a wrestler with a mid-eastern gimmick, that's gonna be your music. See, wasn't that painfully insightful?

Beautiful how it all comes full circle like that, isn't it? It always comes back to the Sheik. Much like Haku using the Headshrinker music is of interest because it's Rikishi/Fatu's old music. And of course, as you said, Rikishi used to wrestle as The Sultan, who was managed by the Shiek. And get this: Bobby Heenan announced that Gimmick Battle Royale at Wrestlemania, and also managed Haku back in the day. So you see, it all comes full circle. okay, I lost sight of the point long ago.

From: Dreamgoat
I noticed during the Big Show/Christian match, JR was talking about after Survivor Series either him or Paul Heymen will not have a job... his exact words "On Monday's Raw, will it be Paul Heymen here, or will I be out of a job?" Don't they mean the same thing?

Yeah, you know, kind of like a coin toss: Heads- I win, Tails- You lose. It sounds to me like a simple slip of the tongue.

From: Kingkurt49
I was reading an old mailbag. It was #23. In the bag some dude was writting in complaining about how bad WM 16 was. The responce by Pete was this : That's your point of view. But you're telling me you wouldn't take the Ladder Match, the IC/Euro Match, and the Main Event over Wrestlemania XIII's Taker/Sid, Bret/Austin, and uh... Nation/LOD Street Fight? I don't think so. To say Wrestlemania 2000 was the worst ever just doesn't sit well with me. Ummm..... Pete are you saying that you think that the Bret Hart and Stone Cold match was bad? I think that has got to be one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history. It definetly elevaded Austin. Could you clear this up for me?

Um. no. Did I say that? There's not really anything to clear up. I would take the Wrestlemania 2000 Triangle Ladder Match, the IC/Euro Title Match, and the Fatal Four Way over Bret/Austin, Undertaker/Sid, and the Nation Street Fight any day of the week. I love the Bret/Austin match and it's clearly one of the best matches of the 90's. I would take that one individual match over any of the aforementioned matches, but when you throw the other two in there, I think Wrestlemania 2000's big three matches were far superior to those of Wrestlemania 13's. Bret/Austin is a class match but one match does not make a show, and the rest of Wrestlemania 13 was horrible. I still can't understand the people that rank on Wrestlemania 2000 for being a bad show. It had its weak parts, but overall it was a good show, people. And a heel winning the main event wasn't a bad thing. it was a good thing.

From: E
I would like to know if you know the status on Eddie Guerrero and Val Venis, will they return to TV ring action soon?

Eddie sure won't. He was recently released. But Val Venis is down in the HWA, and I'm sure he'll be back up sooner or later, probably after they split the roster into two for good.

From: Ian
Hi, my name is Ian Jordan and I have an inquery about the ever so popular question, "Has a title ever changed on Jakked/Metal?" A couple of years ago there was a match scheduled at a Pay-Per-View which pinned Jeff Jarrett against Edge for the Intercontinental Championship....in the days prior to the match, Jarrett was the champion. The night at the PPV, Edge walked in as the champ. Good ol' JR announced the Edge had won the title the night before...Saturday...the night that Jakked/Metal is on...wouldnt that make a circumstance in which a title had exchanged hands during Jakked/Metal?

Nope, that Title change happened at a house show in Toronto the night before. It was not televised.

From: Amanda
Hiya guys Who do you think will be the most succesful out of the Hardyz when they split & also who do you think out of all the divas has the most untapped potential?

I think it'll be Jeff in the short term since he seems to be the more over of the two, but if common sense is any indication, Matt will have a longer career since he isn't insane and doesn't absolutely kill himself on a nightly basis. If Jeff wants to make sure he can still move when he's 30, he should seek advice from guys like X-Pac and the Dynamite Kid, who have both paid the price for all the risks they took in the ring at a yong age (to varying degrees, of course).

From: Ricky
Hey all, great site, visit it every day, blah blah blah. Yes, yet another supposed title change on Jakked/Metal. Well two actually. On the 17/4/2000 edition of metal (or thats the date on wwftitlehistory.com), i believe Scotty beat Dean Malenko for the light-heavyweight championship, before losing it back to him about a week later on Metal also. I'm pretty sure this happened, cos at the time i was new to WWF and watched most of the TV shows :P Hope this clears it up. I was also wondering how you thought the WWF was going to introduce the Alliance members back to TV, cause I'm starting to miss DDP and Hurricane especially. Keep up the excellent work!

