WWE Smackdown! Report (6/10/04) - Taped in Long Island, New York

rajah.com smackdown! report: by sebastian
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The show begins with a recap of Paul Heyman slapping the D-von Dudley two weeks ago. Last week, Paul Heyman gave the Undertaker an ultimatum concerning his stance and Paul Bearer. Will Undertaker join Paul Heyman tonight? Find out!

General Manager Kurt Angle was already waiting in the ring to give his announcement. Standing beside him his body guard Luther Reigns. Angle says that the last time he was in that ring New York bood him as the champion. Angle says he's better than them to which the audience chanted "You Suck!" A brief recap of John Cena and Booker T's scuffle was shown bringing Angle to announce why he's out there. Kurt demanded that both men come out to apologize for their actions last week. Booker was the first to come out and says he would not intentionally hurt Angle. Because he's an upstanding guy, he will apologize five times. Booker says I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry while the fans chant for John Cena. Kurt demands that the audience shut up and realize that Booker is apologizing. Booker continues and finishes his five times. The two shake hands and Kurt excuses Booker. John Cena comes down to the ring to a huge pop! Angle demands Cena shut up and get straight to apologizing., no rapping. Cena calls Angle lumpy and said if he intentionally did it, Kurt wouldn't be out here tonight. Cena said he should have finished the job! With that, Luther steps up to Cena. Angle tells Luther to stay right there incase Cena tries something. Angle says Cena is now on probation and if he does anything to hurt him, he will be stripped of the US title. Angle wants Cena to apologize for what he did last week as well as for who he is. Cena refuses and fakes out his apology saying he will not apologize for who he is and will continue to do it. He tells Angle, "I may not be able to touch you, but you can't see me!!" As Cena leaves, Kurt announces his plot to end Cena's reign via the Triple Play Challenge pitting Cena against three of Smackdown's! best in three five minute matches. The entrants are Booker T, Rob Van Dam, and René Dupr