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Submitted by Rajah on November 17, 2003 at 23:04:25

This one's for Crash.

Hello once again everyone and welcome to the Office of Journalistic Excellence for your rajah.com RAW report. I am your host Jason (Jason_of_RajahWWF on Yahoo Messenger) and apparently I'm pretty big in India and the UK. In any event, the show's about to start so let's go...

The music plays, the pyro flashes and we are LIVE from the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler will have the call as tonight Goldberg will meet Batista and Shawn Michaels battles Randy Orton one-on-one. But first...

Lita Interview
-Lita takes the stick and says that's she's been told her comeback is a great accomplishment, and maybe it is, but nothing will be better that beating Molly Holly at Survivor Series for the Women's Championship. TIME TO PLAY THE GAME...here comes Triple H, flanked by Batista and Randy Orton. Evolution slowly makes their way into the ring with Lita still standing in the center. Triple H really tries to soak it up from the crowd, but the reaction is not overly large. Can Lita help you, guys? Triple H grabs the mic and says unless Lita plans to get naked and dance for a dollar, she can take a hike. Not wanting any trouble, Lita complies. Triple H runs footage of Batista's ankle-injuring attack on Goldberg from several weeks ago. If Goldberg thinks he's going to beat Batista tonight and them Triple H on Sunday, he's crossed the line between bravery and stupidity. Triple H goads the crowd into chanting for Goldberg when the GLASS BREAKS...and RAW Co-General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin comes on down and hits the corners. Austin gets right up in Evolution's face and stares Triple H down. Stone Cold was nice enough to let Hunter come down here and say his piece, but like Triple H told Lita...take a hike. Hunter and Randy Orton taunt Austin about Survivor Series, but Austin is more interested in whether or not Triple H had planned on wrestling tonight. Hunter says no way, so Austin tells him to get his ass out of the building. What's Austin going to do about it if he doesn't? Nothing, says Batista, because Austin is a coward. Austin is glad he only has to put up with this stuff for another six days and with that, orders security to the ring to escort Triple H from the building. An army of event staff comes down as Austin heads up the ramp. Triple H will leave, but not because Austin told him to...because he wants to.

In the back, Steve Austin meets head on with the totality of Team Bischoff. Eric Bischoff is glad to see Stone Cold is finally handling his role as the co-general manager well, but it's too late now. Team Austin arrives to surround their leader and it's a shouting match.


Rob Van Dam vs. Christian for the Intercontinental Championship
-This will be the first of several Team Austin versus Team Bischoff faces offs tonight. Van Dam starts off quickly and gets a near fall from referee Mike Chioda. Christian tosses RVD over the top, but Van Dam catches Christian coming in on the apron and backdrops him to the floor on the fly. Ouch. RVD sets Christian up on the rail on the outside and nails the spinning guillotine legdrop. Christian gets the thumb into RVD's eye back on the inside and drills him with a stiff DDT. 1-2-Van Dam gets the shoulder up. 1-2-Van Dam kicks out. Christian chokes Van Dam on the mat as the referee admonishes. Snapmare by Christian and he works the rear chinlock on the mat. Chioda checks in with RVD, but the champ won't quit. Van Dam fights up and meets a charging Christian in the corner with a spinning heel kick. Split-legged moonsault, 1-2-Christian kicks out. Reverse kick off the second rope by Van Dam followed by a roll-through slam. 1-2-Christian barely kicks out. Van Dam moves the referee out of his way and Christian lands a low blow. Christian goes out and shoves Lillian Garcia to the mat to steal her chair. Damn him. Christian brings the chair and the title belt into the ring. The referee relieves him of the belt, but Christian tries to use the chair on Van Dam. RVD dodges and puts Christian on the mat. Five Star Frog Splash! 1-2-3, RVD takes it at 5:29.
-HERE is YOUR Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam

At a local Chinese restaurant, Shane McMahon arrives alone and requests a table for two.