That match happened on Raw. Incidentally, it was the same night of Jericho's near Title win over Triple H. The return match happened on Smackdown. A weak later they tore the house down with their PPV match at Backlash. The crowd loved it, so of course we never got another Malenko Light Heavyweight Title match on PPV again.

From: James
With the recent events of the Survivor Series, I ended up being extremely confused concerning who was a face, and who was a heel. Now those lines are better defined, but I am still extremely confused.

Ever since the Invasion angle, all of the WWF has been a face, more or less. Leading this team was Vince McMahon. And on the opposition, the leader was Stone Cold. Now, people who watch the WWF are fans of the WWF obviously, and when Kurt Angle helped beat the Alliance at Survivor Series, he was cheered at the start of RAW for saving the federation. But, at the end of Raw, and the Smackdown that followed, he had begun to become a heel alongside Vince. And Ric Flair and Stone Cold had become faces.

My question is, how is this possible? None of these were clear face or heel turns at the time, but the fan reaction had suddenly changed. At the end of RAW, I thought Kurt was still supposed to be thanked by the crowd, and Austin being hated for turning his back on the WWF.

So I guess my question isn't really about storylines, but rather about the fan reaction. If you can help shed some light on the situation, I would really be grateful.

Funny how that works, huh? It's actually not overly important. The WWF will have you believe that you should be free to cheer who you like and jeer who you dislike, as long as you're cheering and jeering somebody and not sitting on your hands. Yes, during the invasion angle, Vince was the head of the WWF, and was thus a babyface. But as soon as the WWF won that match at Survivor Series and the Alliance was no more, that meant the angle was over and it was back to the normal WWF. The way in which they won the match (with Vince being in cahoots with Angle and not telling anyone else, thus mortgaging his own guys' future) effectively turned both Vince and Angle heel. I mean the next night, Vince was kissing Angle's ass instead of the Rock, who really should have been heralded as the hero for beating Austin and winning the match for the WWF. Angle turned on Austin, so it's natural that Austin now oppose him and Vince. And there you go. I'm not sure where the confusion lies. It was actually a pretty well done storyline.

From: Adam
Great site, guys. Been reading for almost three years (?) now. Quick question. Has there ever been a face/heel change while holding a title? I'm moreso intersted in knowing about turning heel or face while holding the WWF Championship, and with exception to Invasion, I can't think of a single time that it has happened.

I'm sure it's happened a bunch with lesser Titles (Demolition turned heel in 1990 as Tag Team Champions, various tag teams have split up while they were Champions, the fans turned The Rock heel while he was Intercontinental Champion, etc), but as for the WWF Championship, the first time I can recall that happening was in 1989 when Randy Savage turned heel on Hulk Hogan during his WWF Title reign. Most recently, Steve Austin did it, effectively turning heel to win the Title at Wrestlemania X-7, then turning face again while Champion just a few weeks ago.

From: Brandon
Hi! My anme is Brandon Filed and I'm from Newfoundland, canada. I ahve 2 things to say:1. vince Mcmahon is a shithead. I just rented "Hitman hart :wrestling with Shadows" and I liked it so much I even bought it (at the bargain price of 4.99 I might add). It showed me how much of a jackass Vince is. he said that Bret screwed bret. hardly. Him and Earl hevner screwed Bret straight out of the title. I happy that he drilled him afterwords. He deserved it. I wanted to know what you feel about this. 2. WWf never comes to Newfoundland. i know its not one of their top priorities but they haven't been here in close to 6 years. they go to Moncton and fredriction and Newfoundland is right on there way. I recommend that everyone rents/buys Hitman Hart: Wrtestling with shadows. Its a great documentery.

Well, there are two sides to every story, and that certainly told Bret's side of the story, but I don't think it's fair to judge anyone based on one person's side of any story. That said, I'm a huge Bret Hart fan, and I hate what happened to him.

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