Rock's WWE Status, Undertaker's Return, Pre-RAW/Smackdown Meetings

* The Rock had gone on record late last year stating that he was going to be a big part of WWE TV in January and March, however it now appears that he will only be making a few appearance on TV before WrestleMania and those will likely be taped vignettes. McMahon is The Rock's Hollywood agent and receives a significant payout from all his movie deals, therefore the WWE isn't really missing out financially by not having Rock appear at WWE events. The Rock does feel, however, that he owes McMahon this WrestleMania appearance as he will be teaming with Foley against two members of Evolution.

* Now that the pre-RAW/Smackdown meetings have become part of the weekly routine, many wrestlers are said to be buying into McMahon's "new style" that he's preaching at the meetings. A lot will be decided by the crowd reactions at house shows as those are usually proving grounds for anything new the WWE wants to try out.

* As we approach the much anticipated return of the Undertaker to WWE, he will be back as a full-time talent on the Smackdown roster, not a part-time role as some had first thought.

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