In the arena, Jonathan Coachman makes his way to the ring wearing a New York Yankees jersey. Coach addresses Lillian Garcia, who's standing in the ring. Due to what happened to Lillian in the last match, Eric Bischoff has decided that Coachman should replace her for the rest of the night...for her own safety, of course. Lillian's certainly angry, but she complies. Coach takes the mic and tells us the following contest is scheduled for ONE fall...

Rene Dupree & Rob Conway vs. The Hurricane & Rosey
-This match arises from the events of last night's Sunday Night Heat. Dupree kisses Lillian Garcia's hand as she makes her way up the ramp. Ross advises her to wash it. The heels attack Hurricane and Rosey on the outside before it settles into Rosey and Dupree in the ring. Dupree dropkicks Rosey's knee and puts the boots to it. Tag to Conway, who continues to punish Rosey's knee. Tag to Dupree who does his annoying little dance before dropping the elbow to Rosey's knee. Rosey comes back and tries to slam Dupree, but his knee gives out. Rosey does manage the Samoan drop and both men are down. Both men tag and Hurricane takes on all comers. Eye of the Hurricane to Conway. 1-2-broken up by Dupree. Dupree and Rosey tumble to the outside as Hurricane looks for the chokeslam, but Conway elbows out. Conway Dupree gets the drop on Hurricane from the outside behind referee Chad Patton's back and Conway puts Our Hero down for the 1-2-3 at 3:07.
-HERE are YOUR Winners: Rob Conway & Rene Dupree

In the back, Terri tells Lita that she will be absolutely no help to Lita in their tag team match later tonight. Lita assures Terri not to worry when Eric Bischoff sidles up. He dismisses Terri and tells Lita that she better learn to "play ball" with Easy E. After Survivor Series, Lita's savior Stone Cold Steve Austin won't be around anymore to protect her anymore.


In the back, Chris Jericho rallies the rest of Team Bischoff, reminding them all of their reasons for hating Stone Cold Steve Austin. Randy Orton, arriving late, tells the rest of the team to watch him in his match with Shawn Michaels later tonight, he has something special planned. Orton leaves as Teddy Long shakes his head. "That is one cocky cracker." "Buhleedat," says Jericho.

Meanwhile Val Venis has brought two girls of somewhat questionable morality into the building. They're for Lance Storm for whatever reason. Val and the girls catch Lance coming out of the shower, embarrassing him and sending him running for the locker room. One of the girls remarks on the size of Lance's manhood. Remember when Lance Storm had a career?

At the Chinese restaurant, Shane McMahon passes on the specials and decides to wait for his "guest" before ordering.


WWE Sting of the Week: Molly Holly and Gail Kim get the drop on Lita with a double DDT.

Lita & Terri vs. Molly Holly & Gail Kim
-Coach introduces Lita and Terri as weighing a combined 310 pounds. He then intros Molly as the "greatest Women's Champion of all time" and I like him more and more. Terri, who came to interview rather than wrestle, is in there in a denim dress and high-heeled boots. The heels isolate Terri at the start and Gail works her over before tagging Molly. Molly easily subdues Terri on the mat and covers her, but pulls her up after referee Jack Doan counts one. Molly rakes away at Terri's face on the mat. Terri manages to get some separation in the corner and makes the tag to Lita. Lita is all over both heels, slamming Molly for a near fall. Gail comes in and gets tossed into the corner. Lita uses the downed Molly as a vault Hardyz-style to clothesline Kim in the corner. Lita appeals to the crowd, but Gail recovers and kicks her in the side of the head. Molly quickly follows up with a roll-up and grabs the middle rope for extra leverage and the 1-2-3 at 2:40.
-HERE are YOUR Winners: Molly Holly & Gail Kim

Not content with their victory, Molly and Gail drag Terri out of the ring, strip her of her dress and toss her into the guardrail.

Ross intros a video clip of what happened the last time Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels met one-on-one.


Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels
-Orton gives the glad hand to Coach after a glowing introduction. They start with some basics and Orton gets the better of things. Orton hammers away in the corner as senior referee Earl Hebner admonishes. Orton whips Michaels to the opposite corner and works more punches, but HBK reverses things and chops away. Backdrop to Orton and Michaels look to tune the band early, but Orton bails out. Michaels chases Orton around the ring and levels him in the ring with a right hand for a near fall. HBK with a roll-up for two before Orton reverses a whip and sends Michaels over the top and to the floor. Orton goes out and drives Michaels' back into the ring apron. Orton taunts Michaels verbally and then flips him back into the ring. Orton drops the fist and gets two. Orton uses his bootlaces to rake Michaels' eyes and kicks him into the corner. Suplex by Orton. 1-2-kickout by HBK. Orton settles into the reverse chinlock on the mat and referee Hebner checks in. Michaels surges up and elbows out. They slug it out and Orton buries the knee in Michaels gut. HBK surges back and scores an inverted atomic drop and a high backdrop. Orton reverses things and leverages Michaels into Hebner, who's sent headlong to the outside. Orton goes out for a chair, which The Coach readily gives him. Orton sets the chair up in the ring and looks to drop Michaels on it, but HBK reverses things and side slams Orton onto the steel. Sweet Chin Music! Hebner crawls back into the ring as Michaels makes the cover and the ref tolls the 1-2-3 at 6:42.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Shawn Michaels

At the restaurant, Shane McMahon is finishing his meal. He looks up to someone off camera and says, "I was wondering if you'd show up." The camera pans to reveal a smiling Kane. "You know I always keep my promises, Shane."


At the restaurant, Kane is now seated at the table with Shane and McMahon warms that neither of them will be the same after Sunday. Kane taunts Shane about what he did to his mother and his testicles. Kane says he electrified Shane's genitals to try to prevent him from ever having children. Kane had never felt compassion, never known love. He is a monster whose only happiness is making people suffer. Shane can talk all he wants, he can't stop pure evil. Kane's not pure evil, says Shane, Kane is pathetic. Kane could live in the real world, but he's too self-hating to do it. Everyone knows that about Kane...even Kane's brother. Shane gets up from the table, leaves money for his meal and tells Kane that come Survivor Series, he's going to put Kane out of his misery.


WWE Rewind: Last week on RAW, Scott Steiner distracted the Dudley Boyz into a loss.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Scott Steiner & Mark Henry w/Stacy Keibler and Theodore Long
-This is a non-title affair. Steiner and D-Von start with some jawing at each other before Steiner suplexes Dudley to the mat. Steiner kicks away in the corner and chops away. Steiner punches D-Von to the mat, but misses the clothesline on the whip and D-Von lands the flying shoulder. Dropkick by D-Von and Steiner bails to the outside. Bubba flips Steiner back in and D-Von nails him. Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade watch the proceedings from a backstage monitor. Henry tags in and shoulders D-Von to the mat. Henry repeats the maneuver, but Dudley avoids the elbow drop. Bubba tags in and Henry powers him out of the tie-up. Henry with a boot to the gut and a huge forearm to Bubba's back. Henry measures Bubba with a right hand and floors him. Henry powers Bubba into the corner but he puts his head down too soon and Bubba kicks him in the bean. Tag to D-Von, but Henry runs right through the attempted double clothesline. Tag to Steiner, who covers D-Von for two from referee Chad Patton. Steiner measures D-Von with an elbow drop and nails it. 1-Steiner rolls off and does some push-ups. D-Von surprises Steiner with a roll-up and gets two. Steiner puts D-Von on top, but Dudley counters him away and drops the elbow. Tag to Bubba. Bubba cleans Henry off the apron and drops Steiner with a side slam. 1-2-Steiner kicks out. Bubba Bomb! 1-2-Henry breaks it up. D-Von shows Steiner the door as Bubba clotheslines Henry down for the first time all match. The Dudleys hit Henry with a double shoulder block and look for the 3-D, but here comes Steiner with a chair. Henry has D-Von beat with the powerslam, but Steiner nails Bubba right in front of the referee and Patton calls for the bell at 7:16.
-HERE are YOUR Winners as the result of a Disqualification: The Dudley Boyz

Teddy Long eggs Steiner on as he nails D-Von with the chair after the bell, but Henry stares off up the ramp, clearly unhappy with the way things turned out.

In the general manager's office, Eric Bischoff taunts Steve Austin about this Sunday being the end of Stone Cold's career.


A clip from last week reminds us LeBron James was in attendance. This week, it's members of the New England Patriots.

In the back, Chris Jericho lays into a staff chick about how late his water is when Trish Stratus comes up. Jericho explains his tirade away as stress over Survivor Series. Trish says Jericho can talk to her anytime. Anytime? Well, would Trish like to get something to eat sometime or some...thing? Is Jericho asking Trish out? Well...yes. Trish would love to go out with Jericho sometime, it'd be fun. How about tonight after Jericho's match with Booker T? Sure. It's a date.

Ross and Lawler quickly shill for Survivor Series before throwing to the WWE Studios, where Michael Cole and Tazz preview the Smackdown side of things.

In the back, Booker T and John Heidenreich are looking over the new WWE Unscripted book when there's a knock at the door. Heidenreich answers it but there's no one there. There is however an envelope addressed to Booker T. Heidenreich hands the envelope over and Booker opens it. It contains only a note that reads, "I Still Remember." Hmmm...


Booker T vs. Chris Jericho
-Jonathan Coachman gives Jericho the introduction of the century. They tie-up and roll along the ropes before working some basics in the center of the ring. Booker with a hip toss and some chops in the corner. Booker looks for the sidekick, but Jericho ducks and Booker crotches himself over the top rope. Jericho boots Booker to the outside and hammers away. Jericho brings Booker back in and scores an axe handle off the top for a near fall from referee Jack Doan. Booker fires back with a forearm and a clothesline. Heel kick by Booker T. 1-2-kickout. Jericho ducks the sidekick and takes Booker down for a near fall. Booker eats boot on a corner charge, but Booker recovers and floors Jericho for two. Jericho avoids the scissor kick and looks for The Walls, but Booker powers out. Booker looks for the Book End, but Jericho elbows out. Booker floats over on the corner charge and works a Jack Briscoe roll-up (in the form of a crucifix) for the surprise 1-2-3 at 3:52. It's a clean sweep for Team Austin.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Booker T

Jericho attacks after the bell and traps Booker in The Walls. The rest of Team Bischoff comes down to add to the beating until the rest of Team Austin arrives to makes the save. The heels are driven from the ring as The Coach announces Jericho as the winner via disqualification. The faces take exception and herd Coachman into the ring where the Dudleys 3-D him.

Ross intros a video package chronicling the build-up to the Survivor Series Ambulance Match between Shane McMahon and Kane.


Ross and Lawler plug away for the new WWE Unscripted book, on sale tomorrow.

Batista vs. Goldberg
-Lillian Garcia is back for the introductions on this one, which is a non-title match. Goldberg is clearly limping on his way to the ring and his leg is in a cast. Batista attacks at the bell, but Goldberg manages a labored press slam. Batista bails to the outside and pulls Goldberg to the apron. Batista smashes Goldberg's leg into the apron and the steel post. Back inside, Batista works the leg lock and then sets Goldberg's leg up in the corner, but Bill battles him away. Batista pulls Goldberg out of the corner and looks for a piledriver perhaps, but Goldberg backdrops out. Spear, but Goldberg has trouble getting up. Goldberg pulls himself up and sets Batista up for the Jackhammer, but TRIPLE H slides in and clips Bill's knee from behind. Referee Mike Chioda calls for the bell at 2:18 and that's (disappointingly) that.
-HERE is YOUR Winner as the result of a Disqualification: Goldberg

Triple H goes ringside and retrieves a chair and the old sledgehammer from underneath the ring. He returns to the ring and sets Goldberg's injured leg up under the chair. Triple H looks to smash it with the sledgehammer, but Goldberg goes low. Goldberg Spears Hunter and catches Batista coming in with a sledgehammer to the gut. Evolution retreats up the ramp as Goldberg stands tall to...


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